We live in a world of Information Technology, which was brought about by the widespread use of computers in offices, schools, businesses, factories, medical facilities and so on, they make our lives easier. Computers are machines that we use to process, store and transfer information or data.

You are probably here because you want to learn how to use a computer, for IT related purposes. Being versatile with computers have great advantages in Nigeria. Information Technology is now a staple part of our economic development.

Schools are using computers to take e-exams and are using it for e-learning. Libraries too are equipped with e-learning facilities. Hospitals use computers to store patients’ medical records, and almost all types of businesses need Information Technology to survive nowadays. They need an online presence to advertise and sell their goods and services.

Taking computer classes in Nigeria will help you considerably in business and whatever career you want to pursue. So, computer training is absolutely necessary. But to start you will need some certain tools in place to begin taking computer lessons.

Whether it’s Microsoft Word that you are interested in, or learning computer basics, or how to put together a presentation in Excel, or you want to learn how to code, these tools will be needed if you are to begin taking computer lessons.

Learn computer to use in hospitals.
Medical professionals use technology to store patient records. Source: Unsplash.

Let’s take a look at some of the tools needed for IT training in Nigeria. Listed below are 5 of the most basic ones. And in case you are wondering how much IT lessons cost, click here.

Tools For Learning Computer

You Will Need A Computer

Obviously, it is the first item on the list, you will need a working computer system to learn how to use one. A computer is a machine, and just like any regular machine, you can’t simply learn it theoretically. It’s like driving a car, you have to be in one to know how to drive one. The same goes for computers.

There are several types of computer systems each built with a specific purpose in mind, depending on what you want to use it for, you need to get one that suits your work purpose.

If it’s for learning, ordinary laptops will do the job just fine, but for high-end use such as professional graphic design or film-making, you are going to need a powerful computer to be fast and efficient

And getting the right computer will make your work as stress-free as possible.

Laptops are miniaturized versions of computers that include the mouse, keyboard, screen, and the CPU processor all in one, and because of their portable nature they are quite easy to handle. Best for learning and working on simple projects.

A laptop’s greatest advantage over other computers is its battery life. Depending on the laptop you got and how long you have been using it, the batteries can last for almost 5 hours without recharging. And as Nigerians, we all know how useful this is because of our erratic power supply.

Despite laptops being used mainly for simple IT purposes, there are laptops that you can use for high-end projects, such as gaming PCs and Apple computers.

Desktop computers have a towering CPU and other hardware components all differently connected. It is usually made with higher power meaning you can use them to run really strong programs.

The screens are bigger, making them more suitable for a lot of projects. If you are going to use desktops it is advisable you have a backup power system in the form of an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

There is a big debate going on about whether to use a Mac or a Windows PC. They are both in popular use, and both are appraised by their fans. So, what’s the difference?

Well, the main difference is in the operating system. Regular laptops have Microsoft Windows installed on them, while Apple Computers have the Apple OS. To be frank, Windows is more common so it is probably best to stick to it when learning about computers. Apple computers are best for professionals, and students with deep pockets.

Laptops are used to learn Information Technology.
Laptops are commonly used for learning purposes. Source: Unsplash.com

For your IT training, a computer is essential to the learning process, it is your first tool of learning to become capable in Information Technology. So, when buying a computer you will need to know the specifications of the computers they are the RAM, ROM, screen size, etc.

Application Software

These are the programs that run on the computer. Examples of Software include Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Chrome, Avast Anti-virus, Adobe Reader and Photoshop.

They are the next tools you need for learning computer and taking IT courses. These applications will provide you with usable functions on the computer. For instance, if you want to design a flyer, you can use Adobe Photoshop to do that.

Most of your time taking computer lessons will, for the most part, be about how to use these applications.

You will need them on your PC to start working properly. You will need an Office Suite such as Microsoft's and a Pdf Reader such as Adobe Reader, and an internet browser, it is very important. Preferably more than one.

