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💰What is the average price of Arabic lessons?
The average price of Arabic  lessons is ‎₦2854.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

  • The experience of your teacher
  • The location of your lessons (at home, online, or an outside location)
  • the duration and frequency of your lessons

97% of teachers offer their first lesson for free.

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On Superprof, many of our Arabic tutors offer online tuition.

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4242 tutors are currently available to give Arabic lessons near you.

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From a sample of 901  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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I'm in Nigeria, why take Arabic lessons?

Ever heard that the World has become a global village? With advances in transportation and the rise in trans-continental media, individuals, companies, and governments can now interact, trade, collaborate, and learn across countries and continents. 


With this reality, learning Arabic presents you with many opportunities. As the fifth most spoken language in the world, you get the chance to meaningfully interact with 274 million people who speak the language. 


This means that for whatever you do, you can grow an international audience and increase your business opportunities. Apart from the many health and mental benefits that are in learning a new language, learning to make Arabic conversations means that you can get a job or build a career in an Arabic-speaking country, connect with the rich Arabic history and civilisation, and enjoy a vacation in any Arabic-speaking country.


Once you find the right Arabic tutor, your Arabic lessons become fun and easily comprehensible. An Arabic course may include games and flashcards designed to assist you to understand faster and easier with the right dose of fun. 


The choice to study Arabic online or with a private Arabic tutor is yours. Both options are effective. Superprof parades a number of expert Arabic tutors who offer online Arabic classes via webcam and face to face lessons at home. You do not need to bother typing 'Arabic courses near me' or 'Arabic classes near me' on Google if you want a private tutor. You only need to input your location on Superprof and ta-da! You will find an inexhaustible list of tutors available for Arabic teaching.

How Can Taking Arabic Classes Help My Career?

Before reading how learning the Arabic language can help your career, know this; Studies have shown that speaking multiple languages (multilingualism) have a plethora of benefits. Notable amongst them are:

  • Multilingualism can aid in faster stroke recovery.
  • Speaking more than one language can delay the onset of dementia in old age.
  • It boosts brainpower and aids mental strength.


Are you smiling already? Coupled with the general benefits of taking up a new language, learning the Arabic language has its peculiar charms. Consider these benefits as a Nigerian who wants to learn a new tongue.

  • Stand out: Being proficient in Arabic can give you the edge in a competitive job bid. You carry an international aura and employers love it.
  • Freelancing: Bi and Multi-linguists often work as freelancers. You can work flexibly translating documents, as a private interpreter, or a customer care representative.
  • Job security: Since you have many job options as a bilinguist, you will have better job security and can explore opportunities in any Arabic-speaking country.

Between Studying Arabic Literature and Finding a Tutor

Perhaps you have started reading books on the Arabic language for beginners. Trust me, it can be tedious and less effective. Apart from the fact that the books will not be able to answer any question you may have after reading, they may also be lacking language updates and hacks that a tutor will help you with. For instance, a book on learning Arabic may read: A teacher in Arabic means Mu'allimun. It takes a tutor to understand that the "a" in the word doesn't sound like the "a" in Apple. In fact, there is no equivalent sound in the English language.


More so, one key trick to learning languages is practice. While taking on a new language, it is important to have a partner with whom you will converse and revise. Reading DIY books on Arabic to substitute tutor-led classes in Arabic will not make your practice easy. A tutor will speak with you, correct you, and determine the best methods for you to learn.

Arabic Language Lesson in Nigeria

The first Arabic lesson for beginners mostly focuses on identifying and recognising the 28 alphabets of the Arabic language. That's the foundation for other things to be learnt. Learning the 28 Arabic alphabets is not so difficult because they are rhythmic. The only challenge will be getting familiar with strange sounds and pronunciations. But that's also the fun.

For intermediate learners, the rudiments of Arabic grammar become the centre of focus. Nahw (Syntax) and Sarf (Morphology) which form the structure of sentences in Arabic are learnt and mastered. You will become more confident at creating new sentences, having basic conversations, and writing personal compositions. 

Experienced learners who desire mastery of the Arabic language often take online Arabic courses including topics on creating Arabic conversations for business and special purposes, Arabic literature, vocabulary development, e.t.c.

But what if there is a one-stop centre to get whatever you need no matter your level?

Interested in Finding an Arabic Tutor? Explore Superprof 

There are many people who teach the Arabic language. Whether you are in Abuja state or Lagos state, Kano or Ibadan, you may comb your streets and find someone who will say he or she teaches the Arabic language. However, if you want to choose from top professional Arabic tutors profiles with student-centric pedagogy, Superprof is your best shot.

Superprof provides you with skilled tutors who are willing to work to suit your need, time, and budget. 

1596 expert Arabic tutors with reviews on the platform are ready to take your Arabic language study to the next level. Selecting an Arabic tutor on Superprof gives you the freedom to choose the best time your schedule can permit, the best tutor based on your assessment, and control your pace of learning. Also, 95% of our teachers offer their first lesson free, which helps to assess the teacher. 

Whether you need an Arabic tutor to help with your homework or you plan to study in an Arabic-speaking country and need help learning the language beforehand or you just like the fascination of the language and would love to learn it, Superprof tutors are poised to assist you on your language journey and raise your proficiency.

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