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The average price of Fashion Design  lessons is ‎₦2778.

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Take fashion design classes and improve your sewing skills with the help of fashion designers near you

Why do you need to take a fashion designing course?

The art of fashion designing is gaining new momentum every single day and the fashion industry is already turning out to be one of the most lucrative in Nigeria. More and more students are enrolling for fashion design classes because they have seen the need to learn the art.


In time past, taking a sewing tutorial was seen as a woman's business and only women were strictly into it. Nowadays, taking sewing lessons has nothing to do with gender or age - both male and female, young and old are going into the business and there is space to accommodate as many as are interested in learning how to sew.


It is now very easy to find a fashion school in Nigeria because clothing is one of the human necessities that can't be ignored. Everyone wants to look good on their dress and it is the duty of fashion designers to make a perfectly sewn garment for a person.


Even with the current situation of lack of work in Nigeria, most fashion designers that are good in their business are making a good living out of their businesses. If you are creative and passionate about fashion design, attending a fashion academy or getting a private sewing instructor to teach you the skills in tailoring would be a great asset for you in this present time. Assuming you are not interested in making fashion designing a source of income, nothing still stops you from getting fashion design training because you can use the skills to sew for your friends and family.


Generally, as a Nigerian, there is a need for anyone to have at least a new skill at hand. There are limited jobs available in the country and the surest way of getting engaged with a job in Nigeria is by doing something with your skills. If you can attend sewing classes and study hard to become one of the best designers in your area, there is much more to be made in terms of money because people will be willing to patronize your business.

Taking fashion design tutorials in Nigeria

Sewing courses are not limited to anybody or location. Whether you are in Lagos State or any State in Nigeria, you can decide to take a fashion design course from a reputable fashion school. If what you want is sewing for beginners or sewing lessons for adults, there are fashion design tutors available to take students through the training. For fashion design for beginners, things like pattern drafting or pattern drawing, introduction to the basics of sewing, fashion illustration, etc. are part of the things you will learn. Tailoring classes for beginners are the most common type of training available because more and more people are going into fashion and textile designing every day.


For tailoring for beginners, it usually takes from 3 months to 12 months to completely master the skills and gain a level of experience. While fashion design sounds easy to learn, you must put in the effort and put your creative skills into work if you really want to be more than the average designer we have in the country. After taking sewing lessons for beginners, you can then move to more complex courses that will prepare you to become a professional. The good thing about sewing lessons for beginners is that once you master the basics, your creativity will do most of the job for you.

Where to take fashion tutorials in Nigeria?

There are different places for students to study a fashion design course in Nigeria. If you live in Lagos State or any other city in the country, you can find a fashion school near you that offer sewing courses for beginners. Most of these fashion schools give fashion tutorials to students of all age group. You can also get a fashion design tutorial from a private fashion design tutor where you will be taught fashion and textile design, pattern drawing, fashion illustration, and how to sew a dress.


Moreover, if your desire is to attend a university to get a degree in fashion and textile designing, universities such as the University of Abuja is one of the few schools that offer the course. Other colleges for tailoring classes include Auchi Polytechnic, Ibadan Polytechnic, etc. With a university degree in fashion and textile pattern, you can decide to further your education to become an instructor in an educational academy.


Aside from attending a fashion academy or university, technology has made it possible to take an online fashion designing course. You can get free online sewing tutorials from sewing blogs and videos on Youtube that will prepare to become a fashion designer. There are also websites that allow students to subscribe to fashion design classes online where they will be taught by professional tutors. However, most of the free online tailoring classes from blogs and Youtube may not contain everything you need to become a successful designer.


Whether it is a fashion institute you want to attend, a university, or online fashion courses, what really matters most is your dedication to your study and fashion project.

Superprof has the best tutors for fashion design tutorials for beginners and intermediate designers

Superprof has a list of instructors that have great techniques in passing information at an international level. With Superprof, you can learn to sew online by employing the services of a tutor on our platform. The sewing instructors on Superprof have a level of experience that can rival any professional designer. If you want a fashion designing tutorial for beginners, you will be taking through a tailoring course that covers everything you need to know.


With Superprof, You can learn from the comfort of your home by taking fashion classes online via webcam or get a private teacher for your sewing courses. About 98% of the tutors on Superprof offer their first one hour of lesson for free, which is why most students like to take their on-site or online fashion designing class on Superprof.

Whether tailoring courses online or a private sewing class, Superprof has what it takes to groom you into the fashion industry. Make use of the technology we enjoy today, contact a tutor on Superprof and start your sewing class online and become one of the best in the clothing industry.

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