In Nigeria and the rest of the wold, chemistry has a reputation for being one of the top subjects of science class. It is considered a fundamental subject in science because at one point or the other anyone who studied anything under science will have to study chemistry to understand their own subject matter.

A biologist will have to study chemistry to know about the complex reactions happening inside our bodies and the bodies of other animals. All living organisms including plants are made up mostly of Carbon (C), the element on the periodic table that makes up part of the air we breathe out, carbon dioxide.

This type of chemistry is known as organic chemistry. The other type where only inanimate objects and minerals are studied is known as inorganic chemistry. So, for a biologist or someone similar, like an anatomist or a doctor to know more about their field they have to know some chemistry.

Astrophysicists are not spared, even they too have to study chemistry. Most of their job requires identifying both known and unknown elements from what they see on the surface of the planets and stars from far far away.

Chemistry lessons help astrologists.
We need chemistry to understand the far reaches of the universe. Source:

So yes, it is a subject essential to almost anyone in the sciences. But you don’t have to be a biologist, a chemist or some space venturing astrophysicist to get to learn chemistry. It is part of our world, it is in the food we eat, the products we use, the resources we mine and so on. It is basically everywhere and a big part of everything we do daily.

Since it is important to our planet, why not take chemistry lessons to understand the world better. You will be able to tell what things are made up of, what their composition is, why some substances are dangerous and why others are not.

It is an interesting field and we intend to share with you some of the reasons why you should take chemistry lessons in Nigeria. Especially since mining of our petroleum heavily depends on knowledge of chemistry. Here are the top 10 reasons.

1. You Will Understand The World Around You

You will be surprised to learn that the secrets behind a lot of things that happen in nature are probably some simple phenomena that can be explained by chemistry.

Do you ever wonder why food tastes the way it does, why orange is sweet and why salt dissolves in water? And do you ever wonder why the soap cleans? These can all be explained with the help of chemistry.

The world around us is full of things that are chemically induced. They happen as a result of a chemical reaction, a simple example is the breathing in plants and animals. Animals produce carbon dioxide after some tedious processes in the body for which the by-product is this gas.

Plants breathe it in, they use it to build up their carbon supply to produce sugar for strength, sugar is denoted as C6H12O6. The sugar is like food to the plant because it is a source of energy. Light from the sun enables the chemical reaction to take place, producing sugar and the by-product of this operation, oxygen, this process is known as photosynthesis.

Plants breathe out oxygen which we then breathe in. Very essential to our survival. So it’s like a trade-by-barter thanks to chemical processes in both plants and animals.

There are plenty of other naturally occurring chemical reactions that can be explained by chemistry, like the rusting of iron, or why metals conduct electricity and non-metals insulate it, they are all simple chemical processes, things you will understand by taking chemistry lessons.

Chemistry education is an exciting venture that will feed your curiosity and make you realize how interestingly amazing the world really is.

2. Chemistry Can Save Our Environment

Here’s another reason why you should study chemistry, it has the power to save our environment from demise. We are constantly battling climate change, deforestation, and loss of our farming lands, etc. Climate change is happening as a result of our industrial activities, we produce too much carbon monoxide which is destroying most of the ozone layer, especially in countries like Nigeria, that have no green initiative.

A protective layer of gas that surrounds the earth and protects it from the dangerous sun rays. If the sun rays hit us directly it is going to cause problems. Our industrial activities now are exposing us to those deadly rays as the carbon monoxide produced is reacting with the ozone layer thereby thinning it away.

It’s just like rust, when oxygen reacts with iron it produces iron oxide which is the rust you see, which eats away the iron, destroying it. It is similar to what is happening to our ozone layer, every year we risk thinning it even more. Exposing ourselves.

Chemistry can rectify some of the problems as it has ways that enable us to produce less carbon monoxide or make it into something else. And by using an alternative source of energy instead of burning coal. Governments around the world are keen on installing nuclear plants, which cannot happen if they don’t have enough people that studied Nuclear Chemistry.

