Mathematics is one of the most sought after subjects we get yearly on Superprof.

Starting from Kindergarten Class up until WAEC, SSCE maths revision, mathematics lessons are certainly one of the courses with a high demand for private tuition.

The fact that mathematics is of the greatest importance to our academic and educational system cannot be overemphasised.

Maths can be a key factor in making our Career choices and understanding our environment better

It's not so surprising that people with good mathematics grades and skills tend to function better in life and career.

Follow through with our recommendations in taking maths lessons if you are looking to better your maths skills or help your child in acquiring academic success.

Why You Should Employ the Services of A Mathematics tutor to Aid your Child in Learning Maths

Is your child having a difficult time keeping up with the maths curriculum at school?

Maths difficulties in children
Is your child perplexed at the thought of maths? | Source: Pixabay

This can be very worrisome as a parent and it's quite understandable, after all, there is no parent that does not desire that their children succeed. Consider finding a Maths tutor when your child is having difficulties, as mathematics plays a big part in our children's day-to-day lives and also plays an essential role in their academic progression.

But what reasons should prompt using a private math tutor? You should note that home tutoring and academic support are already quite popular among parents that know the benefits.

To help inform you though, Here are Superprof's foremost reasons to find a mathematics teacher:

  1. Tutoring technique that is tailored to your child's unique needs: The tutor will meet with and evaluate the student's needs during the first lesson and use this in creating an individualised plan for the child. This will help focus on the child's strengths and weaknesses and it is a sure way to get the best out of the one-on-one classes.
  2. The Child can be assisted in getting a better grasp of the world: The maths tutor can help the student get a better understanding of mathematics concepts, like geometry, fractions, decimal and arithmetic which will help in developing a fresh view and comprehension of the world around and also crucial development of problem-solving skills.
  3. Towards building a Future Career: Getting a good foundation and grasp of mathematics in a child's developing years can generate interest and pave way for a career in a maths-related field. A child skilled in complex equations could find careers in Engineering, Advanced Chemistry, Software development and even become a math professor!
  4. Learning with no distractions from Peers: Private one-on-one tutorials means the child gets the undivided focus of the math tutor with no distraction from distractions from other students. The Tutee has uninterrupted help infusing on their algebraic equations, geometry, pre-calculus or trigonometry!
  5. The Student will learn how to study: An Individualised approach to learning built between teacher and student on working and taking on tasks together is applicable even outside the lessons. This means the child is equipped with a process whereby they have an idea of how to deal with difficulties faced even if lagging behind in school and these skills can also be applicable in their adult lives.

Why Learning Mathematics is Valuable

Mathematics is at our core as human beings. From time immemorial, we have had the desire to calculate, count, buy and sell, measure and a whole of other things related to basic maths skills.

We have made mathematics such an Interesting and rich subject because of our studies of numbers. Even basic math skills where kids to learn to add, multiply, subtract, divide, make fractions and name polygons are now fun and amazing.

Human preoccupation with solving puzzles, telling time, calculating, counting means we unconsciously practise mathematical functions like quadratic equations and polynomials, Pythagorean triples and evaluating the integral, in our daily activities.

In retrospect, math problem-solving is entrenched in us!

It is no surprise that games hosted online are now so much sought after! Even online maths website like the UK's IXL Maths and the phenomenal My Maths have become to-go-to for teachers, where they set their maths assignments for students to show maths is fun. Using free maths games as a medius to solve worksheets is also a way children are persuaded to still practise maths in playing interactive games when they have free time. All these means of making mathematics fun make children understand the subject matter better and gain confidence in their formal school class.

Answering the question, Why is Maths in real-life essential is simple:

Having a good grasp of mathematics equip people with the tools to understand the society in which they live in

Our understanding of art is greatly influenced by mathematics. The study of works of artists like Picasso, Kandinsky, Vasarely, and Mondrian will help you come to the realisation of their focus on geometric patterns and shapes. And you also don't need to be a maths genius to know Origami is mathematics too!

maths in architecture
From Art to architecture to games to nature - maths is everywhere | Source: Pixabay

There are a lot of advantages to maths education in our everyday lives; You carry out your budgeting, accounting, work out distances and even measure for cooking!

