Computers have been introduced everywhere in the last few decades, they are used in every conceivable way to advance our work. Computers help us do so many things, we edit pictures, make videos, send files and receive them with a computer.

Any information that we find useful is within the reach of a computer system. That is why people are trooping-in to start computer training in Nigeria. It is a useful skill that one must possess in this 21st century.

Whether you just want to learn computer basics, something to allow you to be skillful enough to interpret and understand computer data, or maybe you want to learn programming, which is by degrees a more advanced level of computing, or perhaps you want to learn something more specific, like a certain digital skill such as video editing or AutoCAD for architectural designs.

It’s all up to you, if you have a target or goal in mind, there are computer lessons and computer tutors who are well-versed in those areas of computer science and that offer IT courses for people just like you.

But these classes come at a price, we mean you literally have to pay for the computer lessons and classes, but investing in yourself is worth every penny because you will be a hot cake in this 21st century.

So, how much does computer training cost in Nigeria? What kind of tutors are there? Well, read on to find out.

Computer training is also about learning about the parts of a computer.
The basics of computer training include learning how to use the mouse and keyboard. Source:

Important Facts About Private IT Courses In Nigeria

We just found that IT courses are among the top 25 subjects/interests on Superprof that people take tutorials for, which is in a list of more than 500 others.

People consistently sought training in Information Technology courses, simply because they need to gain the skills necessary to survive in today’s world.

Nigeria, for all its size and grandeur, doesn’t have adequate Information Technology facilities, be it in schools or hospitals or government offices and so on. But luckily there has been a boost in interest in developing the IT infrastructures in Nigeria.

The interest in gaining from the Information Technology sector took Nigeria by storm that the ICT sector got up to a $50 million boost from development banks from around the world over a period of 5 years.

Hence, more Nigerians are taking IT courses to make sure they rip the benefits of being skilled in the use of computers. The need for computer tuition has increased dramatically thanks to this recent interest in learning about computers.

And there is not one single region in Nigeria where the number of students isn’t increasing. Superprof has thousands of computer tutors, each teaching a different subject of computing. Whether you want teachers who know Visual Basic, or JavaScript or those who will teach you how to build a website, they can all be found here on Superprof.

All in all, there are about 2 million tutors on Superprof, and with IT being among the top 25 it is easy to see that a considerable number of the tutors teach computer and Information Technology courses.

The Nigerian government is taking IT training seriously.
The Nigerian government is taking IT courses seriously. Source:

The tutors are from all over the world, China, Germany, France, America, UK, etc., you can take online lessons with them through webcam, you should know that it is cheaper and sometimes easier to learn through online lessons. Besides, it pays to learn from tutors in these advanced countries, you are sure to come out with some positive experience from their advancement.

The Cost Of Computer Training

We found that the cost of private IT tutorials depends largely on how difficult the course would be, the more difficult a computer course the more expensive it is.

It makes sense, learning a few keystrokes on a keyboard isn’t going to cost you a lot of money, but if you want to learn something as daring as C++ or JAVA, then you would find the price suitably high for such a course.

In the basic computer training you will most likely be taught things like;

  • An introduction to computer, that’s a fundamental start for any beginner.
  • You will be taught how to use the operating system, and learn ordinary actions such as opening files, closing them, and opening programs.
  • You will also be taught how to use the keyboard and mouse and other components of the computer.
  • You will receive training for the use of common applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe programs, VLC, PowerPoint, etc.
  • And finally, how to use the internet.

Basic computer courses range anywhere between ₦15,000 to ₦30,000, those are the common prices in computer learning centers, also known as computer schools.

Some of the computer schools are often organized by tech hubs or tech start-ups, they organize them regularly or every once in a while. Usually, you will hear about the classes from their Instagram and other social pages.

At Superprof, you can get individual computer teachers for a one-on-one session for about ₦2,000 hourly.

