The common misconception is that science courses like biology, chemistry, and physics are quite difficult. These subjects are quite rewarding especially when you study them.

Using physics as an example, the subject centers on the application of tools and how certain laws and events shape our world.

Even more advantageous, physics is a ‘hot kek’ in Nigeria. It isn’t easy finding many qualified teachers who’re up to the task of imparting knowledge in students.

If you’re a science student who’s in love with physics courses and is contemplating on what to study in the university, physics is a great option to explore.

There are various physics university courses and degrees offered in Nigerian schools. Some of them include:

- Theoretical Physics
- Applied physics
- Industrial physics

There’s the option to offer physics courses as a single unit or as a combination with another course like mathematics, electronics, etc.

Before you begin your physics degree journey, it’s essential that you make adequate findings on Nigerian schools that offer the branch of physics you’re interested in. There are websites dedicated to easing the burdens of prospective Nigerian students. Do well to visit them. Also, university websites are available and they list available courses. In addition, some of them provide comprehensive information on their curriculum.

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It’s okay to harbour some doubts about whether you’re making the right decision by studying physics. You might not deem your present physics courses or knowledge enough to be a stepping stone to your academic success. Not to worry, this article has been designed to enlighten you on reasons why you should study physics at university as well as suggest how you can up your academic game.

Reasons Why You Should Study Physics as A Nigerian Student

If you need an extra push to convince you to study physics, here it is. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to study physics in preparatory classes or even at the university. There are so many things to gain from studying physics.

Learning physics will give you more ideas about life

When you study physics, you’re bound to understand many life phenomena and their applications. There are life questions that you must have pondered for a long time. Studying physics is a great avenue to get appropriate answers.

There are varieties of topics to learn from. Some of them include laws of thermodynamics and their applications, the concept of gravity, the famous Newton’s laws, etc.

Studying physics can better your prospects

Physicists gain loads of knowledge while studying. It’s unsurprising that people view them as employable professionals. Due to the broadness of physics, there are varieties of career opportunities for physics graduates. A physicist can work as a field technician, consultant or even as a lecturer.

It’s why you need to continue learning. Physics is a highly dynamic course and that means new theories and innovations sprung up regularly. Therefore, if you’re looking for a course that isn’t monotonous and gives room for new findings, then physics is the one for you.

If you’re looking forward to more reasons that’ll convince you to study physics, you should read our comprehensive 10 Great Reasons To Study Physics article.

Getting an online physics tutor shouldn’t be a hard job. If you require some assistance with your study of physics, then a physics tutor is your solution.

How To Find A Physics And Maths Tutor

Now that you’re fully convinced that physics is for you, what’s your next move?

Your SSCE and UTME exams are fast approaching and preparations should be in top gear. To study for a physics degree in Nigeria, you need to pass these exams outstandingly. If you find your science subjects easy, then you do not have to sweat over achieving high grades in your exams.

On the other hand, if you’re a student who doesn’t find these subjects easy, you’ll be glad to know that the necessary help you require to get good grades are readily available. You do not have to worry about not understanding Pythagoras theorem, Ohm’s law or calculus anymore.

Seeking help is the best decision a struggling student can make due to the competitiveness in Nigerian institutions. Each year, over 300,000 students seek admission into these schools. Only a handful will secure spots.

Your best bet to securing a university admission is adequate preparation. You can devote more time to studying your notes and attempting your homework. Also, you can approach your school teachers for help regarding subjects or topics you consider difficult to comprehend. Furthermore, you can textbooks that’ll further help you prepare.

If all these strategies don’t work for you, don’t fret. There’s a failproof way to achieve higher grades. You can hire a math and physics tutor. Regardless of the duration of help, tutors come in handy. It might be for an academic year or close to your exams. A tutor provides adequate support and motivation for students. Also, a tutor focuses on grey areas and provides suitable explanations. You might have trouble understanding many topics in your physics syllabus. Not to worry, a tutor gets you covered.

Even better, a tutor makes you understand surefire exam techniques and the best tactics that’ll aid your exam preparation.

Due to the closeness that exists between physics and math, it’ll be beneficial for you to hire a math and physics tutor. It’s evident that physics requires lots of calculations. In fact, the crux of physics is math. It means that when your numeracy skills improve, it’ll have positive effects on your knowledge of physics.