Ultimately your life as a professional is where you meet your most difficult maths problems. Whichever field you may work in, it most probably involves some measure of calculations. From careers in Engineering to architecture or even catering, you need a solid understanding of addition and subtraction, division and subtraction, fractions, graphing, reasoning and logical skills, as they all come in handy.

Finding a mathematics teacher in my local area

Since we dealt with the reasons why we need a maths tutor, let's proceed to how to go about finding a mathematics tutor.

You should start by searching in your neighbourhood. Pay attention to teachers that advertise their services home lesson via Internet educational platforms, pamphlets, banners and notices in your local area.

You may be lucky and locate a tutoring centre that offers lessons for small groups; this is a very good option for peer mentoring.

Also, consider the option of Online tutoring! Various websites, like Superprof, offer you a listing of maths tutors all over Nigeria. Considering the option of online maths tutoring means you can take your sessions anywhere and you get access to a wider pool of maths teachers and levels of qualification. All you need is an internet connection and even the search for a local tutor is only a click away!

Youtube is also a vital resource when it comes to accessing free math lesson contents. We have a lot of tutors and channels that teach give free tutorials for maths on YouTube. An example is the FlashLearners channel on YouTube that offers free maths lessons on JAMB. These maths tutors cover a wide range of math topics like algebra, Calculus, logical maths and a whole host of others.

Maths tutors aren't the only tutors available online, you could find tutors that teach maths and Physics, Maths and Chemistry, or single subjects like English, Biology -  tutors are available for every subject!

Selecting the Appropriate Math Teacher

It isn't hard to find Mathematics teachers, rather you'll have a large pool to choose from.

The next step is to interview the teachers you find and make sure you get one that fits your requirements.

call your tutor
Contact each of your potential tutors and make the right choice | Source: Unsplash

We suggest you ask each of the tutors about their previous experience in maths tutelage. This is a very crucial step in your search for a tutor as one-on-one teaching requires that the tutor has the necessary skills to adapt their tutoring approach to suit the needs of the teachers as opposed to a group teaching that takes a more generalised approach.

Choosing between maths teachers could sometimes present a dilemma, In wanting to select someone passionate about maths, you may have the choice between a person with far advanced education (e.g. PhD) with little experience in teaching and probably a Nursery school teacher with just a bachelors degree but has a wealth of experience in teaching. At this point, it may all come down to your specific needs as either option has their advantages and disadvantages.

Do you need help selecting the right maths tutor? We suggest you make a list of questions to ask each potential teacher that would help you in making your decision. Example of such questions are:

  • What is your highest degree of education on the subject you teach?
  • What number of years in experience do you have as a private mathematics teacher
  • Can you please give references from your past employers? 

The mathematics teacher you decide to go with needs to have enough aptitude to teach at the degree of study you require. This is to make sure that their approach to learning matches that of the tutee, and can handle any questions that arise from the student. For example, a primary five pupil can be taught mathematics by an A level degree holder, but a tutor giving lessons for further maths must at least have a Bachelor's degree.

What is the Cost of Getting Private Maths Tuition?

It should be evident by now that taking mathematics lessons are useful and important for you or your child and any challenges faced can be addressed by a good private tutor.

What is the going price of maths tutors?


price of maths tuition
what is the cost of a maths tutor | Source: Shutterstock

Cost of private home tuition largely depends on the level of study, higher levels will probably cost higher than lower-level mathematics. So the charge of a mathematics tutor for JAMB maths will probably be higher than a tutor for junior secondary school mathematics.

You need to do the maths yourself!

Using Superprof as a case study, let's examine the going rates for online mathematics teachers.

The average cost for a maths teacher is ₦2000 per hour.

Though of course, there is a range of prices to choose from as the tutors get to set their own cost.

Note that Superprof is 100% free to use, unlike other tutoring companies which do not really offer their service free! 

In conclusion, go find the right maths tutor for you through a tutoring agency, your neighbourhood and even online. There is a large pool of private tutors to select from and just a few ways to find them, so get looking!

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