The prices increase if you want to go into more advanced IT courses like learning to code, or cybersecurity, 3D animations, so on and so forth. Those can cost about ₦30,000-₦40,000 Naira per lesson in a computer school.

Best IT Courses To Join

The most common IT courses that generate a lot of buzz are high-paying and are in high demand, there are about a dozen of them or so. Students that want to specialize often go for computer programming, becoming a programmer is highly lucrative and a good course if you love inventing new codes.

People or rather businesses always need them, so they hire them and pay the high amounts to get the job done. Web developers are also a catch in this industry, everyone needs a website, and web developers are just what you need to get one up and running.

Web developers are paid up to ₦200,000 Naira for a single website, and that is just for simple sites where there are about 3-4 pages, a few code snippets, some plugins, and a few other things, not super-big websites, the cost for those is in the millions of Naira.

You can start taking web courses anytime you like from any place of your choice as there are thousands of good courses online that you can watch and learn from, some are even free. Video lessons with detailed explanations about web development.

With most businesses making the leap to becoming IT-based, someone needs to maintain their websites and apps and systems and networks, IT technicians deal with the maintenance of the websites and other development stuff.

They have a knowledge of computers that is useful to the businesses so they are hired to do just that, to look after the systems. And if you have a background in cyber-security you can throw that into the mix.

It is an IT course unlike any other, highly valued because security needs to be taken seriously online, stolen data of customers and users cause a lot of damages to a business and personal lives.

You can learn to use the software for 3D animations. during your computer lessons.
You can learn how to use the software for 3D animations during your computer training. Source:

The salaries associated with IT jobs are mostly within the ₦190,000 benchmark. That is the average salary of IT workers in Nigeria. Some of the more famous ones are as follows;

  • Software developers are paid around ₦170,000 to ₦320,000 monthly as starting salaries by startups and companies alike. But being associated with the tech giants such as Yahoo, Google or Amazon means even bigger pay, usually in the million Naira category each month.
  • Data Analysts are paid around ₦190,000.
  • An Information Technology Administrator's salary is about ₦150,000 to ₦300,000, their job is to handle any IT issues and serve as the face and overall managers of the IT department.
  • Then there are programmers, their salaries depend on the type of programming language they are using. Usually, the more need for a language the more pay for the programmer, Java is the most widely used program, followed closely by Java programmers are paid ₦179,000 on average, while that of Python programmers is about ₦150,000.

If you feel you have sufficient knowledge and are an expert on any IT course you can begin training people on the use of computers and on IT courses, making a living off of teaching.

People will always need help to learn how to use their computing devices for work and other purposes, they may need basic IT training or help with updating and managing their systems and software.

If you are an IT expert, you can always step in to help.

What Is The Cost Of Programming Courses In Nigeria?

As you may imagine, the prices vary, by location, by the type of language itself, by the experience of the tutor or school, and whether it is an online course or a face-to-face computer lesson.

Our prices are mostly estimates of what to expect, tutors can charge more or less, especially since programming languages differ a lot from one to the other. Some, however, are similar, like in the case of C and C++, one is just a derivative of the other, and you can expect to pay ₦3,000 for a beginner course.

In fact, for all the other programming languages too, expect to pay about ₦3,000 on average for the basics of each of the programming courses in Nigeria. But once you go deeper and choose a specific topic, then the price will be different, it will go up.

For learning Java, it’s around ₦7,000 per hour. For Python and C languages, its hourly rate is about ₦5,000. For online courses from popular websites like Udemy, you should expect to pay $12 for the beginner courses of any type of Programming language (about 4,000 Nigerian Naira).

Some of the languages are quite rare, so you may find that only a handful of people that teach them, like the programming languages used for robotics, they are rare, which means more expensive to learn, about ₦10,000-₦15,000 per lesson. But like we said, the cost of learning programming is dependent on many factors, and you may only find out accurate costs from experience.

If you need to start taking IT lessons as a student in Nigeria, here's what you need to know? And in this post, are the essential tools you need to start taking the lessons.

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