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Looking For Graphic Design Teachers In Nigeria?

In the last decade, newer technological advancements have sprouted up. More than ever before, creative and tech jobs are currently the new rave. Since the world is going digital, many opportunities abound for people looking to develop their skills in the tech and creative space. Graphic design is one of the most sought after jobs in Nigeria. You need graphic designers for almost everything within the company; from creative direction to illustration, user Experience, amongst others. One of the most beautiful things about graphics is how it breaks the language barrier. An expert graphic designer can make a simple copy look so great that it passes the message across. You might say that design is a language on its own.

What is graphic design? Apart from being an art, it is the ability to interpret textual and graphical elements and implement them into multiple types of media.  People who study Visual arts in the university, for example, can easily become a designer from their school experience.

In Nigeria, wanting to know how to learn graphic design is the first step. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find graphic designing courses especially if you were not in the Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts in the University.  Some personal experiences even account for stories of graphic designers being too busy to even teach design. However, students who are looking to learn this course or participate in graphic design training online and physically can do so with less stress.

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to learn graphic design online. With thousands of online graphic design courses, you can finally start to put your graphic design software to good use. However, while there may be so many graphic design lessons online, you may need a face to face design tutor who can tailor everything to your need and teach you all you need to know on how to become a graphic designer.

Types of Graphic Design For Beginners

Graphic design can be used for so many exciting things. For people looking into choosing a career in graphics, it's necessary to know the different types. There are 4 main types of Graphic Design. They include:

Brand and Logo Identity Design: This type of graphics involves brand identity and logos. Creative designers in this field of design come up with fresh, and powerful visual identities for existing and new brands/organisations, products and services. In terms of graphic design tutorials for beginners, it will require that the graphic design tutor focuses on fonts, colours and logos. Additionally, the graphic design tutor will teach tutorials on letterheads, business cards and every other thing that entails brand or company identity in your graphic design classes.

Packaging Design: Creative designers who have an eye for 3D designs, including the inside and outside of the packaging usually go for packaging design. In this case, the graphic design tutorials for beginners will involve sketches, computer work and constantly testing designs on physical mockups to check all the angles.

Web and Mobile Design: These type of designs require creative designers to design the layout, pages, and graphics for the websites and/or apps. It involves working closely with developers to make sure that the designs are feasible and function properly. In addition to these, creative designers help plan the website's or app's navigation, user experience, and structure.  These are to help create order, continuity and simplicity across all screens or pages. While learning graphic design for beginners, in this case,  you should also learn the basics of coding which will help later in your career.  Professional specialised roles within Web and Mobile Design are user interface design, information architecture and user experience design.

Layout and Print Design: Creative designers who do these type of designs lookout for the perfect balance between text and graphics. They are specialists in creating designs that have an aesthetically pleasing outlook and an easy to read font/interface for books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, posters, and more. Graphic designers in this field take the placement of imagery and the selection of font and typeface seriously especially in cases where they are working with large amounts of text.  In your graphic design class, you should also get familiar with printing processes and production as they are necessary for a great career in this field.

In your graphic design tutorials, one of the requirements is to get designing software. The most common software for a designer is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. A Photoshop designer in Lagos, for instance, can design for magazines, album covers, advertisement agencies, amongst others. Of course, to get to a professional level, you would need time to practise each course and perfect it. This is why getting proper education during your early year is necessary. If you're interested in increasing your skills, there are several ways you can brush it up:

  • Through Free Test Designs: Yes, never stop designing! If it means doing a lot of random free jobs, you should consider it. More than you know it, everyone around you will be willing to give you a task that only your designer education can handle. Additionally, starting with a free or discounted job will help grow your client portfolio and can help you in the long run.
  • Through Paid Internship: Before your internship, you should understand the graphic design basics. During your course study, Adobe tools, and of course, your creative spirit, can help you widen your design knowledge. Internship programs will help with creating deadlines and speeding up your process. So technically, you can still be a student while you earn money.

After your internship, consider opting for an entry-level or junior designer position. If you happen to work at an international digital marketing agency, you will need to interpret briefs, create compelling logos, and generally, bring out the best interpretation of whatever brief you'll be working with.

Getting The Right Graphic Design Tutor In Nigeria

To become the best graphic designer, it's best to gather all the right information. If you're planning on becoming an entry-level design expert in less than a year, a good teacher can help you achieve that.

If you studied fine/visual arts at the university, you would realise that it can be quite difficult. This is probably why students tend to study a lot more and search for international students who they can liaise with to improve their creative level. It is also no wonder why a student looks out for private tutors who can train them to international standards.

Furthermore, bagging a degree in this course/field can open a lot of opportunities. Of course, to gain entry into the opportunities that abound, require more than just degree experience. You should also have acquired a little work experience.

Tutoring websites like Superprof do not only offer academic or language courses like English, but they also offer quality services in graphic design for Students who are interested in getting a private tutor.  As a student, you get to see the profile of your intended graphic tutor. In cases where you have questions or concerns, you can get entry into a wide range of reviews made by past students of the teacher.

Additionally, 95% of graphic tutors in Superprof offer their first hour of lesson for free. Since your classes will be individualized, you're sure to get the best experience.  Your teacher will create the time needed to make your learning experience great. While it may take time, learning graphic designs can bring you better opportunities and even bigger pay in your career.

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