There are plenty of options for students seeking to study biology courses in Nigeria. But to help you narrow down your search and guide you in picking nothing but the best, we've tracked down the best options for you to take biology courses in Nigeria.

If you are seeking to obtain a biology degree or are a higher-institution or secondary-school student looking to overcome the challenges they face with biology, you will find here the best options for you to do that. What if you're an adult seeking to learn biology from scratch or a biology graduate who wants to brush over what they studied in school, there is plenty of options for you as well.

We'll be focusing on key states or cities in Nigeria, which are Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Kano.

Why Study Biology in the First Place?

For students who are just developing interest in biology, there is room for doubts on how feasible the disciple is. However, I’d interest you to know that biology is a discipline with great prospects, and there is great flexibility to how you can apply it in the future, from being able to work in a lab to conducting research, working in medical fields, and even using it to teach. The possibilities are endless.

Additionally, biology takes you through the nooks and crannies of life science, some of which are cell division, reproduction, botany, biodiversity, and diffusion. The subject is broad, and it will develop your ability to think critically, conduct researches, and contribute to the discovery of health solutions.

The long and short of it all is that majoring in biology opens the doors of many opportunities for you, and, as a biologist, you're a hot cake in the labour market due to the high demand.

Various aspects of biological science courses
Learn in biology courses the science behind every plant, including mushrooms!
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Picking the Right Biology Course

As suggested earlier, biology is a diverse course with various distinctive areas that you can delve into; be that as it may, it all boils down to what you want to become in the future and what areas of the discipline intrigues you the most.

Also, you have to put into consideration your level of education at the moment? Is it substantial to get you studying biology at an advanced level? Are you just beginning to pick interest? Or you're still struggling with the various concepts and topics biology entails?

Whatever the case might be, knowing the right place to start is key. If you're an aspirant still struggling with biology, you might want to undergo an A-level or pre-degree programme; if you've got the necessary qualification and background knowledge, then you can jump right into a university, deciding critically the biology course that suits you best.

Otherwise, if you're an adult seeking to gain more practical experience, revise biology, or learn biology from the scratch with the help of Biology tutors at SuperProf.

All in all, you should consider your current level of education and ensure whatever institution you settle for offers the best opportunity for you to grow academically and get grounded in the biological field of study.

Studying Biology in Lagos

Lagos State offers some of the best opportunities for you to study biology in Nigeria. There are many prestigious institutions where you can study biology in the state, and each is suitable for different levels of education. Whether you’re seeking to study distinctive biological science courses such as microbiology or looking for where to revise biology in preparation for an exam, you’ll options that suits you in Lagos.

Biology Revision Classes

One of the best places to start if you're still struggling with biology in your secondary education is International School, University of Lagos (ISL). The school provides the best learning environment for you to keep abreast of biology and prepare for your SSCE. On the other hand, they also organize revision classes for students who are preparing for exams such as NABTECH, UTME, GCE, and Cambridge A-level.

Become a Professional Biologist

If you’re really passionate about biology and have the right qualifications in place, there are many institutions where you can study biology in Lagos, but we reckon two of the best are University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Lagos State University (LASU). Both schools provide serene environments and learning resources that will make you grounded in biology within the timeframe of your degree education.

Where to Study Biology in Abuja

Unlike Lagos, the opportunities available to study biology hassle-free are limited, but the few available ones are great and will efficiently aid your understanding of biology. You will find higher institutions offering biology courses with great prospects, as well as A-level institutions and private biology tutors to prepare you for your education at any university.

Study Biology at Pre-degree, ND, or Advanced Level

Abuja institutions offer various opportunities for you to understand biology better, prepare you for your education at degree-level, and ultimately increase your chances of being admitted to the university of your choice. From Central Emirates International to The Regent College to Dorben Polytechnic, you will be able to harness their post-secondary-education programmes to continue your academic pursuits in various universities.