The next thing to ponder on is how to find a topnotch maths and physics tutor. There are various ways to go about it. First, you can approach your school teacher to recommend tutors for you. In some cases, your teacher can deputize as your tutor.

Also, you can ask friends to recommend for you, especially friends who have hired tutors that teach physics courses before or are currently under the tutelage of tutors. People always know people, so this can work too.

However, if you want your tutor search to be as easy and efficient as possible, you can go digital by using top online tutoring sites like Superprof to get the best of the best. It’s really efficient because of the small details it only requires to make recommendations for you. All you have to do is input your postcode and select the subject you need a tutor for. After this, tutors relatively close to you will appear on your search result.

If you’re looking for something remote than face-to-face, these tutors can provide online physics classes too.

With the various ways of finding a tutor in the bag, it is important to plan a budget for your physics tutorial. When you have a budget in advance, it eases your tutor's choice. Therefore, it is imperative that you know how much it costs to hire a math and physics tutor.

How Much It Costs To Hire A Physics And Maths Tutor

As much as most of your focus is finding a quality tutor close to you or one willing to take remote lessons, it is important to focus on cost too. A tutor's search criterion is academic performance. However, it isn’t beneficial to hire a tutor whose pricing is above your budget. If you defy budget and go ahead to hire such a tutor, it can hurt your finances. Even more, you might not be able to afford the services of the tutor at some point and you’ll have to drop him or her. Not recommended.

To determine the cost of a physics and math tutor, there are different things to consider:
The tutor’s experience. A newbie is more likely to charge way lesser than someone who’s a pro at it.
Location of the tutorial. In Nigeria, some cities are more expensive than others. Tuition is likely to cost more in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt than Ibadan, Enugu, Zaria, etc. Also, remote tutors might factor the cost of data depending on the service provider.
How much you can afford without many strains.

The reason for tuition. Why you need a tutor can affect the cost because it’ll tailor the areas the tutor needs to cover.

For instance, if you need a tutor for a short while (say three weeks) and all he/she will cover are basic physics topics like radiation, momentum, particles, or electricity, it’s expected that the cost will be considerably lower. If you’re in need of a math and physics tutor for an academic year and the tutor will focus on complex topics like cosmology or quantum mechanics, be prepared to pay a fortune.

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How Much Am I likely To Pay?

There are various physics tutors available on Superprof  and their pricing starts from ₦1500/hr. There are tutors that charge way more than that. To find the perfect tutor for you, you need to set a budget from the beginning and let your tutor know what the budget is. It’ll eliminate any confusion.

You can also pay less by opting for online physics classes. It costs considerably lesser than physical tuition. Even more, you can settle for group tuition rather than personal tuition.


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With your physics degree, you can never be short of career prospects. It is your passport to various job opportunities.

What Jobs Can Someone With A Physics Degree Do?

While deciding if studying physics is the right choice for you, it’s important that you consider career opportunities that are available to you upon graduation.

Admiringly, physics isn’t short of career opportunities. Therefore, you won’t be making the wrong career decision. You can see some career opportunities for physics graduates here.
Want to know why? Here are some reasons:
• You gain mastery of different hard skills that employers covet.

• You can take up different roles in diverse industries.

• You can study more.

As a physicist, the study will arm you with analytical and critical-thinking skills because you’ll deal with lots of data that you’ll unravel. Even more, problem-solving is essential in your degree. Employers look forward to employing people who have these skills. For example, investment management companies require the services of people with topnotch math skills, can create spreadsheets and interpret data.

Even finer, your degree doesn’t limit you to working in some lab as a physicist or a scientist. It also doesn’t mean that every job you can apply for has to be in your field. A physics degree gives you room to diversify. You can work as an accountant, engineer or even government personnel.

A physics degree also gives you the opportunity to further your study in various fields. It doesn’t limit you to physics. You can also lecture physics lessons and impart knowledge to other people too.

If you find it hard to decide what you can do with your physics degree, you can head to your school’s career office for more clarification. Also, websites like Prospects exist. This website enlightens you on different career paths you can pursue with your degree.

Overall, take your physics classes seriously and you’re on a path to greatness.

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