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Dorcas - Prof handwriting - Ijebu ode


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English student teaching students up to Junior Secondary School 3 in Ijebu Ode

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    • At Dorcas's house: Ijebu ode

    • At your home : will travel up to 10 km

About Dorcas

I am an English student and I started teaching students from the beginning of the year 2019, I have taught six students and so far, they have been increasing intellectually.

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    National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE)


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    Bar Professional Training Course


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My teaching method is to always test the mental capacity of the student and devise ways of teaching the student in a way that the student will not only be learning but also having fun.
A lot more of student are not interested in learning but once there is fun,they become more interested.
My name is Payne Dorcas Erioluwanimi, I am studying English language at Tai solarin University of education,but I started teaching immediately to finished my secondary school education as my mum owns a school.

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  • ₦5000

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