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💰What is the average price of Brazilian Portuguese lessons?
The average price of Brazilian Portuguese  lessons is ‎₦3561.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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2522 tutors are currently available to give Brazilian Portuguese lessons near you.

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From a sample of 814  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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What are the benefits of a Portuguese course for foreigners?

Learning a foreign language is something we should crave because it helps us to appreciate the beauty of life. Apart from popular languages such as the English Language, French, Spanish, etc., you can decide to get a Brazilian Portuguese tutor to teach you Portuguese. Is the Brazilian Portuguese different from the one spoken in Africa, Portugal, and other European countries? Not really, but there are a few differences in some spellings. It's just like comparing British English to American English. So, whether you are planning on taking Portugal Portuguese lessons or Brazilian Portuguese, you should be fine when you visit any Portuguese-speaking country.


Portuguese is widely spoken in some countries in Africa, Europe, and Brazil. If you decide to attend a university in any of the Portugues-speaking countries, knowing at least the basics of the language will help you have a wonderful time there. As for vacation, you can find good Islands in the Portuguese territory where you can spend some quality time with your family. Taking Portuguese language lessons is not limited to adults alone. You can introduce your kids to Portuguese language lessons at an early age to help them understand a foreign language. Most schools are beginning to teach students at least one foreign language because it will be useful to them in the future.


Whether you are looking for Portugal Portuguese lessons, Brazilian Portuguese classes online, or any form of learning, there are different places in Nigeria to receive a Portuguese course for foreigners. After your Portuguese language course, you can decide to use your skills for translation jobs. You can get translation jobs in embassies or register with an online marketplace like Upwork.

Be it a Portugal language course, French course, Spanish course, or any other foreign language course, there is always a special feeling you get knowing how to speak an additional language.

Where to get a Brazilian Portuguese tutor for a Portuguese course for foreigners in Nigeria?

if you live in Nigeria and are interested in either Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese classes, there are different ways to start your Portugal language course. The truth is, there is not much difference between Brazilian and European Portuguese. Once you are able to take beginner Portuguese lessons and master the vocabulary, you should be fine speaking any dialect of Portuguese. To start your beginner Portuguese lessons or an intensive Portuguese course, you can locate a language school in your area. Some of the common languages learned in language schools include the English language, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. These schools have professional Portuguese language tutors to teach you basic things such as spoken words, writing, and vocabulary.


If you want to pursue an education career in languages, you can decide to attend a university for an intensive Portuguese course. To study Portuguese in a university, you will need to be an art student and you must meet the requirements needed for admission. After your first degree, you can study up to the Ph.D. level to become an expert in the language. You can work in an education setting or in foreign mission stations such as United Nations offices, Embassies, etc. There are also great opportunities in translation.


If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese in a more exciting way, you can get a private tutor for your Portuguese classes for beginners or European Portuguese classes for professionals. Whether you want a Portuguese language course online or home tutoring Portuguese classes for beginners you can easily find a private tutor for your learning program. To get a European Portuguese tutor for either Portuguese online learning or face-to-face learning experience, simply use Google to make your research. Search for phrases like Portuguese language course online, Portuguese online learning, Portuguese language classes in Nigeria, Portuguese language online course, online Portuguese classes, Portuguese tutors online, European Portuguese tutor online, etc.


To save you stress, you can find professional Portuguese tutors online by using the Superprof platform. Every day, hundreds of students in Nigeria and other countries use Superprof to find tutors with years of experience. Whether you want your Portuguese lessons online or want your Portuguese language classes via home tutoring, our tutors are always ready to help you enhance your skills.

Use Superprof Portuguese tutors for your online Portuguese classes or home tutoring in Nigeria

Whether you live in the south or north of Nigeria and would like to develop your skills in the Portuguese language, we have tutors with years of experience ready to offer you amazing teaching. Every tutor on Superprof was handpicked to ensure that students get the best. If you want your Portuguese classes online or want a tutor to come to your home for home lessons, you will get your wish on our platform.


As a new student, it is likely to enjoy the first hour of any lessons for free. The free lesson is for the assessment of the teacher to see if he has what it takes to teach you. After the assessment and you are cool with the free lesson, you can go ahead and subscribe for your Brazilian Portuguese courses or any other new course you wish to learn. Whether you are interested in learning the spoken words or vocabulary in Portuguese, our teachers will give you everything to become successful with the language. Apart from the Portuguese language, you can also learn any subject of your choice. You can learn the English language, French, Spanish, mathematics, information technology, or any subject you wish to learn.


Learning a foreign language such as Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese can make life more interesting for you. If you decide to travel to Brazil or any of the islands within the territory of Portugal, your Portuguese language skills would be useful to you. Every day, more people are learning new things to make life more pleasurable for them. Start your courses today and enjoy all the benefits that come with them.

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