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Why take Economics Lessons?

Economics is a subject that is taught in all secondary schools in Nigeria both at the private, public, federal and state levels. Economics degree courses are taught in most universities in Nigeria whether private, state or federal. There are different types of economics classes and courses such as agricultural economics course, socio-economic class, development economic courses, financial economics course, macro economics class and the list goes on and on. If you are having difficulties in any aspect of your economics classes, you should get an economics tutor to help you so that the learning process can be easy.


Learning economics will enable you to understand the monetary and financial aspect of an economy, management of a business, the financial aspect of a business, monetary policy, international relations on a financial and management level, businesses, markets and governments. You can always do your research on the various aspect of economics and decide which you might want to focus on after your education. You can decide to study take economics courses online or take economics degree courses or economics professional courses in the four walls of a university at the private, state or federal ones near you.

Economics Courses At The University Level In Nigeria

There are several private, state and federal universities in Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja or any state in Nigeria you can study economics. Depending on which state you are located in, you can choose any of the universities that the course is being offered as a degree. You can do your research for more information on admission requirements by checking the website of whichever of the universities you are interested in getting your degree.


Many students after their secondary school education can decide to get a bachelor of science in Economics. What will be learnt will be a broader version of what was taught at the secondary school level of education. Of course, to study economics, you must have at least a credit in mathematics, English and economics. The programme at the university level in Nigeria is usually four years. There are also two-semester in a year. After you complete your degree, you will be given a certificate in bachelor of science in Economics.


Economics course is a department usually under the faculty of social sciences. In the first year of your studies, you would most likely be taught introductory courses like introduction to economics, statistics, management, microeconomic theory, introduction to international economics, economic analysis and policy, financial accounting, monetary economics, financial economics, business finance and the list goes on and on depending on your school.


Several students in another department and faculty can also take economics classes as an elective course. For example, Business management students usually take statistics and economics classes and it is usually a 3 units course. The short form for economics in Nigerian universities is ECO. Units courses with ECO most likely has something to do with economics and when you see something like EDU, it means education. Each department at every level has abbreviations for their courses and the number of units they carry.

Economics Courses Online

Several universities all over the world have online economic courses. There are even several economic professional courses you can even decide to take online, outside the four walls of a school. All you have to do is to research the list of economics courses online offered by the school or university you are interested in getting your degree. Due to the recent development and impact of the pandemic, many established universities and schools are now offering online courses to avoid the widespread of the virus. You can decide to have a bachelor of science or postgraduate degree in an economics course online.


Just visit the website of the school you are interested in to get a list of their requirements especially if you are an international student, policy, the number of years to complete the course and programme, the number of students being admitted, the management of the school, where the school is located, other courses offered in case you want to change courses along the way and the list goes on and on depending on what your research is all about.

Get Economics Teachers On Superprof

Superprof is the best tutoring platform in Nigeria where you can get teachers to come to teach any subject at the comfort of your home or online. You can get teachers to teach you subjects like mathematics, management, business analysis, international relations, research and development, science, economics monetary policy, statistics, social studies and the list goes on and on. You can always check our website at www.superprof.ng for more information on the list of lessons being offered by the various teachers.


You can get any of our economics teachers to take your agricultural economics course, socio-economic class, development economic courses, financial economics course, macroeconomics class and so on. Each teacher has a profile where you can view their level of education: their degree or any programme they have completed, state they are located if they take private classes online or they can come to teach you at home or are available to travel wherever you are located, course or courses they teach, the monetary value you will pay by the hour, reviews left by other students and so on. If the information you want is not on their list of achievements, you can contact them to get a complete overview of want you want to know.


You can get our tutors to teach you from anywhere, whether you are living in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja or any part of Nigeria or outside the country. Once you have seen an economics teacher you like, you can contact them. 98% of the tutors on the platform offer the first hour of the lesson for free. Ensure you get complete information on your choice of teacher before paying and starting a class with your economics teacher.

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