The oil spills in the Niger Delta are causing a lot of problems. The water has been contaminated with oil because of mishandling and a lack of maintenance of the petroleum plants. A problem like this can only be rectified using chemical processes to cleanse their drinking water and purify their environment.

One of the ways the federal and state government are battling these environmental problems is through educating people and raising awareness about what’s going on, they are showing them how they can contribute to stopping it. If the people have an understanding of chemistry it would be much easier to convince them about the dangers of climate change and the destruction to our environment.

Because then, they would know about the ozone layer and how carbon monoxide is exposing it, and many other things.

Chemistry lessons in Nigeria is vital to learning other subjects.
Plants rely on photosynthesis to survive, it is a chemical reaction. Source:

3. You Will Know More About What You Buy

Chemistry lessons will help you know more about your shopping list. You will be able to tell what ingredients are used to manufacture your soda, your juice drinks and cleaning detergents and soaps around your house.

This is a good practice because you can prevent an allergic reaction from happening since you will know what to avoid, and it has a lot of health benefits because you will know what is in your food and drinks before ingesting them.

4. Makes You A Better Cook

Yes, that’s right, chemistry makes you a better cook. Chemistry is all about mixing compounds to form new compounds and the composition of these compounds and elements. Cooking is similar to chemistry in the sense that you can mix stuff to give new tastes and so on.

And since chemistry lessons help you understand the labels on food products, you will be able to cook healthy food by avoiding harmful substances in your meal.

5. Helps You Get a Job

Chemistry is a popular subject because of its impact on our lives. It is in every industry except for a few (like finance), so the possibilities of getting a job due to chemistry education are high.

You can get a job as a professional pharmacist, a chemist, a lab attendant, a researcher, a chemical engineer, a petrochemical engineer, and a manufacturer of useful chemical products. And many more.

Another plus side to chemistry's popularity in school subjects is that a lot of parents find home tutors to teach their kids chemistry. You can become a chemistry tutor in Nigeria and earn income even as a student yourself.

6. You Will Understand Other Science Subjects

Chemistry is tied to other science subjects. For instance, when we spoke about photosynthesis, that is a somewhat purely biological thing, so it belongs to biology, but you won’t be able to fully understand the whole concept without knowledge in chemistry. You will find a similar relationship with physics.

Chemistry becomes your shopping companion.
Chemistry becomes your shopping companion. Source:

7. You Will Be Less Scared

When the word chemical comes up in a conversation, many people assume it is a dangerous thing, whereas our bodies alone contain and produce thousands of chemicals both the dangerous ones and non-lethal ones.

An understanding of chemistry will let you know that chemical is simply any compound or solution. We ingest them daily and use it to wash our clothes and so on. You won’t be scared unnecessarily because you will be able to tell if a chemical will be harmful to you or not.

How much are you willing to pay for Chemistry lessons? And are there any cheaper options? Find out more.

8. You Will Enjoy Chemistry Practical

Taking chemistry lessons does not just come with assignments to take home and a textbook to read, but you also get to do a practical every once in a while.

No student likes to miss the opportunity to mix chemicals at the lab, forming new compounds and watching others change colour and so on. It is extremely fun. It is a step away from being a real scientist.

9. You Will Understand The Movies You Watch

Sometimes when you are watching a movie or series on your laptop, a scene usually comes up where the actors start describing some scientific stuff, mentioning names such as sulphuric acid and liquid nitrogen. Movies may be make-believe but what they say is usually always accurate. e.g the popular big bang theory series.

If you know a bit of chemistry you will be able to understand every detail. Watching crime thrillers will become even more thrilling.

10. You Will Be Better Informed

Now that you understand some of the ways nature work, and can make better decisions when buying groceries, and understand what the science-fiction movies say, you are better informed about what is going on around you.

This will make you appreciate the news more, and a better judge of what needs to be done and why. Because taking chemistry lessons raises awareness for just about everything, it makes you an informed voter.

Chemistry is an amazing subject, find the right tutor for you. 

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