Generally, we tend to believe that people who decide to study mathematics are 'Highly Intelligent' ones.

This is typically because they seem to grasp mathematical concepts without breaking a sweat, as their brains are wired in a way that makes complex mathematical theories easy.

Nevertheless, everyone was born with different affinities. Some are born math wizzes, some may have an affinity English literature, some find it easy to pick up languages easily.

There's no contest as to the necessity of the maths subject matter in real life, even if everyone does have their own talents and gifts. Mathematics is an integral aspect of our day-to-day lives, so a good understanding of the subject is important.

This could be the reason why private mathematics help is one of the highest-selling types of tutorial for private lessons.

If you are considering the option of getting an online tutor or an in-home tutor with expertise in mathematics, but you are not sure on how to start your search, just follow our guidelines!


What Is The Reason Why A Mathematics Teacher is So Important?

You as a parent are very likely thinking of how to select a maths teacher perfect for your child.

Mathematics functions as the foundation of sciences and various professions in the career world, so mastering the basics at an early age is crucial to the success of your academic career and even in your later life.

Getting supplemental maths lessons from primary school to university could be immensely valuable to your education especially to those who aren't confident in their abilities or those concerned about not keeping up in school maths.

The private maths tutor can aid in making maths fun for the learner and showing that there is a maths pro in each of us! we just need to find the learning approach that suits each person by using the appropriate maths drills and perhaps some cool math games too.

Maths Lessons for Primary School Students

Sir Micheal Wilshaw; the head of the British Inspectorate once stated in a press release:

 "I want all children to have the best education they can and mathematics is a fundamental part of that. It is essential for everyday life and understanding of our world. Too many pupils do not fulfil their potential, including many of the most able, and those who get off to a poor mathematical start or fall behind in their learning never catch up."

The individual needs of each child are not taken into consideration when maths is taught according to the national curriculum. Some cannot keep up with the pace, while some get bored because the pace is too slow. These two groups end up failing in tests as the generalised approach is not favourable to them.

maths in primary school
What is the goal of the national curriculum for maths? | Source: VisualHunt

The approach of using a one-size-fits-all curriculum is not the most constructive one, as not all students are carried along - This is where private academic tuition becomes relevant.

The essentials of building up scientific knowledge lay in the understanding of core mathematics through the application of geometry, probability, fractions, algebra. Every one of these maths concepts helps us make sense of the world in which we live.

With the so many advantages gained by having a proper education in mathematics and the pressure placed on Basic 6 (Primary 6) students to pass their maths Common entrance papers, we cannot afford to disregard the need to up-skill our children and even ourselves in the mathematics field.

Find reputable Maths tutors here.

Maths Tutoring For JAMB

As students progress from Basic 6 (primary 6) maths to Basic 7 maths, the difficulty level also increases uniformly. However, this is not the case for the jump from senior secondary school maths to JAMB mathematics exams, it's a quantum leap!

The purpose of maths tutoring is to:

  • Lay the proper Basics to afford the child's ability to make sense of the world around them.
  • Be able to figure out things from. maths perspective.
  • Apply their knowledge of mathematics in other subject areas like Geography, Chemistry, Physics.
  • Be curious and take interest in scientific advancements and have an understanding of the challenges facing the world of science.
  • Organise their thought processes.

These are all very key points for young adults and teenagers who, with the aid of mathematics, can bit by bit, learn how to decipher their environments.

This is why the jobs of online maths tutors are very significant.

Whether it's in assisting students with their school homework, JAMB maths revisions, or simply making them acquainted with topics like algebra and Calculus, the type of additional help a private maths tutor can provide are countless.

Maths Tuition for A Level Mathematics

SS3 is the time you choose which path you want to follow. Even though A level is not the common route for getting into higher institutions in Nigeria, it is an available option. For A levels you have to choose course options suitable for your goals.  You could decide on maths and three sciences, or art and languages with English literature, or even a bit of everything!

The transition from Senior Secondary School to A levels education is also a big one.

Some students may be taken with the more mathematical inclined path, for example, studying A levels in mathematics, physics, and further maths, since these compliments each other.

However, what if you are falling behind in class?

In this case, having supplemental tuition with a private maths and physics tutor can be very valuable for your A levels education.

