Some people compare mathematics to ‘Marmite’. i.e. you either hate it or you love it.

While some like geometry and trigonometry, others may prefer Algebra and or calculus.

But irrespective of how much you like maths, know math or perceive it, It is certain that almost everyone agrees that learning maths is very important both in our educational system and our everyday lives. But why study maths? indeed do we need the knowledge of mathematics?

We need it for mathematical problem-solving and making sense of our surroundings.

Making the effort to get help from a one on one maths teacher to prepare for specific mathematics exams can help in ensuring you’re better equipped for a successful career in fields such as computer science, accounting, engineering and programming.

Math lessons can be taught as supplementary instruction for any level of education and also for specific examination preparations. So whether your child needs extra maths tuition with Basic Math at primary school level, grade 7 (JSS1) maths, Basic Education Certificate maths examination or you’re an SS3 student looking to prepare for WASSCE(Senior WAEC) maths or NECO maths revision, there is a maths teacher out there readily available for you!

Common Maths Problems

There are many barriers one can face in understanding some mathematical concepts, these problems may vary based on your math knowledge level. It can come from various angles and often makes it difficult for many to solve different mathematical equations.

I need help with maths
Does the thought of maths make you scratch your head? | Source: Visualhunt

Some of these problems are:

  • Insufficient Knowledge: Perhaps not being able to grasp the understanding of basic concepts of some things has left you without a solid foundation in maths.
  • Recollection: Finding it difficult to remember equations and formulas often required to solve math problems.
  • Complexity: Being certain of which formula or equation applies to which type of math problem could be confounding and cause confusion to one attempting to study maths
  • Clarity of Vocabulary: Lack of understanding of specialist language can be a barrier in understanding key information.. mathematics class includes terms like Pre-calculus, Algebra, geometry, trigonometry.. all these could get really confusing!
  • Visualisation: Maybe you just cannot visualise how the graph transformation will look like in the end or even how the shapes come together.
  • Logical thinking: Trying to grasp the basic logic behind maths concept you’re being taught and the reasoning just eludes you.
  • The thought of mathematics, in general, is just plain scary to some people and they would rather not attempt it!


Reasons to Take Maths Tuition

Mathematics is one subject that is commonly seen as difficult and many struggle with it due to various reasons; it is also therefore quite useful to consider taking supplementary maths lessons.

One-on-one maths lesson is tailored made to cater to student's needs
A private mathematics tutor can help sharpen mathematics skills and work on any difficulties | source: edusko

The importance of the subject, Mathematics to a child cannot be overemphasized, in their academic journey, their day-to-day activities and their work life.

There are diverse reasons to take maths tuition:

  • Get adequate comprehension of maths concepts which are necessary to fulfill the national educational syllabus
  • To help work on student’s weaknesses and bridge the knowledge gap on the subject
  • Building on and consolidating existing knowledge of maths
  • Help with maths tests and examinations in schools and also national exams like JAMB and WAEC
  • Aid towards a better understanding of maths concepts and nurture the importance of mathematics as a discipline
  • And yes! in becoming a mathematics genius

How to select the right maths tutor

So what qualities will a good maths lesson teacher possess? 

Look for a person that can evaluate your needs, find your strong and weak points and use these to aid you succeed by building a curriculum specific to you.

Look for a maths tutor that will focus on you and help you grow
make sure you find a maths teacher suited to your need | Source: Visualhunt

When you’re ready to find a private maths tutor and aren’t sure where to start? Tutoring agencies and Learning Center are the best way to go, they have a good track record and valuable experience in getting private maths teachers for students.

We have a lot of maths tutors out there that understand how to give appropriate guidance to students at all educational levels, from grade1 (primary1) maths to Junior secondary school math, SSCE maths and even the daunting JAMB maths;  these tutors can give maths tuition and also help focus on major maths examinations and standardized tests and to suit your needs.

One on One mathematics teachers are always available to help with school assignments, help prepare for school examinations and even maths competitions. Programs such as cowbell mathematics competition have made students more interested in learning mathematics and have made maths the new cool.

It’s much easier to face any issues you’re having when you have a guiding hand

Finding a good math teacher will give you confidence in facing any underlying issues you have, a good tutor will help mentor you and find various approaches to work on difficult concepts and you’ll gradually grow and come to the realisation of becoming a great mathematician.


Why Study Maths? 10 Excellent Advantages

Stated are 10 good reasons to take maths tuition.

1. One-On-One Maths Lessons

You get to learn at your own pace and get a curriculum tailor-made for you when you decide to employ the service of a private maths tutor.

Your chosen tutor may decide to access your level of knowledge before the actual lesson starts, this will help inform the teacher on which approach to take in tutoring you.

Getting your own private teacher means you get to learn math in easier and fun ways and these could include using math activities and math resources such as math games or even maths tricks to get you stimulated.

The student does not need to adjust to the teacher when using tutoring services, instead, maths lessons are tailored to meet the needs and level of the student.

