We all can attest to the impact of a good learning environment, as well as the teacher from whom one acquires knowledge, determines greatly how quickly we can get abreast with an academic discipline.

Talking about a diverse course such as biology, understanding and remembering what’s taught in theory is crucial, and, as such, you need a teacher in an enabling learning environment that will make the subject intelligible for you and help you overcome any challenges you had beforehand.

It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from: whether you’re an undergraduate of a biological science course looking to get better at some topics, an aspirant looking to ace biology in their SSCE and UTME, or an adult looking to revisit biology to prepare for a professional exam or simply grasp the basics in preparation for a career switch, we will help you find institutions and competent biology tutors in Abuja that will simplify your studies.

Why Study Biology?

To begin with, Biology is a diverse subject, covering everything from non-living things to living things on the planet; these include the study of bacteria, genetics, as well as tiny things such as cellular and molecular biology. Even more, it covers processes in conservation, animal behaviour, the ecosystem, and biodiversity.

Biology is narrowed down into various fields, some of which are microbiology, environmental science, agriculture, zoology, virology, plant science, etc., all of which you can leverage to set a great career path for yourself.

More importantly, a biological course will develop your ability to conduct research, help you solve problems in your society, and serve as fundamental knowledge for you to further your studies into more sophisticated medical fields.

Studying the human skeleton in biology
The art of the human skeleton is deliberated in Biology. Source: Unsplash

Revise for Your Biology Exams

You obviously need to pass biology at SSCE level and in your UTME to advance into biology courses at Abuja’s higher institutions. Therefore, you need a learning environment where you can brush over what you have learned in secondary school, overcome your challenges with biology topics, and, ultimately, smash your exams.

These options will have you covered:

Join Central Emirates International Abuja

If you’re preparing to take biology in UTME or seeking to study it at an advanced level (A-level), Central Emirates International is one of the better options for you here in Abuja. The government-certified and Jamb-accredited institution integrates the British curriculum to the Nigerian curriculum, thereby preparing you for biology exams in WAEC, NECO, and JAMB.

Alternatively, you can enrol in their A-level programmes, where you are allowed to pick subjects based on the biology degree you want to pursue in the University. The A-level programme lasts two years, and you can harness it to gain direct entry into any university of your choice.

Find a Personal Biology Tutor at Superprof

Imagine having access to a pool of teaching talents in Abuja at a fraction of the price, as well as being able to choose the one that best suits your needs and fasten your understanding of Biology; that’s exactly what you will get at Superprof.

For students asking “where can I find biology tutors near me?”, know that there are over 300 SuperProf biology tutors in Abuja, and they offer one-on-one lessons at all levels, including secondary school, SSCE & UTME, undergraduate, adult education, masters, doctorate, etc.

No matter your level and what areas of biology you’re having difficulty with — even if it’s introductory biology — the professional biology tutors at Superprof will help you breeze through it by offering personal lessons tailored to your pace of understanding. This is the advantage one-on-one lessons have over classrooms; you’ll be taught personally by a professional who resonates with your challenges and touches down on the right topics based on your background knowledge.

Interestingly, tutors at Superprof offer their first lessons to students for free. With this, you’ll be able to appraise whomever you go with and discuss with them how to they can help you understand biology better, or switch to another tutor for free as well.

Just so you have days when you are unavailable, they can still help you with your biology lessons over Webcam, and, depending on your pocket, you’ll find a tutor that suits you on Superprof, ranging from ₦500 to ₦3,000 per hour.

Study Biology A-Level or ND

Before you proceed to study a biology course at university, you might want to consider taking biology A-level course or National Diploma. If you excel well in these, you will have the advantage to apply into 200 Level of any university of your choice, and that’s why you need the best institutions that will help you achieve that.

So, what options are there?

The Regent College Abuja

The Regent College is one of the best institutions in Abuja where you can study biology at A-level. Their Cambridge A-level programme runs for two years, and students are taught in four subjects of their choice. We reckon you can combine Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and one other science subjects.

Speaking of biology, you’ll be taught every essential, including biochemistry, molecular biology, human diseases, population biology, to mention four. They will help you understand biology efficiently.

In your second year, you’ll be required to pick just three subjects, after which you will sit for your exams in all three. Acquiring very good grades will aid your chances with JAMB's direct entry to study biology courses at university.

Help students learn Biology
Study the science behind all kind of insects in Biology.
Source: Unsplash

Dorben Polytechnic

Scaling the polytechnics in Abuja, it’d be difficult to top Dorben Polytechnic. While the institution doesn’t have many biological courses in its list of disciplines, its science laboratory technology course should suffice if you are looking to become a medical laboratory specialist.

A science laboratory course in Dorben Polytechnic touches down on synthetic biology, CRISPR & genetic engineering, cancer Biology, and epidemiology. You will have a lot to learn studying in one of Abuja’s finest institutions.

The polytechnic awards a national diploma (ND) which runs for two years, with an option to further it up to an HND or get JAMB's direct entry into 200-level of a biological science course at the university.

Get a Biology Degree at the University

Whether you’re a fresh aspirant looking to study biology in the university via UTME or a subtly-learned student seeking to apply via direct entry, it is important you find the best institutions that will complement what you’ve already learned and prepare you for a career as a Biologist.

University of Abuja

At the University of Abuja, you can choose to study biology as a standalone course or go for distinctive biology courses such as microbiology, agriculture, veterinary medicine, and, of course, medicine & surgery. Whichever of the courses you opt for in this prestigious university will walk you through human biology, immunology, organismal biology, as well as the study of all forms of life.

By the way, an added advantage that comes with studying biology courses in UNIABUJA is that they also offer post-graduate programmes that you can apply to directly after your degree.

If you are serious about studying biology, you can take it up to a post-graduate level so as to strengthen your stronghold in the field.

Baze University

Another of Abuja’s finest institutions, Baze University is the right place to study biology courses in Abuja if you’re looking for a school that provides British-education standards at a fraction of the cost of acquiring it abroad.

You can study biological science courses at the institution by enrolling in any of their pre-degree, undergraduate, or postgraduate programmes.

Interestingly, you don’t need UTME at the point of application for their pre-degree programme which runs for a year. It involves learning core subjects relevant to your course of study at degree level, one of which is biology. Typically, they will touch down on introductory biology and every other fundamental topic taught in secondary schools. This programme aims to prepare you for studies at degree level and increase your chances of being admitted to the school via UTME.

On the other hand, their undergraduate programme includes every biological science courses you can think of, from biotechnology to human anatomy, human physiology, microbiology, and, of course, biology

To sum it all up, aspirants have two options at Baze University: to apply directly via UTME or enrol in their pre-degree programme if they don’t already have a UTME qualification.


Madonna University, Nigeria

Studying all living things in biology
The study of all kinds of insects in Biology Source: Unsplash

One of the best private institutions in Nigeria, Madonna University, is another great school where you can bag a biology degree. If the cost of education at a private school is your concern, then you’d be glad to know that, compared to the competitions, the tuition fee at Madonna University is one of the most affordable around. An average biological science course in this prestigious university costs between ₦100,000 to ₦200,000 per semester and the available ones are microbiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and biology major.

With regards to academics, the institution provides her students with education and experience that serve as a headway for success in their respective field of study. They also have provision for researches, much of which is a blending of science and knowledge aimed at driving impact and innovative discoveries.

Overall, the university provides both the conducive learning environment and professional workforce you need to study biology easily.


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