Teachers are an integral part of your journey to acquire knowledge and become accomplished in any field of study. Whilst personal endeavours and researches will play their part, we all cannot deny the invaluable role a competent teacher plays in helping students attain their desired heights.

Picturing a multifaceted and subtly overwhelming discipline such as biology, you certainly need a professional teacher to help you understand and remember the methodologies, theories, and practices the subject entails.

So, are you taking biology courses at an institution and experiencing difficulties with some topics? Or are you taking a biology exam soon and need a biology tutor to help you get that subject off its Olympian height and make it very intelligible? Perhaps, you’re seeking the best institutions to study biology courses in Kano or are an adult looking to add some knowledge of biology to their background?

Whichever your intent is, we’ve researched extensively and tracked down the best places in Kano to learn biology, as well as biology tutors to help you disentangle the subject.

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Why Study Biology?

If you’ve developed a passion for studying living things and how they relate to our natural world, then biology is the aptest discipline for you to follow.

With regards to academics, studying biology will groom you into becoming a critical thinker, as well as develop your ability to conduct researchers and apply your discoveries in solving problems. This will gradually give you an in-depth understanding of life on earth.

In your career path, biology can be applied in various domains of activity, from wildlife to the health sector, agriculture, and laboratories. Most importantly, a good qualification in biology will open the doors to many enticing job opportunities in your career.

Lab works in biology
                 Experiment science methodologies in biology.  Source: Unsplash

Where to Study Biology Courses in Kano

Kano leaves you with many great choices in your pursuit of studying biology. But, to simplify your search, we’ll be deliberating the best institutions to study biology courses in Kano, as well as where to find biology tutors to clear up areas you find difficult.

So, what options are there?

Revise Biology at Prime College, Kano

If you are looking to get an IGCSE qualification and it’s been long you've had biology classes, you can enrol in the after-school lessons offered by Prime College to get yourself back on track.

Other than the West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), you can also enrol in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) through them. Part of the programme involves preparing you ahead of the exams in key subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, English, etc., depending on your department.

In their biology lessons, you’ll be taken through all topics that will most likely come out in your exams, and these include the human digestive system, transpiration, adaptation & habitats, to mention a few.

You can harness the biology lessons if you’re close to Alu Avenue. Their biology teachers are professional at instilling knowledge in learners, and the school will see to it that your WASSCE or IGCSE registration is hassle-free.

Take Biology Lessons From a Private Biology Tutor at SuperProf

We understand how difficult it can be for some of us to grasp what is being taught in a classroom, more so one wherein the teacher just keeps treating topics without having enough time to cater to individual class needs and understanding. If learning in a classroom is not helping you as much as it should, why don’t you consider hiring a personal biology tutor to help you learn better and efficiently prepare you for your imminent biology exams?

“Where can I find biology tutors near me?” is a question often asked by students preparing for biology in one exam on the other. Thankfully, you don’t have to search extensively, as there are over 70 biology tutors at SuperProf providing their services to learners here in Kano.

Whether you’re looking to take biology in UTME, are already a biology student experiencing difficulties with certain topics, or are an adult looking to gain some knowledge of biology, you will certainly find a biology tutor at SuperProf who will tailor their services to your needs. SuperProf tutors are everything you can imagine: established biology teachers with years’ experience, as well as fellow students who are very adept with biology and understand the best way to make the topics intelligible for you.

Fair enough, most SuperProf tutors offer their first lessons for free — with no down payment whatsoever. This will enable you to appraise their effectiveness and discuss with them the best way to help you learn. Prices for subsequent lessons vary per teacher, but the range is from ₦800 to ₦5,000 per hour.

You should hire a biology tutor right away if you’d love to learn more quickly.

Study Biology at Kano College of Education and Preliminary Studies

Jumping right into a biology degree programme can be overwhelming if you aren’t well grounded with the basic knowledge that serves as a soft landing for studies at a university. Given this — provided you have the relevant WASSCE qualification — you can opt for the study of biology through IJMB at the Kano College of Education and Preliminary Studies.