2. Figure Out Your Surroundings Better with The Aid of Maths Lessons

Your reasoning skills will develop better, your problem-solving and decision-making skills will also improve, as will the perception of your environment change and be clearer; All these and more are results that you’ll have when you engage in one-on-one maths tuition.

Without mathematics skills such as the ability to add and subtract, multiplication and division, fractions, rounding, decimals, arithmetic, graphing and even counting!, which are all parts of our day to day lives and activities, we won’t be able to make well informed decisions, evaluate proportions and would definitely not be able to solve problems, so it is essential we learn maths!.

The understanding of the significance of mathematics will help us interact better with others and help find our relevance in society as our society built on maths

3. Taking Maths Lessons can Help with Better Career Possibilities

Jobs in fields such as accounting, computer science, engineering, medicine, banking will be more attainable when you have skills in Science and Math and will make you more appealable to employers.

Place value on Maths as demand for math skill is getter higher because of its necessity.

4. Student will No Longer Fail to Keep Up in Maths Lessons

Even though the number of students in classes are getting larger by the day and the ability to reach each student at their level becoming more difficult, mathematics is still very important in our society and educational progression, weakness in this subject cannot be left unaddressed as it can cause major setbacks.

There are many factors which may cause a student to fall behind in maths, these include lack of motivation, lack of attention in class, peer pressure, being tired; but still they need to be able to catch up

One on One tutoring means you get the full, undivided attention of a math teacher who will help you with your math problem, revisions and maths concepts.

5. Take Mathematics Lessons With a Study Approach Suitable to you!

The unbiased truth is that some students will not be able to understand the approach used in their formal classes because it is usually a one size fits all method of teaching and also school curriculum is delivered fast which means sometimes students are unavoidably left behind.

Private maths tuition can help a student become a mathematical pro! The maths tutor adapts to the student's pace which makes it seem maths is easier, when in fact the approach to learning has just been changed.

This just by following an individualized learning curriculum that addresses student’s specific difficulties, and delivers substantial results.

6. Maths Tuition Will Help You Gain Confidence in Your Abilities

Your self-esteem begins to grow because of the one-on-one attention you gain from private lessons. You’ll discover you’re good at mathematics and feel more relaxed approaching maths exams.

7. Don’t Worry! Maths Tuition will Offer You Value For Your Money

Because of the large number of available maths tutors, private mathematics classes do not cost as much.

Rates for private maths lessons in Nigeria are quite low in comparison to other subjects with an average at ₦2000 per one hour of lesson. Prices differ however depending on what mathematics class you want a maths tutor for.

8. Gain More Out of A Personal Maths Lesson

The quality of what you learn in maths lessons depends on the expertise of your maths tutor, who should have suitable credentials and experience to help achieve your desired success.

You are wasting your money and time if your private maths tutor doesn’t have the appropriate skills.

Find a tutor through agencies such as Superprof, it is safer as they try to screen information on tutors registered with them.

9. Select From a Variety of Math Tutors

Why study mathematics with a maths tutor with no improvements after a month or two, either change the maths tutor or change the approach to learning.

Although you can readily have private mathematics lessons, intensive and short refresher mathematics class is also worth trying.

If you’re not catching up with your peers and need constant help, one-on-one tutoring are the way to go but if you work better with peers, then small private group studies are a good option too.

10. Learning maths in Different Settings

Private Tuition, Intensive courses, and Maths Workshops are 3 varieties in which extracurricular mathematics lessons can be available.

Private home lessons are more comfortable and provide consistency for the student as the maths tutor will usually come to them.

Intensive Course Sessions are readily available during school breaks for students willing to sacrifice some of their vacation time.

Working alone on exam prep for JAMB mathematics can get boring and lonesome, so studying in a group for JAMB, SSCE, GSCE or even SATs can actually be more invigorating.

There are Tutoring programs that provide maths tuition for small groups that last up to 2 - 3 hours daily, you can go here to get remedial mathematics lessons.

Such lessons are more common during vacation breaks to prepare students for the coming academic term.

Peer study lessons are a good method of learning maths
lessons taken in small groups can foster peer mentoring | Source: MichealJung

Organised Mathematics workshops are more in demand these days.

During the school year, students are brought together in small groups to learn how to best approach their work and efficiently complete exercises.

Asides, mentioned above, there are other settings in which mathematics lessons can be taken:

  • Online Math lessons
  • Supplemental instruction support sessions that hold weekly
  • Individually tailored maths support by schools

It’s a known fact that having basic skills in mathematics and being able to apply it is essential to everyone irrespective of their grade level. Primary school maths is one of the building blocks the school syllabus and it paves the way for further study of the subject.

The best tutors still need to have a suitable measure of knowledge in order to help their students, even if they don’t need any specialised teaching credentials. Remember, making a grade C6 in senior WASSCE maths is a minimum requirement for many polytechnics, universities, and employers.

It is important to encourage the student as it will give them the motivation to get over challenges and help build curiosity to learn; confidence helps succeed in mathematics.

In summary, it is beneficial and not embarrassing to seek the help of a private maths tutor, rather, it shows your determination to succeed.


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