In the last century or so, Information Technology has become like a currency to our economy. So much indeed that our banking systems rely on computers to avail encoded money transfers, collect customer data, and so on.

Today in Nigeria, our schooling and education, our businesses, and many jobs, all rely heavily on the abilities of a computer. Its efficiency and reliability save us time and energy. And everyone’s taking IT courses to come up to speed with this development.

You will notice in our schools, most of the registration is done online, you retrieve the payment slip or remita online, you fill the form online, and you download your exams timetable and syllabus online. Prior to education in Information Technology, all of this is done manually.

JAMB conducts its entire exam online, with the Computer-Based Test (CBT). If we weren't advanced enough to apply IT in JAMB, it would have been difficult for us to compete in the world today.

In Nigeria, there are schools, tuition centers, startup hubs and private computer tutors offering IT training and lessons for students or anyone who wants to take IT courses, and they are available in their thousands if not hundreds of thousands, they help learners obtain IT skills.

In a digital age, this is necessary. So, what tools do you need to start taking IT lessons in Nigeria, and where do you even find an IT lesson teacher? And more importantly, how much does IT training cost?

All questions you will find answers to in this post. This is a complete guide to learning about Information Technology in Nigeria, from those wanting to learn a few programming languages, perhaps C++ or Python, to those who want to learn cloud computing or networking and so on, Superprof has got you covered. IT courses made it possible to advance beyond manual labour. Everything used to be manual before computers. Source:

What Tools Do You Need To Start Taking IT Lessons

Before anything kicks-off, you will need a nice set of equipment to start taking your IT courses. Choosing your computer hardware is paramount to your success in the lessons.

As the saying goes, “the farmer cannot go to the farm without his tools”

Below is a list of some of the most important tools for taking IT courses.

  • Computer

It is the number one on the list, you will need either a laptop or a desktop computer to begin taking IT courses. You have a lot of options, each has different functions and different abilities.

You should look at the specs and consider how you are going to use it, a laptop is versatile, can be taken anywhere, whereas a desktop computer may have more power but it cannot be moved about. The operating system on the computer is just as important, consider your options carefully between a Mac or a Windows computer, in some cases, you might even be needing a Linux OS, it is popular with programmers.

  • Application Software

You will need programs to run on the computer system, in fact, most of what you will be learning will be a lesson on one software or the other.

Your design projects and Excel business sheets can only be possible if you have the right software to work with, Photoshop/Illustrator can lend you the ability to edit photos while Excel can lend you the ability to look through and edit those business sheets of yours.

A major component of an IT training course is to obtain the skills to use a computer, and to do that, you will need to know how to use a number of software applications. Therefore, software applications are a necessary addition to the tools you will need.

  • A Webcam, Mouse And Keyboard

A good quality webcam will enable you to take computer lessons online, it is convenient, you can receive all your IT lessons via Skype.

Some of the tutors offer their lessons in this manner, they explain to you the Information Technology concepts, the individual topics and other subject matters regarding IT and the sector of IT you are taking. You can even have classwork, by sending files back and forth between yourselves. You can find plenty of such tutors on Superprof.

The other components of the computer are also essential in the learning process, a mouse, a keyboard, a USB Flash storage, some transfer cables, and so on. If you are using a desktop you don’t really have a choice, you will need the mouse and keyboard to operate it.

For a laptop, you should still consider getting an external mouse and keyboard, it makes your work a lot easier. You will need applications to start taking computer lessons. You will need applications for a computer to function properly. Source:

  • Get An Office Suite

Office Suite is the name given to a set of programs that deal with documents. You may have heard of Microsoft office, its package includes MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and some others. You will have to subscribe to the package.

Most new computers come with an office suite program already installed. You have until a year before the license for the program expires. Then you can renew the license.

  • The Internet

It goes without saying that the Internet is an integral part of Information Technology. One of the most basic parts of your IT training will be on the internet.

You will be taught using the internet, be shown which websites to go to for information regarding a topic you are studying.

There are websites for online IT courses such as Udemy, and also websites you can find computer tutors in Nigeria, such as Superprof. And to point out the obvious, the internet is instrumental in taking IT courses through webcam.

The Cost Of IT Training In Nigeria

The estimated cost of computer lessons in Nigeria is usually according to the type of IT course you want to take. Basic beginner courses often cost around ₦1,500-₦3,000 hourly per lesson.

But for advanced IT lessons, such as those who want to learn a programming language for example, their price is a bit higher, and that too depends on which programming language it is. The popular ones seem to be the most expensive, JAVA and Python classes start at ₦6,000-₦7,000 hourly. Otherwise, you can get the others (or the less popular programming languages) at ₦5,000 per hour.

And in the case of a classroom or group lesson such as it is arranged in Computer Schools, the price IT training in Nigeria can range from ₦15,000 to ₦40,000 per class, and in some cases ₦50,000 upwards in the uppity side of town.

How To Find An IT Tutor In Nigeria

The popularity of private tuition has grown over the years, and everyone’s looking to find an IT instructor to help them improve their skills and knowledge of information technology.

You can search for computer tutors online
You can search for IT tutors online. Source:

Finding tutors who will take you IT courses are not difficult to find, simply look them up online. Superprof has thousands of IT tutors ready to assist learners in Nigeria. With us, you will be able to find “IT lesson teachers near me”. Both those who would give a one-on-one lesson at your home and those who give their lessons online through a webcam.

You can also learn a lot from YouTube, watch video tutorials, you will find countless how to instructional videos on YouTube on any topic IT. And besides the learning part, you will find entertaining yet enriching videos about Information Technology and how it is influencing us today, an example of such are documentaries.

You can also join an Open Online Course. There, you can learn any IT course that interests you, they video lectures posted mostly by IT experts and top tier universities. Some of the courses you can find for free, while others you have to pay.

Ways To Practice Your Computer Lessons

If you want to become a computer programming genius, or say an IT expert or to start working as an IT professional, you are going to need a lot more than an IT tutor and weekly computer lessons.

You will have to take the initiative to learn and practice yourself, IT courses rely on how much skill you have, and you can’t have that if you just relax and wait to be told how to do stuff.

You will need to become completely dedicated to learning about your studies, read computer magazines, surround yourself with IT-minded people, and generally, just do anything computing in a way that lets you practice between lessons. Chief among the things you can do is to read books.

There are more books about computers than can fill a stadium, you just got to find and read them. Your tutor can give you a few ideas, they might even recommend a standard textbook you two are going to be using during your lessons.

Many IT blogs after they have posted about a topic, they go on to provide an eBook with a more detailed explanation on the subject. They give you free in exchange for you to give them your email. Amass as many eBooks as possible and begin reading them, most of the eBooks aren’t as big as textbooks, so you should easily digest them.

Along with reading books, join online communities of like-minded people, share, connect and ask questions in online forums and social sites for computing nerds, simply talking to IT experts can do wonders to you. Try it, you will see.

Find more details about the cost of IT training in Nigeria here. 

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