Google Chrome is a very powerful one. Opera for PC is also quite good, light on the RAM but powerful enough. Firefox can also be a good addition.

You Will Need Internet

An important section of IT is focused on the internet, i.e. connecting to world wide web and learning and using its almost infinite resources.

You will need an internet connection to learn more about computers, and to have access to its millions of websites. This article you are reading is only possible because you connected your phone or laptop to the internet.

To begin, you will need to find an internet provider (i.e. Glo, Airtel, MTN, etc) that has a strong network connection in your area. Learn about their different price options and select the one you wish.

Most of the networks usually all have monthly plans, daily plans and special plans such as social plans for social media. And their prices range considerably. But generally, the more the amount of data you buy the less you pay for it, so a monthly purchase of 1GB data is actually cheaper than buying ₦100 daily-plan each day for the whole month.

Basic Computer Training For Beginners To Coding Lessons

Now, once you have the tools necessary for learning about computers ready and all set up, it’s time to start your computer lessons.

The fastest way to learn the computer is if you let someone teach you, you can start from the basics. In the basic computer training you would be able to learn;

  • About the fundamental parts of a computer, in essence, computer hardware.
  • An introduction to computers, how they work, how to use them. Switching on and off, and so on.
  • How to perform simple tasks such as typing, scanning documents, printing documents, installation of software, etc.
  • Internet basics and surfing the web.
  • And probably a bit of MS-Dos.

You can also salvage some knowledge from YouTube tutorials and online tutorials from other websites.

One of the best websites for Information Technology courses is Khan Academy, you can learn from their numerous online courses teaching computer science, software engineering, programming and other IT related courses.

Or you could join a computer school near you, they have computer tutors ready to teach you all the basics and you can even find special IT courses that are meant for those wanting to learn advanced programming, coding or graphic design in Nigeria.

After completion of the course, computer schools award you with Diplomas in Computer. A very useful addition to your CV.

Superprof can pair you up with the right computer tutor to help you learn more about Information Technology Courses.

Online IT Training Or Face-to-face Computer Tuition, What Type Of Computer Lessons Should I Take?

For those that are just starting, we recommend home tutoring, because it is easier to show you how the computer machine works by pointing things out (physically) and showing you where to click and where to press.

A tutor might say “press control”, that can be a little confusing for a beginner since Control on the keyboard is written as Ctrl. If you are learning face-to-face, it would be easier to show you.

MS Word for learning computer in Nigeria.
An example of a computer application software. Source: Unsplash.com

But for those learning to code, learning programming languages and other advanced IT courses, a computer lesson over Skype is okay. It could even be a better option, less stress and less hassle.

When choosing a tutor for online video lessons try to get someone who is working in the IT sector. Did you know you can get computer tutors for your advanced IT courses in Nigeria here on Superprof? There are tutors offering lessons via webcam.

What you can learn from these computer lessons range from basic training to advanced programming classes to computer maintenance, because it is good to learn how to backup your hard disk yourself or set up a Wi-Fi network in your home, that way, you will save on maintenance plus you will acquire a new skill.

Whatever kind of specialized class you want to take, we are sure Superprof has the appropriate kind of tutor to match! There are professional IT workers on the site, Apple Mac experts, Microsoft certified experts, and so on.

IT Training To Help Your Business Grow In Nigeria

To start a business in Nigeria, you will need at least a small understanding of IT and online marketing, because businesses need to have an online presence to advertise and sell their products.

As a business you will need these; a website, social media handles for promoting the business, a domain name, and content to fill your site with.

In order to do this, you will need to take tutorials on building a website (if you are doing it yourself), and tutorials on Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Wix, you need tutorials on the topics of SEO, and generally on other IT courses related to growing a business online.

Learning them will help you grow your business. You can combine as many IT courses as you think are necessary for you to fulfill your goal, once you have your tools, you are ready to go!

Here's exactly how you can improve your IT skills? Learn more here.

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