So, you have decided you want private lessons for you or your child on the subject of chemistry, a widely popular subject in the sciences and a very important one for all humankind.

The production of common soap is attributed to chemistry, so is the manufacture of drugs for our health needs, the production of a lot of other household items depend on chemistry, and so much more. Chemistry does all this for us.

And now, you want private chemistry tuition. How do you proceed? The first step is you should try to find a chemistry tutor near you, to come to your home for the chemistry lesson.

There are various methods you can use to find a chemistry tutor, you can try searching online, or get the contact info of any of those banners and posters featuring ads about private tuition, you will see them posted on walls in public places or on the streets, on dustbin containers, electric poles, bridges, etc.

Also, try asking people around you for recommendations. Many of them know somebody who knows somebody. Asking your neighbors and the school staff is a wonderful idea, your neighbors may already have a chemistry tutor taking their child chemistry lessons, and would recommend them to you if you ask. They have already gone through the process of finding one, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We are not saying you cannot question their recommendation, on the contrary, we urge you to, because the chemistry tutor has to be a good fit for you before you can hire their services, that’s the whole point of this post, it’s a guide to selecting a private chemistry teacher that is right for you or your child, and how you go about selecting or choosing them.

Search for after school chemistry classes online.

Chemistry education is helps us manufacture household items.
Chemistry is responsible for the manufacture and production of many useful household items. Source:

School teachers are asked about private lessons all the time, so they usually always have one or two tutors they can point you to. And one other thing you may want to consider is informing your child’s teacher that the child is taking private chemistry lessons, it will help the child a great deal if the tutor and teacher can collaborate.

Once you have a few candidates on your list it is time to begin the process of vetting them to select who is ideal for you. The reason for this is so that your child gets the best a tutor has to offer and so that you can get your money’s worth, who doesn’t want to get their money’s worth?

But before we delve right into what to look out for when hiring a chemistry tutor let us look at some of the advantages of having one.

Pros Of Having A Chemistry Tutor

They Help You Cope

Chemistry education has a knack for being a bit difficult for a lot of students. Many could not understand it the first time they encountered the subject.

Mostly because you just got introduced to the subject in senior secondary school, so coping with it can be a challenge, and it is your first time seriously attending a science subject. In the case of other subjects, you may already have had a background from your junior secondary.

A chemistry tutor can help you deal with those challenges you are facing in trying to cope with chemistry's scheme of work. They can help you cover the topics involved and ease your transition from a simple junior secondary school student to a Senior Chemist.

You Can Get Excellent Grades

This is one of the primary objectives of chemistry tuition in Nigeria, helping you improve your grades. A chemistry tutor is there to provide guidance and to teach you all there is to know about the subject.

As a result, you understand chemistry better and your grades go up. Students who have chemistry tutors that teach them at home reportedly have better grades than most of their peers without tutors.

If you want those excellent grades so bad, you want to see that A1 staring you in the face in your child’s result, then know that chemistry tuition is there for you.

They Can Help You Pass Tests And Exams

The last few weeks of the term in most schools is dedicated to conducting Tests. It is a busy few weeks for students and it can quickly become overwhelming with all the reading they have to do. Sometimes they take multiple Tests in one day during that time period.

If you have a chemistry teacher, they can really take some of the load off, because they will help the learner get in tune and prepare for the Tests.

A chemistry lesson teacher can be found specifically to help the learner prepare for their chemistry tests and/or exams. Especially WAEC, chemistry WAEC has about a hundred questions that need answering from both the objectives and theory sections, some are compulsory.

They could revise together, answer past questions, and the tutor can point them in the right direction on what to concentrate on.

So before your child starts complaining about the hardship of writing three to four tests a day, find a chemistry tutor near you to help them out.

You could find yourself an organic chemistry tutor here.

You can improve your grades with the help of a chemistry tutor.
You can improve your grades with the help of a chemistry tutor. Source:

What You Should Consider When Choosing A Chemistry Tutor In Nigeria

Before selecting a chemistry lesson teacher for you or your child you need to know the why you need to hire one, then you need to evaluate them to see if they are suitable.

Here are some of the major considerations you should keep in mind when hiring a chemistry tutor in Nigeria. First, you need to;

Know Your Goals

What do you want to achieve? That’s something you should ask yourself before you set out to get a chemistry tutor. If you have a specific goal it will make it all-the-more easier to identify the type of tutor you need.

Goals could be;

  • Preparing for SSCE Exams
  • Preparing for school tests
  • Getting excellent grades
  • Getting help for assignments and homework
  • Learning chemistry for fun (as amusing as it sounds, it is a valid reason to want to take chemistry lessons)
  • To brush up on past lessons, etc.

You should prioritize choosing the chemistry tutor based on your needs because by knowing your end goal, you choose your teacher accordingly.

Interview Them

Okay, so now you have gotten someone you think is an ideal candidate, it’s time to evaluate them, and you do that with a good old-fashioned interview.

An interview is meant to push them to reveal their true-self and how good they really are, if they meant what they said about themselves in the bio they provided you will be able to tell. Mind you, the interview can be a discussion over the phone or via WhatsApp chat.

A simple discussion with a person can reveal a lot about them. So ask them questions about their experience, if they have ever taught others, or if this is their first time and if they like kids.

Just anything you feel is necessary to know before the lesson starts, and prod them a little about the subject they are teaching (chemistry) to know if they are really cut out for this.

Don’t forget to ask them about the working arrangements for the lesson, whether it’s okay for them to come to your home at the agreed-upon time and so on?

Talking out the details is the only way of making sure you two understand each other perfectly.

Check Their Credentials

The qualifications of the tutor need verification. If they say they are undergraduates they should be able to provide their secondary school certificates and proof of admission into the university.

If they are professional teachers they should also be able to provide suitable qualifications with no problems. A tutor should show you their qualifications before you proceed to hire them. You can ask them during the interview.

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Agree on working arrangements with the chemistry tutor.
You will understand each other perfectly with the chemistry tutor if you talk things out. Source:

Superprof helps you in that regard, we verify every tutor on our website so you don’t have to worry about that.

Consider The Price

The average cost of chemistry lessons in Nigeria is about ₦1,500-₦2,500 per hour, depending on the city you are located in. Chemistry tutors charge based on their experience and level.

A school teacher who does chemistry tuition will likely charge more than an undergraduate student who is supplementing his earnings through tutoring. There is a vast gap between their experience.

So, based on your needs consider who is most suitable for your child. It is imperative you consider your budget, you may end wasting money on what you don’t need if you haven’t planned on how much you wish to spend on the tuition.

Here are top 10 reasons we compiled on why you should study chemistry, also, read about the jobs suitable for chemistry graduates.

Choosing Your Tutor On Superprof!

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Each tutor has an extensive profile with full details on their qualifications, experience, teaching methodology, their rates, and their background. Find and choose your chemistry tutor today on Superprof, it’s safe and secure.

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