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💰What is the average price of Japanese lessons?
The average price of Japanese  lessons is ‎₦2709.

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From a sample of 669  tutors, students rated their private tutors 4.9 out 5.

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Take Japanese classes In Nigeria With The help Of A Japanese Language Teacher on Superprof

Japanese Language Course For Beginners In Nigeria

Japenese is a language that several students are interested in learning. Taking lessons in a new language may not be so easy in the beginning, however, if students start classes by taking a beginner's course, it would be so much easier. There are several ways students can study the Japanese language in Nigeria. Interested people can study with the help of a Japanese tutor online or by taking a beginner's program in a language school or also with the help of a Japanese tutor who would come teach them at home.

To learn a new language, students must need to google information that can help them learn fast and ask questions relating to the language and its culture. You also must take time to study all that you are learning.


Japan is full of culture and so schools and teachers must also include that in their studies. The knowledge of the Japebes language no matter how little will help you when you travel abroad or to Japan.

If you are interested in learning Japanese and its culture as an English speaking student, you can also decide to further your university at an English speaking school in Japan. You can apply for scholarships in any of the courses you desire like the Mext scholarship and use the opportunity to learn the language while abroad. Several tutors in Nigeria give private training to people who want to know how to speak and read Japanese.

Learn Japanese From anywhere in Nigeria By Taking Japanese Classes Online

There are several courses and classes online for students who want to learn Japanese. If you are taking your lessons online, you do not need to worry about anything location. You can be in Lagos and your tutor can be outside Lagos as long as you both know what you are doing. You can also use the internet to google free ways you can learn the language without the help of a tutor.


Teaching as be made easy by the introduction of online schooling. The knowledge you will get studying online will be the same as a student attending any of the physical schools. You can even decide to further your studies by taking a course online with a university in Japan. The knowledge you get from learning Japanese, you can also use to start an online business and trade with people who speak Japanese.

You can also improve your studies by reading any free Japan article you find online. By reading an article or watching news or movies in Japanese, you will in no time be better at the language. You can watch movies or any program in Japanese that is subtitled in English.

Get A Tutor Who Can Teach You Japanese On Superprof Nigeria

You can get a teacher to be teaching you all about the Japanese language and culture on Superprof. You can also get teachers in various courses on the platform to tutor you at any time. With the help of the teachers on Superprof, you can learn subjects and skills like Health education, business studies, physical education, information technology, English, French, Dance, crocheting, biology, health studies, Spanish, Project management, and social studies, publishing and article writing, business management, and so much more.


While searching for a tutor on Superprof,  it is of benefit to know that most of the teachers usually offer the first hour of their lesson for free. This way you can ask questions and it will allow you to decide if you want to continue the lesson with the teacher or not. You can get any of the tutors to help you prepare for any scholarship examination like Mext or TEFL exams or any of the ones you are interested in pursuing.






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