Information Technology is attached to every important aspect of our lives, school, business, tech, administration, you name it, it is woven into the very fabric of our society today. Hence, the need for knowledge of IT courses has increased.

While there are many ways to learn, getting a computer tutor is a wise decision. They can teach you the basics of computer in no time, and if you are a more advanced learner wanting to take programming courses or learn how to code, you can always find someone that can teach you those advanced IT courses.

Students also find private tutors to help them cover their school syllabus for Computer Science, this secondary school subject comes highly recommended by the Nigerian Government and general public alike, this and Information and Communication Technology, the latter being a vocational subject taught at secondary schools.

To help you scale and perform well in those subjects, private computer tutors are your answer. For university students this subject is Info Tech, the higher institution course equivalent to Computer Science/ICT.

Computer lessons in Nigeria are taught through one-on-one private lessons, or in the case of intermediate and advanced learners, they can learn through video tutorials online. Anyone with an internet connection can browse the many IT lessons available online to take at his/her leisure.

To find a computer tutor there are various places you can start looking, we are here to show you how to find a private computer teacher in Nigeria, so sit tight and read on.

Finding A Computer Tutor Online

Technology has made it possible to find hundreds of thousands of classes online that teaches computer science and that cover IT-related courses. You can find them in text or watch them as videos.

However, getting a private tutor will do you good, because there is a level of formality to the whole arrangement it forces you to focus more on what’s at hand and be serious with the lessons, unlike if it were just you taking lessons online on your own.

IT courses in Nigeria include learning to code.
You can learn to code from a computer tutor. Source:

And at the beginner's level, it is most certainly better to have a tutor to show you the ropes at first, and when you are good enough you can go further and subscribe to as many online IT courses as you like.

Finding a computer science teacher in Nigeria is easy enough, simply search the web, and you will be met with thousands of results about private tutors that teach computer lessons in Nigeria.

They are mostly found on tutorial websites, sites dedicated to listing tutors on all sorts of subjects, including Computer Science. With this, you can find computer science tutors near you.

Superprof is one such website, one of the most popular actually, to find a tutor, enter the subject and location in the search bar, and you will see hundreds of computer tutors with different levels of qualifications, offering different IT courses.

You can choose a tutor by the recommendations on their profile, their former and current students leave reviews about the teaching experience they had with them, that should give you an insight on their performance as private teachers.

The tutors have a short description in their profile detailing their teaching methodology and sometimes they add associated subjects they teach. A computer tutor could teach a combination of IT courses like Microsoft Office and troubleshooting, Internet basics and SEO Practices, etc.

You should agree on the time and location of your computer tuition. If you are going to invite the tutor to your house which is mostly the case, you will probably pay for transport, and also, agree on the number of times you are going to meet in a week, it shouldn’t be more than twice or thrice, anything more would be impractical for many, especially working professionals.

All of this would reflect on their prices. The cost of computer lessons is often directly proportional to the degree of difficulty the IT course presents, a lesson in Python can set you back 5-7k Naira whereas a basic computer training won’t cost more than ₦2,000.

You should consider all of these factors before engaging the services of a private tutor for you or your child to study computer science.

Finding Computer Tutorials On YouTube

The Google owned company YouTube is the biggest video sharing website online, its advantage is that it is absolutely free to view videos on YouTube.

It has billions of hours of uploaded content. While many are funny videos and all manner of entertainment, and some the occasional vlogs, a big chunk of the videos are educational, and that is where you will find computer training videos.

You will be able to find videos for all sorts of IT courses on this planet. You will find different tutors teaching many different topics, from programming languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, HTML 5, to computer maintenance and IT courses that will instruct you on topics such as troubleshooting, networking and setting up some hardware components.

Although only a few Nigerians teach IT courses on YouTube, you will still find the various courses taught by foreigners are relevant to what we are being taught at school and relevant as skills useful at the workplace.

YouTube has more than enough videos on IT courses in Nigeria.
YouTube has a lot of videos teaching IT. Source:

Despite entertainment making up most of the videos on YouTube, the number of computer science videos is staggering, but not all of them are quite as good as they would claim, so you will have to identify the good ones and separate them from the foray of videos available online.

You can tell if a tutorial video is good from the number of views on the video, it tells you how popular it is. Videos with millions of views are far better than those with a couple of hundred, they got those low numbers most likely because their content isn’t as engaging and relevant to learners as the one with the millions of views.

The videos with the most number of views on YouTube are mostly the best ones on a particular subject. Especially if you compare the time they were posted and find out one has way more than the other even though they were posted at roughly the same year.

Channels with a tremendous number of subscribers is also a good sign, if their tutorial videos are doing well and giving people the information they need, they will subscribe to the channel to keep learning more.

Some of the types of IT videos you will find on YouTube are as follows;

  • Videos teaching the use of some prevalent computer software applications, examples of software your computer cannot go without include MS Word and Chrome.
  • Videos teaching computer basics, just simple computer literacy courses for those that are probably using a computer for the first time.
  • Computer skills such as editing videos, browsing the Internet and simple task operations.
  • Videos on advanced computer science, they usually have detailed explanations on these type of videos. The lessons are fit for programmers, coders, and IT professionals or top IT students. Videos detailing CSS or HTML fundamentals fall under this category.

Whatever it is that you want to learn, pertaining to skills or knowledge in Information Technology, you will find YouTube tutorial videos about it. If it’s a website you want to build, we are sure there are hundreds of incredible videos out there that you can learn from.

The price of IT lessons in Nigeria are determined by many factors, learn all about them here. 

Finding Computer Science Tutors On Superprof

Getting a tutor on Superprof is quite easy, with a few clicks you can have access to thousands of private computer tutors in Nigeria. Our tutors' expertise varies widely, they come from many different disciplines of IT, and they offer IT courses in these different domains.

You will be able to find IT courses on cryptography, software engineering, software development, computer science for university undergrads, computer science for secondary school students, Info Tech, Python,  Java programming, MySQL, web development, and others.

Some Information technology tutors on Superprof are IT professionals.
Some computer tutors on Superprof are IT professionals. Source:

Remember to go through a tutor's profile before making a decision. The ratings, comments, and reviews are helpful. For those that their schedule won’t allow them to sit through computer classes every two or three days on specific days of the week, remember that many of the computer tutors provide their lessons via webcam.

So, you can simply take online lessons via webcam. It is effective and you can take the lessons at any time of the day you are free.

Taking IT Courses Yourself Via Open Online Courses

Sometimes, prominent universities across the world like the Ivy League universities in the US and Cambridge University in the UK and many more across the world post a series of video lectures online.

They mostly post it on their websites or third party sites where their only objective is to provide video lectures. They are known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). These video courses are meant for distance learning, the video lectures are filmed classes of the actual lectures of these schools, and are usually free.

And you will find that some of the courses are IT courses. So, as long as you have an internet connection where you are, you can view them and learn for free. You will find video lectures from schools such as MIT and Cambridge and so on, some even have a way to let you communicate with the lecturers. To exchange a few notes and questions.

Check out some of the best MOOC websites, Coursera and Udacity. They have thousands of lessons and millions of users each, and they teach some of the best online IT courses available

The Open Online Course is a good way to supplement your regular computer science course and other IT-related courses at school. You will learn more and be more open-minded, and also, learning from some of the best educational centers in the world is just terrific.

A one on one tutor is the best way to focus on areas that need improvement, stay motivated  and be taught according to individual pace and need.

Here is a list of some of the tools you will need to start IT training in Nigeria, and check out this complete guide to IT courses.

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