The special IJMB programme at the college runs for less than a year(10 months particularly) and, with it, you can seek direct entry into 200 level of biology courses at university of your choice. There’s a catch though; getting good grades from the IJMB exams is key to securing your degree admission, and that’s why the college’s IJMB programme provides top-notch lectures in biology.

Speaking of the biology lectures, secondary-school-level topics will be treated, but with a different approach that prepares students for studies at university.

You can take the IJMB route to improve your knowledge of introductory biology and get admitted into 200 level of any university.

                 Plat science broken down in biology courses.  Source: Unsplash

Apply for a Biology Pre-degree at KUST

Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST) offers another great opportunity for you to study biology and get abreast with its fundamentals before going taking the degree programme.

The pre-degree programme, which lasts a session, is designed to help you revise subjects you took in secondary school and ultimately increase your chances of being admitted into the university.

How does it all work? Your pre-degree exam score will be added to your UTME score and used as a criterion for processing your admission into the KUST degree programme.

Talking about academics at pre-degree level, there are professional lecturers in the institution who are tasked with teaching students and using methods ideal for their level.

In the biology classes, you will study biomolecules, the dynamism of the human brain, gymnosperms, and a host of others that will come in handy when you decide to take your studies further into a university degree.

Enrol in a Biology Course at Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, kano

The beauty of the discipline, biology, is that it can be applied anywhere. Ever thought about bagging an NCE to teach biology? If teaching has long been your bailiwick, then this will suffice.

Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education provides the opportunity for you to study biology under its school of science education. The biology curriculum is prepared to produce highly-knowledgeable biology tutors who will instil in learners biological principles and processes.

Their objectives are that, at the end of their NCE, graduates should be able to deem biology as a method of inquiring into the natural world, demonstrate practical skills in the handling of biological equipment, and apply theories and practices learned in scientific fields of study.

Also, at the end of the NCE, if you intend taking things further, you will be qualified to take biology under the faculty of education in any university of your choice.

Study Biology at Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology, Kano(FCAPT)

FCAPT offers a quite similar setup for you to study biology courses in Kano, with the difference being that you’ll be awarded a national diploma (ND) upon completion.

Why should you study biological science courses in this institution? They don’t offer much that blows the others out of the water, but you should consider their ND program if you’re interested in the technical science facets of biology. These they provide with courses such as science laboratory technology and nutrition & dietetics.

The science laboratory technology course will take you through chemical and biological concentrations with laboratory experience, while the nutrition & dietetics course focuses on using nutrition and food science to improve people’s health.

Both biological science courses are ideal, and you can use them to process direct entry into more sophisticated biology courses at university.

Science laboratory technology, a great biological science course
                 Get acquainted with lab equipment in biology coursesSource: Unsplash

Get a Biology Degree at Yusuf Maitama Sule University

If you’ve got the necessary qualifications required to further your education into a degree level, one of the ideal universities where you can study biology courses in Kano is Yusuf Maitama Sule University. The institution has a few biology courses to further ignite your passion in this prestigious discipline, some of which are anatomy, biological sciences, and biochemistry.

Whichever of these courses you opt for will equip you with an optimal level of understanding and prepare you for application of biological sciences in the hemisphere beyond education.

What About a Biology Degree at Bayero University?

Studying humans in biology
                 Unravel the science of the human brain in biology.  Source: Unsplash

Again, if you’re already considering taking your biology studies up to university level, another institution to consider is no other than the renowned Bayero University?

One of Kano’s finest institutions, Bayero University has a pretty pacy academic calendar that is rarely disrupted by strikes. Two of the institution’s faculties, life sciences and basics medical sciences, have every biological science courses that you might have intended studying, from botany to applied biology, nutrition & dietetics to microbiology, and plant biology to zoology.

Bayero University boasts some of Kano’s best facilities, from their abundantly equipped laboratories to their facultative lecture halls. All this should enhance your experience and drive your academic endeavours at the university.


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