Finding a Mathematics Teacher in my Local Area

The demand for tutors is increasing at a very fast pace, unlike ever before.

Parents and students are both aware of the significance of maths, not only in academic life but also in daily activities, So in retrospect maths lessons are high selling commodities in the marketplace for one-on-one tutoring.

maths tutor in your neighbourhood
Look around you to find a tutor suited to your needs | Source: Unsplash

But just how hard is the process of searching for a private maths tutor? Tutors are available from various educational backgrounds - They could be Ph.D. math degree holders, maths Bachelor degree holders or certified maths teachers - You just need to be aware of where to begin your search!

You could begin by searching your neighbourhood for someone equipped to give home tutoring in mathematics.

It is much simpler to check the internet these days to search for what you are looking for, but you could just do it the plain old-fashioned of searching, you'll likely find a person that lives very close to you and does not have travel a distance to reach your home to give lessons. You can find advertisements of teachers on posters, pamphlets, through word of mouth, so try to see if you can get the contact details of one!

You could also check universities and polytechnics for undergraduates who want to make extra money from giving tutorials.

Selecting an Online Maths Tutor

There is a whole world of data and information available via the internet on online teaching and advertisements for such services. You find all sorts of available options for online tutoring, including tutors that can provide tutoring in multiple subject areas. You could find a maths tutor that can also teach Physics and Chemistry, A Language specialist that can teach 2 languages, the options are limitless.

Superprof comes highly recommended and you can find a range of teachers based all over Nigeria!

abundant online maths tutors
There is an unlimited no of online maths tutors, you just need to start your search! | Source- Unsplash

Starting your search on Superprof is pretty easy; just type 'mathematics' into the provided search box, choose your action from the list and then click 'Search'.

A list of available tutors in your area of the search will be loaded on the page, showing their name, location, per hourly rate and a brief description of them and their services.

These tutors have varied backgrounds: Some are undergraduates in higher institutions, some researchers, and some have formal teaching experience.

The Benefits of Finding A Tutor On Superprof

  • Locate a private maths tutor near you: Superprof provides you with details of the distance between you and a potential tutor, it tells you just how far away you are.
  • Find a teacher with the required skill set: You can see the details of each tutor's cv so you can take a measure of their teaching experience and mathematics expertise.
  • Choice of varying tutor rates: It is a well-known fact that private tuition can get quite expensive, Superprof gives you the advantage of choosing from different price points for mathematics as each tutor's per hour rate is displayed.
  • Get a trial before committing to a tutor: A well-presented advert on a tutor does not necessarily guarantee the tutor's expertise. Superprof affords you the ability to consult with various maths tutors and try out their teaching methods before making an informed choice - After all, you get the first hour of lesson free!

Youtube: A source for free Online tuition

We have many tutors that offer their tutoring expertise free by creating video content online that teach the interested students on the maths subject and other varying subject matters. There is a Nigerian that offers free maths and science lessons for WAEC, NECO and JAMB via his YouTube channel FLashLearners and also the popular Mr. Barton Maths who also uses YouTube.

A lot of these tutors have excellent teaching qualifications or are actual certified maths teachers, you are in safe hands!

It's quite reasonable that some may be wary of this medium of learning. However, for those who do not have the financial means and are bored with the same old textbooks, YouTube can be a blessing.

free resource for learning maths
Youtube is a great resource for free lessons | Source: Unsplash

Rather than scheduling a private tutoring session, you could search for 'maths lessons' on YouTube. There are a number of mathematics teachers who have uploaded maths lesson contents for your utilisation. You'll find resources for maths lessons right from kindergarten up till undergraduate lessons to get a Maths degree.

So if you are feeling curious or come across unfamiliar maths terms, why not give these free lessons a trial - You could also use them as refresher courses.

Though taking lessons via uploaded video are unconventional, they are interactive and absolutely free!

Another benefit of learning through these videos is the ability to pause when you want to, rewind or even fast-forward according to your personal progression. Solve questions along with the teacher as the video progress or pause to do it before playing on to watch the solution.

Learning maths online can be a source of enlightenment. So go on and dive into the world of polynomials, calculus, algebraic equations - You are in charge of your academic success!







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