Remember those study nights with a page-full of biology concepts staring at you in the face, waiting to be crammed? Or those classes wherein you find it difficult to decipher what the teacher means by protein synthesis, genetic manipulation, or mitosis & meiosis?

Admittedly biology can be a daunting subject to learn, especially if you have no substantial background knowledge of science.

Considering this, we have tracked down the best institutions for learners who want to study biology courses in Oyo, Ibadan, as well as the best biology tutors in Ibadan that students can leverage to become better at biology and prepare themselves for imminent exams.

Whether you're an aspirant seeking to study biology courses in Oyo, Ibadan, a student looking for a private biology tutor, or an adult wanting to keep abreast of biology — whether as a revision or preparation for a career switch — you will find in this article options that will work best for you.

Why Study Biology?

Biology is the scientific approach to the study of life, and its ever-changing nature makes it a field of study ladened with discoveries, excitement, and beauty.

Also, biology is diverse and provides students great flexibility in their bailiwicks, from focusing on any of marine life, cells, and ecology to being able to work either as a lab specialist or as a field-worker. The possibilities are endless with biology.

Most importantly, majoring in biology gives you great careers prospects; there is no consummation to what you can become and how much value you can add to human lives.

Cells in biological science courses
Learn the science behind all cells with a biology course, Source: Unsplash

Where to Study Biology in Oyo State

Oyo State, especially its capital, Ibadan, is a centre for education. There are various institutions that you can attend to study biology, but to help you narrow down your search, we will be focusing on the best institutions to study biology in Oyo, Ibadan, as well as competent biology tutors to help you scale through your Studies.

So, what options are there?

Fully Revise Biology at International Schools, Ibadan (ISI)

If you are an aspirant looking to study a biology course at university, you may well consider undergoing an A-level programme at the International School, Ibadan while you process your admission into the university.

International School, Ibadan is a co-educational institution powered by the University of Ibadan and with its serene environment right inside the university campus. The institution's advanced level (A-level) programme, which runs for a year, is designed to keep students abreast of selected subjects and prepare them for their education at the university level.

The programme requires students to pick three subjects relevant to their intended degree course, and, if you pick biology as one of these, you will be taken through the length and breadth of various biology concepts, from diffusion and osmosis to water and electrolyte balance. In addition to being multifaceted, the biology lectures are concise and tailored to help students understand better.

Upon completion of the A-level programme, you can use it to get admitted into 200 level of any university via JAMB's Direct Entry (D.E)

Take Lessons From a Private Biology Tutor on SuperProf

If you'd rather learn biology with the aim to grasp quickly topics you find challenging, then you might want to consider getting a private biology tutor on SuperProf. Thankfully, numerous SuperProf biology tutors are offering their services in Oyo State, with over 280 of them from Ibadan alone.

Whether you're an adult seeking to revise biology, an aspirant with a WASSCE/UTME biology exam fast approaching, or a higher institution student looking to crumble the mountain of biology to rocks, you will find the one-on-one lessons biology tutors on SuperProf provide very helpful.

Most of all, a large percentage of biology tutors on SuperProf offer their first lessons to students for free. This will allow you to assess their teaching method and examine how well it works for you. You can also take the opportunity to discuss how and why you find some biology aspects difficult — whether they are distinctive aspects such as microbiology or the basics such as homeostasis, cell biology, or metabolism.

After all that, the price for subsequent lessons differs per Tutor, ranging from ₦800 to ₦5,000 per hour.

Study Biology at the College of Education, Lanlate

Does your passion for biology prompts you to consider implementing it in the teaching field? If this is the case, you can begin with getting a biology NCE at the College of Education, Lanlate, Oyo State.

The NCE programme here focuses on education, so, in their biology classes, you will be taken through introductory biology, evolution, botany, and every other topic a teacher needs to instil knowledge in students.

