Nigeria has one of the highest populations of students in Africa, with every one of them vying to finish school to get a good job, and we got to say the competition is stiff.

The only way they are going to achieve their goal quickly is if they have good grades. This got parents into thinking, many of them started private tuition for their offspring, and with chemistry being one of the top subjects of choice in science, chemistry private lessons are often highly considered.

It is not only for that reason however, but private lessons are also arranged for students who are having challenges with chemistry. Is it in the distribution of atoms in an element or in finding the values for an empirical formula that is getting them stuck, or is it the chemical properties between metals and non-metals that are giving them a hard time? A chemistry tutor should be able to help and smooth things out.

Over the years private tutoring centers and individual private tutors have grown in number to accommodate the rise in demand for private tuition in Nigeria. Especially in cities where the population has a greater number of students such as Lagos and Abuja.

Private chemistry tutors in Lagos and Abuja are not exactly hard to find, a simple search online will turn up thousands of results. Of course, you can also get a chemistry tutor near you on Superprof, in all the 36 states.

But one thing they may not have in common is the price. The cost of chemistry lessons in Abuja cannot be the same with the ones in Benue for example, they will be slightly different. It will be a bit more costly in Abuja.

But if you know the right places to go look and you know how to choose your tutor you should be able to get a bargain for exactly the kind of lesson teacher you need.

The services of chemistry tutors are engaged usually for the following reasons; to help a learner prepare them for Jamb Chemistry exams, to help a learner prepare for the SSCE exams, (mind you, chemistry is a core subject for science students in the SSCE, they are required to bring forward five credits in their WAEC/WASSCE mostly including chemistry, maths, English and two other subjects), and to help with any challenges in chemistry.

Also, chemistry tutors help learners prepare for the regular school term exams. And if a student is lagging behind because of an unforeseen event like an illness or traveling or something else, the tutors can assist them until they catch up with the class.

Learners need chemistry tutors to get back on track.
Sickness can make students fall behind in class, they will need chemistry tutors to get back on track. Source:

The cost of Chemistry tuition is of great consequence to the parent especially since it will take the learner sometime before they can digest and understand the lessons and before any result is achieved.

So chemistry lessons a few times each week are enough. We will be looking at some of the options you can choose from when it comes to chemistry tuition and how much they cost.

Cost Of One-On-One Chemistry Lesson

Private tuition has risen in popularity year after year, now more than ever because of the access the internet grants people from all walks of life. You will find students tutoring on subjects they are good at.

You will find school teachers as tutors, you will find professionals, post-graduates, craftsmen and women, business people, and so on. All trying to teach their acquired skills and impart that knowledge on whoever is willing to pay for it.

Among the people you will find teaching Chemistry are medical students and other medical professionals such as pharmacists.

It is common for medical students to teach chemistry because they have extensive knowledge of the secondary school subject, and they are doing more of it in their medical course. So it is only natural that it is one of their strong suits.

Sometimes the lesson teacher is also hired to teach the other science subjects, namely Physics and Biology, on occasion even Maths. They are all learned at the same time and anyone studying either one of these subjects is obviously studying Chemistry too.

So, the tutor for the science subjects is just one person instead of many tutors alternating and taking turns to teach you or your child. Of course, there are instances where Chemistry is the only subject they need help with.

In that case, a chemistry lesson teacher is found that only focuses on the Chemistry lessons.

If the lesson comprises of the other subjects expect to pay anywhere between ₦50,000 to ₦90,000 monthly for Chemistry tuition.

For them to just teach only Chemistry, the cost could be anywhere between ₦15,000 to ₦30,000. More emphasis on the 30k. Although it depends on the experience and level of the chemistry tutor. Less experience means they might charge you less. And expect professionals and postgraduates to command a higher fee.

The hourly rate for chemistry lessons is ₦2,500 on average. Assuming the teacher comes twice a week for two hours each session – which by the way is enough, you don’t need a tutor on-call every day of the week to gain from the tuition – you will be paying about ₦40,000 each month or ₦20,000 if the tutor comes once a week. Just within our 30k range.

Making monthly payments for chemistry tuition seems wiser.
Making monthly payments for chemistry tuition seems wiser. Source:

Most private tutors will consider a discount if you are paying them upfront, so a lesson that might cost you ₦2,500 each hour can cost less if you agree to pay the whole sum for the month, which is the norm anyway. Instead of 40k, you may end up paying half that price.

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How Much Is Chemistry Lessons On Superprof?

Superprof is a platform where you can find tutors to meet your learning needs. You can use it to find a tutor of your choice from a variety of subjects, both school subjects and craft.

From cooking to welding to table tennis to maths and English, and of course, our main dish for today, Chemistry.

The price for Chemistry tuition on Superprof varies according to the tutor’s expertise and experience, and choice, they are the ones who decide how much they want to charge for a lesson per hour.

Chemistry lessons go as high up as ₦5,000 per hour for some, while some are asking for ₦500 per hour. But the average price on Superprof seems to be between ₦1,000 to ₦3,000.

The first lesson is usually free on Superprof so that you can get to know the tutor and to assess if you two are suited for each other, that’s a chance to know the chemistry tutor better.

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Why Take Chemistry Lessons?

Chemistry Improves Our Lives

Chemistry has contributed to many of our modern-day amenities, from medicine to food storage to energy production, it has improved the overall quality of our lives.

Because of Chemistry, we can do some amazing things which made history. Take the production of the perfume, for instance, thanks to a simple procedure in chemistry known as titration, we were able to make most of the best-known perfumes in the world. Almost every liquid perfume is made using this method.

The perfume industry is currently a multi-billion dollar industry in the world. Chemistry made it possible to gain the perfection of the eau de parfums of this world.

Chemistry is used to manufacture perfumes.
The perfume industry is worth billions. Source:

So is the production of soap and other everyday household toiletries. Extremely useful to us, they would not have been possible were it not for chemistry.

It Is Used In Building And Construction

Most building materials are mined from the soil, which the main material can only be extracted using chemical processes. Do you remember separation techniques? It is one of the first topics in chemistry if not the very first in the Ababio textbook.

You will learn how to separate metals from nonmetals, small particles from large ones and dissolved solutions from non-dissolving ones. Ores found during the mining of certain minerals are always mingled with other things from the Earth, to purify them to get what we want, we rely on chemistry.

It is used to extract limestone and make it into cement, which is the main ingredient for building houses.

Sustainable Growth Depends On It

Chemistry has been responsible for highly devastating things to our planet. For example, Nigerian farmers have used enormous amounts of fertilizer on their farming lands that have resulted in the damage of the soil and some parts of the environment.

Fishes in the water are affected by this as the fertilizer is washed away into the sea. The harmfulness is caused by the chemicals used in making fertilizer. Many other things causing harm to our environment is usually directly or indirectly connected to chemistry.

But thankfully, chemistry is also the one that can undo the harm. Harmful substances that are let out into the environment can be neutralized and detoxified by chemical agents.

And the issue of clean energy, it is safe to say chemistry will play the biggest role there, because nuclear power, biogas/biofuel and several other renewable sources of energy all came into existence as a result of our knowledge in chemistry.

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With so much reliance on chemistry, we don’t see why not to study it. It is essential for our survival and a nice career path for the engineers and manufacturers and NNPC workers of the future.

So, learning chemistry and taking chemistry lessons in senior secondary school can be just the thing we need to solve most of our economic and environmental problems and to keep improving our lives.

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