Talking about teachers, their impact on the learning journey of all learners cannot be overemphasized. This applies to all forms of learning, whether in the classroom, in the kitchen, or at a vocational workplace; the expertise of the teacher, the learning environment, and the materials used for learning are all parts of what makes a student grounded in any field of study.

Considering the above for a broad discipline such as biology, you need a tutor and a learning centre where you will efficiently get acquainted with the plethora of theories and practices biology science courses entail.

If you are in Rivers state, particularly Port Harcourt, and are interested in studying biology — whether to smash your WAEC/UTME, prepare for an undergraduate biology degree, or add a biological knowledge to your profession as an adult — you are at the right place.

In this article are the best institutions where you can learn biology, as well as the best biology tutors in Port Harcourt and Rivers at large to help you overcome whatever challenges you face with it.

Benefits of Studying Biology

Biology is a broad subject that will help you understand our natural world, from human diseases, the dynamism of plants around us, to every microbial activity.

Interestingly, every single thing we study in biology happens around us, and, as such, biology helps us explain and clarify the phenomena of all living and non-living things, as well as the diversity of life on our planet.

More importantly, a biology course will develop your ability to conduct researches and groom you to become a contributor to the never-ending solutions proffered by biologists to improve the health sector in Nigeria and at world level.

Lastly, with one or couple qualifications in biology, there is great flexibility to how you can apply it, whether as a doctor, scientist, laboratory researcher, or as a biology teacher. The possibilities are endless.

Biology involves the study of all forms of life
Biology brushes on the study of all kind of insects. Source: Unsplash

Where to Study Biology Courses in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

There are, thankfully, many prestigious institutions where you can study biology courses in Port Harcourt. But to simplify your search, we will be focusing on the best institutions, as well as the best tutors, in the state for you at all levels, including secondary school, higher institutions aspirant, undergraduate level, and postgraduate.

Attend Biology Revision Course at Eminentville Schools

Eminentville Schools is an international co-educational institution running a hybrid of British, American, and Nigerian curriculums.

Apart from their day-to-day school programmes, they also offer revision lessons for students preparing for various subjects in their GCSE, A-level exams, or UTME.

Their biology lessons cover various topics, some of which are fertilisers’ influence on plants, behavioural economics, climate change, astrobiology, and a host of others. In addition to these, you will be given past questions, as well as general exam advice, on each subject to know what to expect in your coming exams.

If you take their lessons diligently, you should be ready to fire up your exams in a short time.

Find a Private Biology Tutor at Superprof

Without a doubt, one-on-one lessons can quicken the rate at which you digest every biology topic, and you need an equally competent tutor who is passionate about helping their student understand the subject to achieve this.

These are the type of tutors you will find at Superprof. From genomics to Microbiology and biochemistry, their tuitions will be tailored to you and at your own pace, depending on the amount of information you can process at a given period of time.

Superprof is the ideal place where you can find an online teacher. It has over five million tutors providing their services worldwide, with about 274 in Rivers state alone. To allow you appraise their teaching style and how it will best benefit you, each biology tutor at Superprof offers their first lessons for free, with subsequent sessions coming at the price of ₦800 – ₦5,000 per hour, depending on the level of biology being taught, the experience of the teacher,e.t.c.

Most importantly, with a private tutor at Superprof, you’ll be able to leverage their personal attention and ask questions that will help you scale through easily — questions you might not be comfortable asking or allowed to ask in a classroom. In a short time, you will have gained sufficiently in the biology curriculum.

Acquire a Biology A-level at Ashgrove Academy (AA)

If you already have five credits in the relevant subjects and are still seeking admission for a biology degree in the university, you might want to consider an A-level study at Ashgrove Academy.

Ashgrove Academy is a foundation school powered by the University of Port Harcourt, and they offer not only A-level programmes but JUPEG as well. The Cambridge A-level programme will have you studying biology, in combination with three other subjects relevant to what you intend studying in the university. The programme runs for two years, after which you will sit for the final exams that allows you to apply for a direct entry into the university of your choice.

Speaking of their learning environment, the classrooms and lecturers promote collaborative, problem-solving, and individual activities. Over the period of twos years, they will provide you with fundamental biological topics that will help you ease through at the university, from evolution to organismal biology and ecology.

Biology is multifaceted
The ecosystem of plants, humans, and animals in biology. Source: unsplash

Get a Biology Qualification at the Polytechnic of Port Harcourt

This is another great institution where you can learn biology in Port Harcourt. While there aren’t many polytechnics that offer biology courses in the state, science laboratory technology offered in the Polytechnic of Port Harcourt is an equally great option if you’re looking to delve into the technical science aspects of biology.

The course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to carry out activities in technology and science-based places such as chemical manufacturing plants and laboratories. It focuses on physical and biological sciences, walking students through the analytical laboratory workflow in the aspects of biology and chemistry.

At the Polytechnic of Port Harcourt, you’ll be awarded a National Diploma, with the option to advance into Higher National Diploma or use your ND to seek direct entry into 200 level of any biological course at the university.

Study Biology Via IJMB at Emarid College

If you’re taken other pathways of education and will like a careers switch, Emarid College provides various options for people in your position.

Emarid is an international school with affiliation with the British Council and Cambridge International Examinations. Other than their summer lessons that you can harness to pick up core topics in biology in preparation for your GSCE, you can also enrol in their IJMB programmes that span across the faculty of science, humanities, management, and entrepreneurship.

Under the faculty of science, you’ll be able to pick biology, along with two other subjects that suit your preferred course in the university. You’ll be taught everything you need to prepare for a more broad study of biology in the university.

The IJMB programme at Emarid College is divided into two semesters, both totalling 10 months. After that, you can enrol into 200 level at the University of Port Harcourt or any other university of your choice.

Bag a Biology Degree at the University of Port Harcourt

There’s no questioning if the state’s best university is the right place to start from if you’re seeking to study biology in the university. The University of Port Harcourt has various biological science courses for you to choose from, some of which are plant science & biotechnology, microbiology, zoology, medicine & surgery, to mention a few.

Additionally, the university has some of the best learning facilities in the state, as well as competent lectures and renowned professors, all of whom should help you greatly in your journey of bagging a biology degree. Even more, the University is known for conducting researches and empowering their science students with resources to help them make discoveries and break new grounds.

If you are really serious about your education in the biological field, the University of Port Harcourt is where to start if you’re in Rivers state.

Studying animals in biology
Biology helps us understand the world of animals in relation to humans. Source: Unsplash

Leverage the Remote Biology Degree Programme at NOUN

Being a working-class person is not an excuse not to pursue your education in biology, given the numerous options available to study biology courses outside a conventional school.

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is a degree-awarding institution based on distance learning. The federal university has all its courses accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and is the largest institution in the whole of Nigeria, based on the number of students studying there. Some of the biological courses offered in the university are environmental science and agricultural science.

Otherwise, you can opt for a course such as education & biology if you are interested in putting your knowledge of biology to use in the teaching field; with it, you’ll be taught everything from evolution to the human digestive system and sense organs, basically all you need to impart knowledge at the primary and high-school level.

All the necessary course materials you’ll need to breeze through your course of study are provided digitally or at the study centre at St. John Campus, Rumuolumeni, near Garrison at Aba Road. Exams are conducted both physically and online. It’d be difficult to find a better institution than NOUN if you’re looking to pursue your degree while working.


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