Thankfully, the teaching methodology at this college is designed to help students learn biology easily. And, upon completion of your NCE programme, you can implement it for teaching or use it to further your education into more sophisticated biology courses at university via JAMB's D.E.

This way, you will have had enough fundamental knowledge of biology to help you scale through your studies at degree level.

Get Acquainted with Biology Via a Pre-degree Programme

A pre-degree programme is another great opportunity for you to learn biology well enough before going into any university. Some of the Ibadan institutions that provide optimal pre-degree programmes are the University of Ibadan and First Technical University. The pre-degree programmes at both schools are tailored to help students learn faster and prepare them for studies at the university level.

The University of Ibadan allows students to pick subjects relevant to their intended course at the university, after which they will be provided optimized lectures on them for a year. When you complete the pre-degree programme, you sit for an exam, and the scores will be added to your UTME score and cumulatively used to process your admission.

On the other hand, the pre-degree programme at First Technical University runs in the same vein, preparing students for degree studies and boosting their chances of being admitted into the university.

You can run your pre-degree programme in either of these schools.

Take a Biology Course at FCAHPT

Study biology courses in Ibadan
Science Laboratory Technology, a biological science course with great prospects Source: Unsplash

The Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology provides another great opportunity for you to study biology courses in Ibadan. While their disciplines are more geared towards biological science courses that focus on animals, there is, however, a course with great prospects in the mix, that is science laboratory technology.

The biology course that focuses on animals is animal health technology, and, in it, you will gain broad knowledge on providing diagnostic procedure, nursing care, and interactions actionable for veterinarians in the prevention and treatment of diseases animals suffer.

On the other hand, the science laboratory technology course will have you studying various aspects of biological science areas, including biochemical, environmental, and forensic areas, all of which focus on their application in laboratories.

As stated earlier, these courses have great prospects, and you can, as well, harness them to further your education into more sophisticated biological fields.

Apply for a Biology Degree at TECH-U

If you've got all the relevant qualifications to take your study of biology to a degree level, then you might want to put the Oyo State Technical University on your radar. The university provides a learning environment that aids quick learning and development amongst students.

Speaking of biology, the institution has a couple of biological science courses under their belt, which is microbiology and biomedical engineering. The microbiology course will have you studying all kinds of microscopic organisms, including protozoa, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

On the flip side, in the biomedical engineering course, you will study the application of engineering methodology, principles, and design in biology, as well as how they can benefit various health purposes.

More importantly, the academic calendar at this institution is quite fast, and you should amass all the necessary knowledge within the appropriate time.

Bag a Biology Qualification at UI

Undoubtedly, you must have had in mind Nigeria's pride, the University of Ibadan. But Let's be honest: admission to this institution is fierce, brutal, and very competitive. It's all a testament to the quality of education they provide over there; every Tom, Dick, & Harry wants to be a beneficiary.

But not to worry, with grooming from SuperProf biology tutors in Ibadan, as well as an A-level, NCE, or ND qualification, you're odds-on at being admitted to the prestigious university. it is recommended that aspirants looking to get a biology degree here apply via JAMB's D.E, after they must have taken lessons from a biology tutor to prepare them for exams.

The biological science courses at the University of Ibadan vary, from animal science to botany, microbiology to physiology, and human nutrition to dietetics. You can delve into any of these distinctive biology courses in Ibadan and leverage the career prospects that come with them.

Study Biology Unconventionally at Bioscience Centre, Ibadan

Study of biology courses is multifaceted
Harness a microscope to discover the tiniest of organisms while studying biology in Oyo, Ibadan. Source: Unsplash

If you'd rather study biology Unconventionally, whether to brush over what you've learned at a higher institution or gain more practical experience, then you can consider attending any of the training and seminars hosted occasionally by Bioscience Centre, Ibadan.

Their seminars and training bring students from various universities and provide them with the opportunity to work on research projects connected to their field of study, thereby allowing them to gain more knowledge.

Likewise, they organize training to make participants grounded in bioinformatics and molecular biology.

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