Physics is a great course to study at university. Regardless of whether you’re looking to learning physics with another subject like math or engineering or you’re considering studying physics as a standalone, you’re sure to gain many benefits from studying physics.

It’s quite normal for you to question what you stand to gain from taking up some challenges. Physics isn’t an exception. there are many intricacies associated with physics. However, here’s an overview of what you stand to gain if you study physics:

  • Physics is challenging and it’ll help your cognitive skills.
  • There are lots of career opportunities to choose from when you complete your physics degree.
  • There’s an unlimited network of people for you to exploit while studying your physics course.

If you’re still in doubt or you need extra motivation to study physics, this post is for you.

Ten worthwhile reasons to study physics in Nigeria.

You’ll understand how certain phenomena work in the world

If you’re interested in studying physics, it means you’re a very inquisitive person who’s keen on acquiring knowledge of new things. Have you ever wondered how the light bulb comes alive at once, shining like a full-lit star when the switch button comes on? It’s all down to physics.

Physics borders on various subjects. It ranges from giving you insights on how the world works to different laws that govern activities in the world. For example, did you know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed? However, it can be transferred from one form to another.

There are diverse topics to be learnt when studying physics. Some of them include electromagnetism, thermodynamics, classical physics, etc. Even more advantageous, you’re not limited to one branch of physics. There are different areas you can specialize in. You can never go wrong with physics.

You’ll tackle problems effectively

To be successful in Nigeria, it’s important that you wield certain skills that’ll help you tackle problems effectively. Some of these skills include analytical and theoretical skills. As a physics undergraduate, you’ll have to do critical analyses of various situations, events, and occurrences.

Also, there are situations that will require you to provide lasting solutions to them. Physics is a great medium of learning various methods to solve problems. It is because physics offers a wide range of processes and approaches to tackle problems effectively.

Apart from the on-the-job application, learning physics will aid your job search. An average physics student or graduate isn’t new to unconventionalism. They’re known for deviating away from the norm. It makes them so innovative. Therefore, they tow different paths while applying for jobs. They’re known to stand out.

Most employers in Nigeria and the world regard people with analytical and problem –solving skills as important for their organizations.          

You’ll have lots of career opportunities at your disposal

Due to its versatility, a physics degree graduate is open to various job opportunities. Physics is a science-oriented course. However, the good thing is that the course doesn’t limit graduates to science careers.

Yes, the natural order is that someone who studies physics will become a physicist or scientist. However, as a physics graduate, you do not have to continue in the physics path. Your course gives you a great opportunity to diversify. With your degree, you can become a laboratory scientist. It isn’t outside your scope.

That’s not all; you don’t even have to pursue any science career. There are different sectors suitable for a physics graduate to work in Nigeria. some of these sectors include:

  • Public parastatals
  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Health etc.

With your physics degree, you can work in administrative positions for the government, you’ll fit seamlessly into finance sector because of your math knowledge, tech is a natural calling for physicists and the health sector requires the technical knowlege and expertise of physicists to churn out more innovations.

business meeting
Government officials in a meeting. Photo credit: Rawpixel Ltd on Visualhunt

Physics keeps you on your toes

It is clearly known that physics is a dynamic subject. Different changes are bound to occur due to the ever-evolving phenomenally that surrounds the subject. There’s no chance for boredom when you study physics. Also, to keep up with new trends, you have to keep reading and researching.

If continuous learning is what you really desire, then you should opt for learning physics.

It is compatible with different subjects

One thing that’s quite obvious is the intrinsic connection that physics has with other subjects such as math. Without math, it is impossible for physics to work because it requires lots of arithmetic calculations. Also, you’ll have to do analyses of different experiments.

You can opt to combine physics with maths at university level. You’ll definitely cope because they’re interwoven. There are Nigerian institutions that allow students to combine math and physics for their degree of study.

Therefore, you need to pay keen attention to your math classes if you aim to do exceedingly well while studying physics. If you’re struggling with math, you can hire a math tutor on Superprof. You’ll get the best tutor that’ll suit your needs perfectly. You can also find out how much it’ll cost to hire a math tutor.

Physics is challenging

What’s life without being up for a challenge or two? Physics has always been touted as an extremely tough subject. Maybe not. One thing is certain though: physics tends to be challenging because of the technicalities involved.

There are certain criteria for you to excel as a physics student. Some of them include being proficient in mathematics, the ability to learn and understand intricate formula as well as new concepts, theories and innovations.

Therefore, if you want to challenge yourself by studying a course of such status and keep yourself busy, physics is the one for you. You’ll always find yourself studying complex formulas and solving advanced math problems.

Physics offers opportunities to work overseas

Many Nigerians are looking for ways to travel abroad (not like it is the ultimate goal). You’d be glad to note that studying physics can be your window to travelling to a foreign country to work. There are lots of internship opportunities for people who study physics all over the world. Even better, many foreign companies require the services of people who study physics.

Physics intern
Physics intern showing an equipment to her American boss. Photo credit: Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Therefore, upon your graduation, you have the opportunity to seek greener pastures in developed countries like United Kingdom and United States. Generally, English-speaking countries require your services. You can make it count by emigrating to any of these countries.

It’s okay to desire not to travel out of Nigeria. It doesn’t take anything away from you. Career opportunities for physics graduates abound in Nigeria. Learning physics is really advantageous.

You’ll acquire skills beneficial for employment purposes

While there’s a whole lot for you to learn. They include different transferable skills like analytical, research, presentation, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Nigerian Employers always have different problems to solve and they need people capable of solving these problems. Your physics degree can come in handy.

When your potential employer glances through your CV or resume that highlights the skills you possess, it might be enough to get you an interview all thanks to physics.

Also, physics is in high demand in some professions. There’s always the need for quality physics teachers and lecturers in secondary and tertiary levels. That’s not all, due to the need for innovation in the tech industry; physicists are highly valued in the industry.

In the various fields where physics professionals are in high demand, there are financial incentives out in place to encourage the influx of these professionals to the fields.

Physics will make you appreciate technology

Have you ever wondered how technology came to limelight? Have you wondered how its existence began? It’s all down to physics.

Before your handy mobile devices and digital cameras became a thing, there were periods when technology wasn’t as easy and prominent as it is now. For example, Johann Zahn patented a design for the first reflex camera in 1685. However, it took 150 years for the design to come into fruition. It took a group of accomplished physicists to make it possible.

Prior to that time, the camera obscura (Latin expression for “dark room”) was a phenomenon. It refers to the natural optical phenomenon that occurs when a scene’s image showing on the other part of a screen is viewed through a tiny hole in the screen. The view creates an inverted picture on a platform opposite the open part. Arab physicist, Ibn al-Haytham supported this view with books that bordered on optics.

Old camera
Vintage camera before the advent of digital cameras. Photo credit: Brian Caissie/Getty Images

Away from cameras, physics is the core of every tech advancement that exists. Without physics, tech cannot exist.

Opportunity for further studies

Upon the successful completion of your degree, there are opportunities for you as a physics graduate to further your studies. You can apply for a master’s degree in quantum physics, cosmology, astrophysics, etc.

The good thing is that you do not have to continue in any physics-related field. There are other fields you can choose from due to the versatility of the course you studied.

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