Chemistry is a science subject that had its origins a very long time ago, probably 3000 years ago. People have been experimenting with all kinds of compounds and substances until today when we got modern chemistry.

Modern-day chemistry allows us to create drugs that are a lifesaver, literally, because it helps us fight against bacteria and cure illnesses. Chemistry is also used to create food preservatives, also very useful in this modern age.

Food preservatives allow us to produce huge amounts of food to safely store for a long period of time. It is however not popular with some people because it is believed artificial additives are not nutritious in food. But regardless of your opinion chemistry made it possible to do a lot of amazing things.

That is why a great level of importance is placed on learning chemistry at school, from SS1 to SS3 in your secondary school. During WAEC and NECO, students are expected to provide a pass in maths and English and at least in five other subjects. For science students that would usually mean either biology, physics or chemistry.

You will take chemistry lessons where you will learn a great deal about isotopes, organic chemistry, atoms, molecules and substances, empirical formula, inorganic chemistry, the periodic table, acids, bases, metals and nonmetals, and so much more.

It is much to take in, and oftentimes students rely on private chemistry lesson teachers to help them better their grades at school or to help them to prepare for exams. Chemistry lesson teachers come to your home to teach your child chemistry lessons.

It is an arrangement that has many advantages for the child, one of which is the one-on-one approach. Instead of a classroom full of students where the teacher's attention is divided among 30 or so students, this time it is only one. They get full attention at a private home lesson.

And the chemistry lesson teacher will teach them without rushing topics, because there is no curriculum, in particular, they can learn about anything the student needs help with within chemistry, it could be topics they don’t understand well and needed more explanation on, or could be to prepare for WAEC Chemistry, or simply to stay ahead of the class to better their grades.

Chemistry helps us manufacture the drugs we use.
Chemistry helps us manufacture the drugs we use. Source:

So, finding a chemistry lesson teacher helps you or your child achieve good results at the end of the day, but where exactly do you find chemistry tutors in Nigeria?

In this post, we have highlighted some ways you can use to find a chemistry tutor in Nigeria. You can find tutors online and in places near you.

Finding Chemistry Tutors Near Me

If you are going to find a chemistry lesson teacher there are a few things you must consider first, like why you need one in the first place.

Set your goals and what you want to achieve before hiring a chemistry tutor, then you can start thinking about finding one. Chemistry tutors of different ages and experiences are available for hire, so you should have no trouble finding one that is within your budget.

To find a chemistry lesson teacher near you, look up local ad sections on newspapers, sometimes tutoring agencies advertise there, it is somewhat rare to find individual chemistry tutors advertising in the newspapers. Newspaper ads are quite expensive.

Then there are those who advertise their services by distributing leaflets about chemistry private home lessons, you could be lucky to come across one of the leaflets in the supermarket or other local businesses when you just happen to be looking for a chemistry tutor.

Although we admit they are not very effective for finding chemistry tutors, you can’t just visit every supermarket within walking distance of your home just to find that none of them had leaflets advertising tutors.

Similar to leaflets are posters. The posters are usually just printed messages on A4 papers and pasted to a wall or signpost or anywhere people can see it on the streets. But you will especially find them on electric poles. We don’t know their reason, but it seems to be a popular choice. Tutoring agencies use posters very much.

The ads for tutoring services on posters usually go something like this; “ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A LESSON TEACHER FOR CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, ACCOUNTING, MATHS, AND ENGLISH? XYZ TUTORS ARE HERE FOR YOU”, followed by a phone number.

If you are interested, you can simply contact the tutor on the phone or go to their address and knock on their door and request their services. It is that simple. Or you could go for an even simpler alternative . . . Search online.

What kind of Job does a person who studied chemistry do?

How To Find Chemistry Tutors Online

There are thousands of people who share posts looking for work as chemistry tutors in Nigeria. You can find tutors on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Chemistry tutors use social media to advertise.
Chemistry tutors use social media to advertise. Source:

Social media is now commonly used by businesses, they advertise their products and services, tutoring is a service and people willing to teach others also use it to advertise. It could be someone from your friends' list or someone you found by the search function.

But so far the best place to seek a chemistry tutor online is through tutoring websites. These are websites where a tutor signs up and creates a profile, they describe their qualifications and their experience teaching others.

They list the free ad and await website visitors to click on their profile. As an interested party, if you visit the website you can look through the ads until you find the best fit for you.

There about 10 of those tutoring websites in Nigeria (or more), Superprof being one of them. Superprof has tens of thousands of tutors including chemistry lesson teachers in Nigeria who have listed their services on the website and most of the tutors on Superprof offer their first lesson free, so you can asses if they are suitable for you.

You also have the option to take chemistry lessons completely online without leaving the comfort of your house, through the use of a webcam. Some of the tutors carry out their lessons that way.

To search for a chemistry tutor near you input the subject and your location, then sift through the list. With Superprof, you can easily filter the search results by budget, by location, and by a bunch of other criteria you will find useful. You can try it now.

How To Find A Chemistry Tutor In Abuja

Finding tutors in Abuja is easy, it is a big city, the capital of Nigeria, it has a considerable population of students and teachers. So, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of people that took up tutoring to earn an extra income on the side.

Chemistry tutors in Abuja are a bit expensive than others from various states, because of the high demand for lesson teachers in the capital city.

Abuja's tutoring industry is known for its study centers or tutoring centers, they are places where extra lessons are conducted. Important subjects such as Maths, English Language, Chemistry and Physics are taught there.

Instead of an individualized lesson with a learner, the tutoring centers teach the students in a group in a normal classroom setting, complete with a whiteboard and marker, the only difference is this lesson is done after school hours or during holidays. Some parents find it effective for their children especially those about to write their Chemistry exams.

How To Find A Chemistry Tutor In Lagos

Lagos is a hub for chemistry tutors.
Lagos is a hub for chemistry teachers. Source:

Lagos is a sprawling metropolis, it has one of the biggest GDPs in Africa. It is also a highly competitive state where everyone tries to do their best, at their jobs, at their businesses and as for students, their schooling.

That is why most students have chemistry lesson teachers to help them attain their best at school. Finding chemistry tutors in Lagos takes no time, many people are offering to teach chemistry, from O'level chemistry to chemistry for masters or doctorate students.

Lagos have teachers whose main job is tutoring, those of them who teach science subjects can teach you chemistry, that is if they are not fully booked. You can readily find these types of professional tutors if they live close to you if not, most are willing to go to your place if you will cover the transport fees.

They make use of websites such as Superprof and social media accounts to get the word out.

Another favorite of the Lagosians is the use of banners and posters like we talked about earlier. You will be able to find posters pasted on walls and other public spaces advertising tutoring services for you or your child. Or find leaflets distributed on the streets to passersby also advertising chemistry lessons.

You can find a chemistry tutor simply by asking around, many people got their tutors through recommendation, you will likely find one too if you ask for a good Chemistry tutor. Or just look them up online, on sites like Superprof which has many chemistry tutors based in Lagos and all over Nigeria that go to students home, or have the lessons at the tutor's home.

There are also lots of study centers in Lagos and tutoring agencies, if you contact them their job is to help connect you with a chemistry lesson teacher for you or your child.

Their prices can be a bit exaggerated at times because they usually take a commission from every tutor on their payroll which is a factor you need to consider.

Read up our complete guide to learning chemistry in Nigeria.

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