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💰What is the average price of Civil law lessons?
The average price of Civil law  lessons is ‎₦2717.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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On Superprof, many of our Civil law tutors offer online tuition.

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3399 tutors are currently available to give Civil law lessons near you.

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From a sample of 511  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Discover The Best Private Law Tutors For Your Law Classes

To learn law courses in Nigeria, you have to be very invested. For one, law studies or law education will demand a lot of time from you. Technically, you will be spending an average of five years before you can bag your LLB law degree and one year before getting your LLM degree.

Till date, a lot of young students in Nigeria are looking to become lawyers and getting an LLM. We can all agree that legal education is a prestigious one and taking private lessons while learning your law courses will increase your capacity to succeed.

Technically, the legal field is very important in all parts of the world. It is evident in governance, business and health sectors, international and financing sectors. It is an all-encompassing field; there are varying types of law available for every field.  It is also from Law that we create any policy that can be used in governance.

Be it criminal law, business law and other types of law courses, getting a private law teacher is an advantage that can aid your law practice in the long run.

How To Navigate Online Law Courses in Nigeria

Indeed, legal courses can be quite intense. For instance, company law tutorials and commercial law tutorials can have a lot of subsections.  Your law lessons will definitely require that you study and research a lot.  Just as you have university law courses

If you intend to take online law courses, there are so many things you should do reviews on before proceeding:

  • With a wealth of resources online, it's easy to get lost. As we all know, under the law courses list, several branches exist within one law course. Whether you're taking online law classes to learn newer things as a university student, or you need the information to help with your studies, you must narrow down your search to the exact content you need.
  • Your online lesson can also serve as a complement to your law school lessons. Unless the online courses under Law have dedicated law teachers or are hosted by an approved law school, you should narrow your mind that your law tutorials are complimentary.
  • While several law teachers can take legal lessons, you must find out reviews about them. A lot of past students tend to have reviews about the teachers they were studying law with. Student reviews will help you decide whether to work with a teacher and if their tutoring profile is in sync with yours.
  • In school, your business law courses, criminal law courses and other courses for law students are a lot more extended. Your virtual LLB course for instance may take a maximum limit of an hour. After you study law online, you must take the time to review your lesson.

Students who want to learn law online must ensure that their law subjects are being taught by available competent instructors. Only then can you be certain of a good lesson.

Why It's Important To Take Law Tutorials With Superprof

Certain law subjects like international law, corporate law or business law are an integral part in policy-making of a company and the governance of a country. As a student who is interested in how to create a policy through Law, you must take a lesson outside of your university classes.

While several tutoring sites exist in your local areas in Nigeria, you need to ensure that you're working with certified ones. Even though corporate law, business law or international law, for instance, is important in Financing, foreign affairs and policymaking, it can be quite hazardous to learn with law tutors who do not offer the best form of teachings.

Teachers under Superprof can help you study law subjects such as criminal law, business law, property law, civil law, corporate law, international laws and much more. Students can now access a teacher's profile via the Superprof platform. In a teacher's profile, you can review their educational background as well as reviews made by previous students.

As a Nigerian law student, you must learn how to read books that are relevant to your course of study. During each lesson, your instructor can help you by showing you the best ways to practice what you have read. Technically, away from an article, a journal or other books, your lesson would also involve practising all you have learned through your books.

If you're learning property law, for instance, your instructor can help you practice by asking questions or raising somewhat tricky issues. It is one of the reasons why, as a Nigerian student, you must get an instructor that is in sync with your learning profile or how you learn for each lesson.

With what you have read in your journal, article or any other book, your instructor should also be able to recommend more content that can help you understand certain laws.

Aside from the fact that you can profile your Nigerian instructors when you use the Superprof platform, you can also get a free lesson from 95% of instructors. In essence, not only can you use your free period to profile your instructor but you can also use this window to decide whether they are equipped enough to tutor you.

As a guide, here are things you should look out for in a competent Superprof instructor:

  • Do they have a wealth of resources? This is more than just reading a book or a journal. An instructor with a good profile must be able to raise likely issues that even if foreign, will help increase your learning state.
  • Their method of teaching must match your profile. You don't want to work with an instructor who's good at teaching company law when the type of law you intend to practice focuses more on financing issues.
  • Their level of education is necessary. When checking your intending instructor's profile, you must ensure that your local instructor is in a higher state of education than you are.

Whether you're interested in laws that cover financing, or property law, taking a private class is necessary for great success.

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