Biology courses like marine biology
Marine biology is a great biology course to study.
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Bag a Biology Degree at Abuja Universities

While there aren’t many government degree-awarding institutions in the federal capital, the mix of private institutions should suffice, and we do hope you can get your biology degree in any of these universities; they are some of the best Abuja has to offer.

So, what options are there?

The University of Abuja offers biological science courses such as microbiology, agriculture, and veterinary medicine. Alternatively, private institutions such as Baze University and Maddona University also have degree programmes in biology, and their able lecturers and international-level facilities will optimize your learning experience.

Biology Education in Rivers, Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, and Rivers State at large, offers equal opportunities for you to revise biology, study it at an advanced level, or ultimately bag a biology degree.

Biology Tutoring

Studying biology in Port Harcourt has never been easier with these options: you have Ashgrove Academy where you can study biology and get an A-level certification in the end; there is also Emarid college where you can enrol for an IJMB programme and use the qualification to process your admission into 200 level of biological science courses at any university of your choice.

Additionally, there are various SuperProf biology tutors in Port Harcourt to help you overcome your challenges with biology, and there is also the Polytechnic of Port Harcourt where you can study Science laboratory technology, a biology course that takes you through the application of biology in laboratories and chemical manufacturing plants.

Biology Degree Options in Port Harcourt

There is no doubt the prestigious University of Port Harcourt is where any aspirant seeking to study biology would want to start from. The institution offers various biology courses for you to choose from, some or which are zoology, plant science, microbiology, and biotechnology.

However, you can also get a biology degree at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) if you're a working-class person and wouldn’t want life immersion to deter your academic pursuits.

Biology Courses in Oyo, Ibadan

Like the states we’ve brushed over so far, Oyo State — particularly its capital, Ibadan — has many institutions where you can revise biology, get a biology degree, or learn biology recreationally.

Without mincing words, below are the best options:

Biology Revision Classes

Whilst there are many options to revise biology in Ibadan, the International School, Ibadan, is one of the better places to start from. The School, which is powered by the University of Ibadan, provides an A-level programme that students can leverage to revise biology fully. Even better, you can use the qualification to process your admission into the University of Ibadan, using JAMB’s Direct Entry.

Other available options to study biology in Ibadan before degree education are College of Education Lanlate, FCAHPT, and the private biology tutors on SuperProf.

There is also Bioscience Centre, a laboratory in Ibadan that hosts training for biology degree holders to work on research relevant to their respective field of study.

The human anatomy is deliberated in biology
Get acquainted with the human anatomy in biology courses.
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Biology Degree in Ibadan

Whilst everyone would jump at the chance to study biology courses at the University of Ibadan, be aware that this prestigious university is not the only great option available for you to study biology courses in Ibadan; there is also the Oyo State Technical University where you can study biological science courses such as biomedical engineering and microbiology.

Options to Study Biology in Kano

Students and aspirants in Kano often ask us the question, “Where can I find biology tutors near me?” If you’re in Kano, you’d be glad to know that there are just as many opportunities for you to pursue your passion.

Biology Lessons, Pre-degree, NCE, and ND in Kano

If you want to revise biology, you can harness the biology revision classes held by Prime College, Kano. Otherwise, you can enrol in the pre-degree programme at Kano University of Science and Technology to revise biology fully and, simultaneously, get admitted to their degree programme.

There is also the IJMB programme at Kano College of Education and Preliminary Studies. This programme allows you to study selected subjects for 10 months and then use the qualification to get admitted into 200 level of any university of your choice.

Obtain Biology Degree at Kano’s top Universities

There are many degree-awarding institutions in Kano, but we reckon Bayero University and Yusuf Maitama Sule University offer some of the best degree programmes in the state. Whatever your interest is, you will find in either school's biological science courses such as anatomy, botany, biochemistry, plant biology, zoology, and applied biology. All six courses have great prospects, and you can as well get your masters in them. Stick or twist; it’s your call.


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