The reasons for hiring a maths and physics tutor are a lot. Some of them include:

  • You want to make higher grades in your physics class.
  • You want to get better at arithmetic.
  • You want to grasp a better understanding of physics and math formulae.
  • You want to achieve a better academic performance overall.

With all these reasons, a physics tutor can come in handy.

We have identified different reasons why people should study physics. However, many students in Nigeria have come to the conclusion that physics can be quite intricate, especially the numerical aspects. There are lots of formulae to learn and understand as well as the broadness and complexity of different physics topics.

With this realisation, it is not uncommon to see people shy away from studying physics. If you’re one of such people, you don’t have to despair and give up on studying physics. You don't want to miss out on the jobs available for physics graduates. There are ways to overcome the challenges physics poses.  

One of such ways is hiring a maths and physics tutor.

As long as you know how to find a maths and physics tutor, hiring one shouldn't prove quite tasking. Students who have hired a physics tutor in the past consider it beneficial because a physics teacher helps them improve their arithmetic performance because of the tutor’s knowledge of maths.

An added advantage of hiring a physics and math teacher apart from the fact that it helps your physics grade is that it improves your math knowledge too. It’s the norm for physics students both at secondary and tertiary level to take some classes in maths or further maths as seen in different cases.

Maths equation
Knowledge of maths will help your physics lessons. Photo credit: 4X-image/Getty images

Therefore, hiring a tutor to help you with both courses is certainly advantageous.

Understandably, finding a physics and maths teacher in Nigeria in the first place can be a difficult process. What’s equally or even more difficult is knowing the amount to pay to hire a dependable tutor.

Not to worry, this article presents a detailed outline on finding a physics and maths tutor near you for a price that won’t hurt your budget.

How To Find A Physics And Maths Tutor Near Me That Fits My Bill

1. Understand What Kind Of Tutor You Would Be Comfortable With

It’s easy to come across different physics and maths teachers in Nigeria who are highly interested in offering academic tutoring to you. Therefore, it is beneficial to have an understanding of the type of tutor you’re on the lookout for. It is what will determine the price you’ll eventually pay for your tutorials.

When choosing a physics and maths tutor, there are a few guidelines to pay keen attention to:

A qualified and highly experienced tutor will likely be more expensive than others. There are varying degrees of academic qualifications. A tutor with a PhD degree is likely to charge more than a tutor whose highest qualification is a master’s degree. In the same vein, a university graduate will definitely charge higher than an undergraduate.

Tutors belong to various areas of expertise. It’s common to find tutors niching down. Since they cannot be experts at every niche, it’s important that they find an area of specialization.

For example, a maths or physics teacher whose strength is offering tuition to secondary school students who are determined to achieve academic excellence might struggle to offer tuition to a student offering diploma in a Nigerian university.

Also, a tutor who prefers to prepare students for WASSCE and JAMB exams might not interested in the normal after-school tuition for academic strugglers.

If you have specific reasons for tuition, you might incur higher tuition expenses. If your plan for hiring a teacher is just to revise your physics syllabus, which might include math topics like algebra or calculus, you might pay lesser fees than someone who is focused on specifics like preparing for a forthcoming external body or entrance exam.

In addition, the duration of your lesson is also a deciding factor. As much as it is tutor dependent, however, the norm is that the longer the duration of your tuition, the more you have to pay, except for platforms like Superprof, where tutors generally give a discount for more hours.

Also, you should note that there are periods when you have to pay even higher, especially periods when you’re preparing for your exams and the lesson becomes more intensive.

2. Have A Budget In Mind Before Hiring A Maths And Physics Tutor

You need to avoid a situation where you start your tutorial classes only for you to drop out in the middle of your classes simply because you cannot afford to pay for the services of your tutor anymore.

To ensure it does not happen, you need to have an honest discussion with yourself to determine how much you’re expected to make and how much you can afford to pay your tutor.

Planning your budget
You must have a budget for tuition to avoid overspending. Photo credit: skynesher/Getty Images

After this, you need to let your potential tutor know how much you’re willing to pay due to budget constraints. This will ensure you start your academic relationship with your tutor on a transparent level and the classes can continue for a stipulated period.

Physics tutors are known to charge on an hourly basis. Understandably, there is no fixed amount to pay tutors. It varies due to the factors that have been outlined earlier. The minimum amount physics tutors charge in Lagos, Nigeria is ₦1500; at least on Superprof.

The ideal situation is that you have an understanding of how much you can afford to pay for the services of a tutor. The minimum amount charged ( varies according to cities, large cities like Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt will have a higher minimum rate, while others like Benin, Osun, Aba, Kwara will have a lesser minimum rate) should give you an idea of whether you can afford to pay for tutorial services.

After all said, there are strategies tips you can apply to cut your tuition costs and save you some money. This is the perfect scenario for someone on a budget or is looking to hire the best tutor for their money.

Failproof Tips To Save Money On Physics Tutor Cost Near ME

There are different methods you can apply that’ll save money on tuition. They include:

  • Opting for remote lessons instead of face-to-face lessons;
  • Electing for group tuition instead of one-on-one tuition;
  • Getting discounts on longer hours according to your need

1. Opting for remote lessons

Location can be a big deciding factor for how much tutor charges for services. A tutor will likely spend some money on transport and won’t want to run at a loss. Therefore, the amount the tutor will charge will cover both the services rendered and tuition.

Also, it is common for tutors in cities to charge more than anyone else. For example, a tutor residing in Port-Harcourt will charge more than someone living in Ikire. As a result, it is more economical for you living in Port-Harcourt to hiring a remote tutor rather than someone who will offer face-to-face tutorial services.

Remote lessons are as effective as physical lessons, maybe even more. The flexibility cannot be matched. As long as your internet service is great, you’re good to go for less.

Remote lessons
Remote lessons are fun and cheaper too. Photo credit: FG Trade/Getty Images

2. Electing For Group Tuition

Group tuition is another sure method of saving money for you. It’s only because it’s cheaper to receive lessons as a group since the cost will be split among every group member.

It will be beneficial for you if you know other people who require the services of a maths and physics tutor. All you have to do is talk to them and win them over. You can hire a tutor as a group and you’ll enjoy the services at a cheaper rate.

Even better, physics and maths tutors offer discounts to group lessons since they’re making money from more than one person.

Group lessons
You can save more money with group tuition lessons. Photo credit: Fat Camera/Getty Images

3. Getting discounts on longer hours  

It is common knowledge that tutors charge per hour. It means that if you hire the services of Tutor A at the rate of ₦2500 per hour and you need 8 hours every week, you’re paying Tutor A  ₦20000 every week.

As much as not every tutor will agree to give you a discount, some of them are benevolent enough to do so, which is common with the teachers on Superpof Nigeria platform. Most tutors on the platform already have discounted prices for students who want longer hours and should you feel you still want more discount, all you have to do is be transparent about the constraints on your budget and how much you can afford to pay.

The right tutor will agree to your request.


Ultimately, when considering how much it’ll cost you to hire a local physics and maths tutor, there are different factors you need to consider, such as how much tuition you need, what your goals are, your preference for remote, one-on-one or group lessons, as well as the experience of the tutor.

When you set your budget, it’s essential that you put those factors into consideration to get the best tutor for you.

Superprof has a wide range of physics and maths tutors registered under its belt. These tutors have different experience levels ranging from newbies to accomplished tutors. Also, they offer one-on-one, remote and group lessons depending on your choice.

Take a glance through Superprof’s website and see the best tutors that:

  • Suit your academic and financial needs;
  • Can help you improve your knowledge of physics; and
  • Can aid you with strategies that guarantee your academic success in your exams.

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