Maths is not just about Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, algebraic equations or geometry; Math is so much more than these.

Learning maths is also so much easier these days as there are so many stress-free ways to learn mathematics because of easy access to the internet.

Basic Math skills can be grasped irrespective of your chosen method to gain the knowledge of mathematics.

Becoming a mathematician can involve taking several intersecting paths which enhance each other by exposing the world to us through the knowledge of maths in exciting and illuminating ways.

The study of math, especially in the case of children should be approached from various angles, and not be limited to mathematics textbooks. There are in fact many ways to show the importance of maths that are present all around us and represents maths in real life. Let's remember the Artistic, Historic and Fun aspects to mathematics in daily life and show them to our kids.

By showing Children why maths is important in everyday life, we help them build awareness and motivation to build their math skills and take control of their academic success.

Studying Maths History

Mathematics is ancient and can probably be traced to back before man walked the earth, at the very least maths has been here for as long as we have walked the earth. Maths is evident in Prehistoric discoveries and in obvious in our inclination to calculate, count, assess, multiply.

We make use of elementary maths skills in daily life, from adding and subtracting, fractions, multiplication and division, even to tell something as basic as checking the time on an analogue or digital clock.

Practical application of maths really can't be found in mathematics textbooks or in solving practise questions, instead the use of mathematics in our day to day life is instinctive, where we use our sense of numbers to calculate, count, estimate, make comparisons, measure and a whole lot of other basic things we do.

We can, therefore, see the indisputable link between science and maths and also deduce that math lays the fundamentals for the understanding of science.

Maths is all around us
Maths in Nature as ancient as time | Source: VisualHunt

Even though the math subject matter is frequently used as a means to explain our environment through geometry, probability, algebra, trigonometry and calculus, mathematics already has its infinite and rich history that informs us more on the inquisitiveness of our race; the human race. The evolution and history of Maths, therefore, are what brings it (as a subject) to life. So as we go about our day to day activities, let's take a little time to focus on maths in daily life and see its beauty.

Applications of Maths in the Art World

One does not need to be academically acclaimed to make use of mathematics.

If you ever made paper boats or aeroplanes or any other objects, you already have mad maths skills because you've been practising 'Origami', a Japanese mathematical Art, so really we have mathematical artists everywhere!

You'll also find applications of maths in the work of painters like Kandinsky, Vasarely, and Mondrian, these painters take inspiration from mathematical concepts like geometry, parallelism and symmetry. Some up and coming mathematicians find these painters' works as a starting point on the use of mathematics.

The true essence and beauty of maths are seen through the Art it inspires and this shows mathematics is not just some rigid academic scheme but a source of creativity in a pure form.

using math geometry in world of Art
Bull by Vasarely - Maths in the Art World | Source:VisualHunt

Using Games as a Way to Study Maths

Maths games can be a valuable tool in getting children interested in the math subject.

  • Curiosity is formed where you have Fun Math games
  • Math puzzles and playful media give an alternate approach to solving tough maths problems
  • Children can learn to organise their thoughts
  • You can learn to change your strategy and come to a better solution using the trial and error offered in math games
  • It'll allow the child plenty of time to figure out their mistakes and learn better, which is a privilege not available in their school math class.

Uncomplicated puzzle games like Sudoku can help children build their logical skills and deductive reasoning from a tender age.

There's an example of a teacher that uses lego for illustrating math problems to children in mathematics class.

Employing the concept of trial and error found in mathematical games to teach children how to solve obstacles means they get better equipped to deal with their academic progression and also challenges they will face as they grow in their daily lives.

maths games to teach problem solving
Maths in real life - Lego an unimaginable teaching resource | Source: VisualHunt

Game playing as an approach to learn maths also helps in substantiating the fact that Maths is fun and it also has the added advantages of teaching children the value of following set rules, respecting others and making success without cheating.

Online games are getting more popular amongst children and this can be a good thing as it can be a form of revising courses being learnt in maths class.

Games like UK's My Math where children get to do Interactive maths learning is the go-to place for math assignments.

We also have loads of free online resources, cool online math games like Snappy Maths and Board Games like the Bento Series' Race to Infinity board games which aid kids for use for maths in real life.

Maths in Real Life

It's no big deal for adults to use mathematics in daily life as we have a grasp and can apply maths problem-solving techniques to our lives. Because by adulthood we already know why maths is important in everyday life, we have a good knowledge of maths as a subject matter and can easily understand scientific articles, make a sense of statistics and decipher newspaper infographics.

