It’s evident that there are many reasons to study physics and the advantages that come with it. Therefore, if your plan is to study physics at a Nigerian university or pursue a physics-related career, it is highly recommended that you score the best marks you can regardless of any exam you have to sit for. With your physics egree, there are different jobs you can apply for.

For you to gain admission into a Nigerian university and study physics or a related course, you need to be at your best. Nigerian universities are very competitive and there limited spots for the pool of prospects trying to secure admission.

If you desire to secure admission to study physics and achieve topnotch academic success, you can hire the services of a tutor to aid your cause. It is a common practice for Nigerian students to hire qualified tutors because they want to improve their chances of achieving academic success.

Hiring a tutor comes with lots of benefits. Regardless of the fact that you’re preparing for your SSCE exams, JAMB exams, semester exams or you’re struggling with understanding your physics lessons, a tutor will enhance your learning and help you upgrade your academic performance.

student writing physics exam
Your tutor can help you achieve academic success in your exam. Photo credit: SDI Productions/Getty Images

If your decision leans towards tutoring, then the first challenge you need to overcome is how to find and hire the best tutor for you. After that, you need to know how much your tutor will cost. Not to worry, this post will guide you on the best ways to find the perfect tutor for you. These ways will ease your search and produce the best results.

It is certain that a maths and physics teacher will help you score high marks in maths and physics.

Why Is It Beneficial Hiring A Maths And Physics Tutor?

During the process of trying to select the right tutor, you might consider deciding on the kind of tutor you desire to have.

Different tutors abound. It’s common to see undergraduate tutors who are still studying physics at the university. Also, some tutors are recent graduates who’re just beginning to find their feet while some other tutors have a wealth of experience and must have completed their master’s degree.

Also, when you’re considering your options, you should have it at the back of your mind that physics deals with lots of arithmetic because:

  • There are lots of formulas to work with and remember;
  • Calculations are the core of physics exams; and
  • Understanding of calculus and algebra are important in different physics topics.

Because of these, students look for different ways to improve their knowledge of physics and their grades. At the same time, they want to ensure that their maths knowledge is topnotch and at par with what’s expected while studying physics.

It is heartening to know that all you desire can be achieved when you hire a tutor who’s adept at teaching topics that feature on physics curriculum. Some of these topics may include theoretical physics, Ohm’s law, and thermodynamics. At the same time, the tutor is well-versed at ensuring the student puts in enough study and practice to improve the numeracy skills needed to conquer physics.

Furthermore, it is very valid to consider the medium of tuition when choosing the best tutor for you. You might want a tutor who’ll deliver one-on-one tutoring to you. Alternatively, you might prefer an online or group tutor. Many people opt for group tuition because it’s more affordable than other available options.

Honestly, all these options are valid. Therefore, the onus is on you to seek a surefire strategy that bodes well for you as wells as your maths and physics tutor.

Finding A Physics And Maths Teacher Shouldn’t Be A Stressful Task

When looking for a suitable physics and maths teacher for you, there are great strategies you can use to make the best choice. Some of them are highlighted below.

Ask Your Friends

One of the least stressful methods of looking for a tutor is to ask your friends if they have an idea of a maths and physics teacher that they can vouch for to assist you with topics in physics you have issues with currently.

Normally, such friend would be enrolled in physics lessons, as it means that they have knowledge of the challenges your physics syllabus pose and how tutoring has impacted positively on them.

It’s even better when your friend has a proven experience with a tutor and can vouch for the person. It’ll be much easier to reach out to the tutor through your friend.

Seek Help From Your School Or University

Another easy strategy to find the perfect physics and maths teacher for you is to meet your physics teacher or university lecturer and ask whether they’re interested and chanced to offer tutorials for you during their free time.

In the event that they’re not interested or not available, you can ask them to recommend any colleague that’ll be willing to offer tutorial services to you. Alternatively, you can ask them to recommend any master’s or PhD student that’s capable of offering tuition to you.

The advantage of meeting your physics teacher is that you can ask them about your current performance in the subject. Also, your physics teacher can offer recommendations on areas where you need improvements. This way, you’ll know where you truly stand.

physics lecturer
You can meet your physics teacher or lecturer for help. Photo credit: Jupiterimages/Getty Images physics professor

Furthermore, when you meet your physics teacher, it’ll bolster your chances of scoring higher marks in physics and improving on areas you might not fully grasp right now.

Whatever feedback you get from your physics teacher will tailor your areas of concentration in your syllabus. Ultimately, your physics grade is poised to skyrocket.

There are instances when your physics teacher is not chanced to provide tutoring services to you after school hours and does not have any recommendations for you. Do not fret. It’s not a bad idea to approach your maths teacher for help. There are maths teachers who have a sufficient understanding of maths and physics simultaneously.

Also, seeking help from a teacher whose specialty is mathematics can greatly aid your physics. It’s even better when you seem to have issues with the arithmetic part of physics, especially equation solving and grasping different formulas.

Surf The Internet

There’s hardly anything you won’t find on the internet. Therefore, it can help your physics and maths tutor search. Here are some reasons:

  • You can find your perfect physics and maths teacher from anywhere in your home or as long as you have internet access;
  • You can seek for the best tutor for you on various tutoring websites; and
  • You can come across with tutors that are open to providing one-on-one tuition, remote tutoring services, both options, and group tuition. Therefore, location won’t be a stumbling block when seeking a tutor.
checking for physics online
You can surf the internet for the perfect tutor for you. Photo credit: FG trade/Getty Images

For instance, Superprof affords you the opportunity to surf through a large database of tutors to choose the perfect one for you. All the website requires you to do is input your postcode and the subject you’re seeking a tutor for (in this case; physics). After doing so, the website will display every available tutor close to you. Also, you can view tutors that are comfortable with remote tutorial services.

online tution
You can receive tuition online from the comfort of your home. Photo credit: Westend51/Getty mage

You should also note that Superprof isn’t limited to providing only maths and physics teachers. Therefore, if you desire to hire more than one tutor - for instance, one tutor for physics, another for English studies and the third one for civic education – then you can seek the best tutors for these subjects on the website. It’s your No.1 option for online tutoring.

What Should My Learning Expectations Be With A Physics Tutor

In the end, the knowledge you’ll acquire from your physics teacher is entirely your decision to make because you’re in charge of things like:

  • The number of lessons you’ll have;
  • The kind of learning you want to gain; and
  • The specific skills you’ll like to centre on, like exam performance or focusing on learning everything on your physics syllabus.

Flexibility and control of tuition are why students will rather opt for the services of a private physics teacher.

Before hiring a potential tutor, you should let him or her understand why you’re taking the lessons and what you want to achieve. In return, the tutor will let you know if he or she thinks your request is feasible and can carry on with it.

It’ll also inform their decisions on the right textbooks and materials needed to help your tutorial.

Furthermore, if during your physics lessons, you’re not comfortable with the whole setup or you feel like you’re struggling to achieve anything, you can notify your teacher promptly. Even more, if you ever feel the need to change your areas of focus – for example, if your current focus is on quantum physics and you desire to change to particle physics – you can inform your tutor of your decision to ensure adjustments are made.

Do not forget that the biggest advantage of hiring a tutor is to opt for flexibility that aids your learning process, helps the improvement of your grades and boosts your confidence when attempting your homework or exam.

Here's a gentle reminder of what a physics degree can offer you.

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