Private maths tutoring obviously costs money but precisely how much does a private maths teacher cost?

Every student does not have similar opportunities with regards to getting maths help to conquer their challenges in school. It generally boils down to their folks' financial circumstance and whether they have the resources to get them the additional assistance they require.

For a lot of families, cost is typically the determining factor for any circumstance and especially when it comes to finding a teacher.

Not all types of tutoring need to be expensive; there are accessible services for all budgets. So let's view the various alternatives to learn maths.

What Amount Do Maths Tutoring Companies Charge?

Each and every private tutoring company has its own rates. For a private teaching business, running expenses and tax charges typically lead to significant expenses for one hour of tuition.

To maintain their reputation, these companies often require their tutors to hold a Bachelors degree or minimum of upper credit in ND (National Diploma from polytechnic formally known as OND - Ordinary National Diploma) in the subject they teach. This implies they can ensure a specific degree of capability and an endorsed methodology so that students get the maximum understanding from their lessons.

Nevertheless, deductions for taxes and commissions, maths tutors aren't left with much of what you pay.

Whether or not you concur with this is not up to you to decide.

How Much Will It Cost to Get the Services of  An Undergraduate Student For Maths Lessons

Enlisting the help of Undergrad students for maths tutoring is getting increasingly popular for those who need maths lessons. These student tutors frequently search for private teaching jobs to get a bit of extra pocket change and are glad to assist younger pupils through their education.

Students are good teachers to youngsters
Younger students getting help from Undergrads can be beneficial | Source: Shutterstock

However, what is their charge for maths lessons?

Just like professional private teachers, rates are adapted with respect to the level of study.

Having a one-on-one maths teacher who is equally in the Nigerian educational system can be valuable to student since their teacher knows about the applicable study aptitudes and are comfortable enough assisting their students to understand what the maths national syllabus expects of them.

It is up to guardians/parents and students to choose whether this sort of home tutoring, where their tutor don't mandatorily hold a maths degree, suits them.

What Prices Do Maths Tutors on Superprof Nigeria Charge?

Superprof offers online maths teaching services and in-home maths assistance in Nigeria from the best tutors we have out there, who set their own rates with respect to their individual level of expertise and qualifications.

At Superprof, we do not suggest working 'off the records' and give a protected and secure method to discover a private tutor. Superprof in Nigeria is free to use. Look for and contact tutors at no cost and with no commission payable to Superprof either.

You can find an online or home maths tutor with the help of Superprof - whichever option best suits you. Search by location or cost, message tutors to talk about your needs beforehand and just like that - you have your private tutor!

Find A Peer Tutor at School

Schools regularly set up their own mentoring frameworks to help students who are beginning to do poorly in class. With regards to maths, this may work by matching more senior class mentors/students from SS3 with lower-class students or students from the same grade level with the tutor being the one with a better understanding of maths. This type of peer tutoring can assist students with picking up the self-confidence they require to pass exams and participate better in class.

It is worth mentioning that this sort of help comes at no additional expense to parents, but it is usually focussed on the individuals who have low grades or need supplemental instruction to prepare for WAEC exams.

These supplemental sessions typically happen after school or during break periods.

Accepting assistance from another student in the same school can be of immense help to the tutee, what with the same course content and the pressure of learning from the teacher is absent. This implies they have a higher possibility of academic achievement.

What Choices are Available For Getting Supplementary Mathematics Help in Nigeria

The solutions listed below are not extensive, however, it will give you an idea of alternative solutions to one-on-one tutoring.

Organised Academic Support Groups in Your Local Region

Certain organisations exist to give free tutoring to public school kids who cannot afford private teachers. Such associations can give assistance to supplement maths schoolwork or help grown-ups who are experiencing issues in their everyday lives as a result of their degree of training.

The target of these organisations is ensuring nobody gets left behind at school irrespective of their circumstance.

Volunteercorps is an arm of Centre For Education Innovations that offer free, intensive tutoring classes and guidance programmes to supplement public school education in Nigeria with the help of volunteer tutors.

These groups target low-income communities and areas with a high density of poverty so as to reach children in actual need.

Free Online Maths Tutoring and Resources

Your child may want to practise maths lessons they are being taught in schools; there are numerous online maths sites where they can engage in exciting maths games as well as download of free mathematics workbooks.

Help your kids learn online
Find free maths resources for your kids online | Source: VisualHunt

There are several resources one can find online to help their children learn maths. We have My Maths website, a popular website in the UK, that teachers use to set homework for pupils and where children, in turn, go do their assignment.

Here in Nigeria, We have an online platforms that provides literacy and mathematics classes online for interested students based on the Nigerian syllabus.

Youtube an Online Medium for Free Maths Lessons

Lots of teachers are transferring their maths exercises to Youtube. An example is the channel, FlashLearners, run by a Nigerian to offer free tutoring for Jamb and WAEC Maths and other subjects.

This is a well-known resource for students who are working through maths past questions, since they are typically examination board compliant, and the maths tutor showing steps to the solutions is a priceless asset for exam prep.

So if you need to work through JAMB and WAEC past questions, you'll probably discover a video to help you along.

Also, all you require is a computer or mobile device and a Wifi connection as it is completely free

What's more, in case you're not getting ready to sit for an examination, there are a lot of videos showing general maths. So in the event that you need to invigorate your brain in maths and are feeling inquisitive why not attempt a fast search.

The Cost Per Hour For Private Maths lessons in Nigeria Differ Based on Numerous Factors

What you pay for a private math teacher can change based on who you approach to tutor you. For example, a math PhD degree holder will charge much more of an undergraduate studying maths.

Location will additionally have an impact on tutoring price. The average hourly rate for private maths teachers in Lagos is about ₦3000, compared to probably ₦1000 more or less in Kano.

What's more, that is only the beginning! The teacher's level of experience will likewise impact the amount they charge.

Choose your preferred maths tutor
Every teacher has their own route to tutoring - which will you pick | Source: Unsplash

Challenges in Mathematics usually stem from low self-esteem in the learner probably because of the generalised method of teaching adopted in schools. If a concept is hard to understand or something important is not grasped, they may not be able to assimilate further lessons.

Frequently, private tutors have to deal with these feelings of doubt in their students and bring them to a place where they can have self-confidence in their abilities by helping them understand their strong and weak points.

Do you need more convincing? Then go through these excellent reasons to take private maths lessons.

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