For Kids though, they ask "why is mathematics important?", "what do I need maths for?", "Is it compulsory I know it?", all these questions show their curiosity and is a good avenue to properly introduce the delightful world of mathematics to them.

Uses of mathematics in everyday life include:

  • Family and personal budgeting
  • Resolving real-life problems
  • Measuring distances and map reading
  • Looking out for discounts and the best deals
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • Calculation of income
  • Reasoning and probabilities
  • Building and Construction
  • Organising routines and appointments
  • Buying and Selling
  • Fitness and exercise
  • A whole lot of other activities.

Mathematics is present in all facets of our lives from our Mobile phones, Counting Money and even Cooking!

maths everyday
we apply maths everyday | Source: Unsplash

Even in entertainment and pop culture, maths is present. The popular series Numb3rs, Sherlock Holmes etc are examples of Maths in entertainment.

Maths is also applied in Criminal Investigations in real life! and not just for detective dramas.

Mathematics and Career

Stated are jobs you can get with the knowledge of maths and right qualifications:

  • Software Engineering: the knowledge of maths especially Algorithms is the foundation of programming and most things in our society today, Cars, Aeroplanes, our mobile phones, Banking, Buying & Selling are all dependent on software.
  • Banking and Financing: Banking is a game of numbers, from communication to investing, to risk evaluation, stock market etc.
  • Insurance Companies: Databases and statistics, topics taught in school maths, are employed in creating policies suitable for customers
  • Consulting Services: Mathematicians also use the knowledge of statistics here to advise big corporate bodies and advertising companies by measuring the audiences for the purpose of optimising their services.
  • Aeronautic Engineering: Making modern transportation safer and more reliable is done by expert mathematicians of all disciplines
  • Space Engineering: Space exploration which has been around for a few decades will inconceivable without the use of mathematics.
Maths, science and space
Maths and Space | Source: VisualHunt
  • Planning and Logistics: The use of mathematics is applied to help bring down costs by optimising outputs
  • Energy: This sector is largely dependent on development and research, and saving or reducing the need for consumption of energy is very important. Climate change is one of the issues on the forefront of our worries and needs to ensure energy use is lower is more important than ever and as the knowledge of science is needed, hence why mathematics is important to this field.
  • Education as a Career: Without education, how do we gain knowledge? Teaching is an avenue to impact on others about a subject matter one is passionate about. Teachers are mentors and Mentors have a significant role to play in society, so why not plan to be an educator or teacher. Irrespective of what kind of credentials you possess, i.e either as an undergraduate or certified teacher, becoming a teacher, a maths tutor empowers you to offer value as a private tutor t0 a small group or individuals who really need the knowledge. Are you interested in becoming a private tutor? Check Superprof ng to get started! Tutoring agencies like Superprof, which are online based give people access to a wide selection of tutors suited to meet their requirements and provide flexible one-on-one lessons that could be face-to-face or online.

Finding a Maths Tutor or Becoming One

Maths tutoring is a very important field as it may well be the foundation of helping satisfying young ones' curiosity on why maths is important in everyday life and also helping students preparing to take the next steps in their academic journey, like sitting for JAMB, SATs, GSCE and other advanced exam prep that will decide their futures. So why not become a private maths teacher if you're really passionate about mathematics just as we are here at Superprof!

You can have a wide reach to getting students on websites such as Superprof and start your journey to becoming an online or in-home mathematics tutor.

You can benefit from the very high demand for Private maths tuition if you signup with a tutoring agency today. You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing your schedule as you provide one-one-one maths lessons on an hourly basis and you also get to set your own rates!

On the flip side, are you looking to find a private maths tutor? then do not worry, there are a lot of ways to get teachers readily available in your local area of residence or preference.

Websites such as Superprof are well recommended for you, these tutoring companies allow you the ability to find well qualified private tutors that offer their services both online or at your homes.

A good tutor can teach the student using techniques different from their school teacher as well as provide an individualised curriculum which is most time needed to increase the student's confidence and perfect their math learning skills

It is especially important that private academic tutoring is available for children with specific learning disabilities or difficulties such as ADHD or dyslexia as they may feel like the educational system bypasses them by giving a one approach fits all curriculum. The private tutor in these situations is really key as they give an individualised approach to learning and help work on their weaknesses and strengths.

Even though mathematics does sometimes gets quite complicated, it a whole lot of more fun when you look beyond the formal classroom to the applications of maths in the real world. You see that maths in real life is important and probably make the choice to learn mathematics with a tutor.

Almost no one notices at first the richness of Math's background, but as we teach and learn it, we get enlightened on why maths is important in our everyday life and even more so in the highly technologically advanced society of today.

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