"If all the economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion."

For individuals seeking private economics tuition in Nigeria, there is a big and diverse pool of options available now to choose from. But the big question remains, “How Much Does It Cost”?

Most individuals assume that engaging a private economics teacher will cost a lot of money but thankfully, that is not necessarily the case. There is a wide range of economics tutors out there - this makes it easier to find a good and professional economics teacher that is within your budget.

And remember that this can still be achieved without sacrificing quality in the least.

The market for economics lesson teachers is rapidly expanding due to the growing demand for their services. This has made it very easy to find a good economics tutor these days. Most of these economics tutors offer their services in tutoring centres or tutoring companies while others offer private tuition services.

These tutors help to boost their students' performance, mostly for students struggling in understanding some economics concepts or preparing for SSCE, JAMB, or UTME examinations.

Some of the benefits that these tutors can offer you includes

  • The right tips on how to study and pass your examinations
  • Help you to prepare for your external examinations such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB or UTME
  • Give you the needed motivation and encouragement while working on improving your grades
  • Help you to focus on the exam techniques and syllabus

But remember that these tuitions are not free but it is always affordable.

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Things to Look Out For in an Economics Teacher

When searching for a professional economics tutor in Nigeria, there are some basic things one needs to look out for. It’s not compulsory that you will settle for the first tutor you met but the one that suits your learning needs. A good tutor is of great importance for the student since there are expected to help the student to improve their studies.

As a result of these, not every tutor is right for you. When looking for that tutor, ensure that they are experienced and are available always to teach you.

Note that the ideal tutor is expected to be higher than you in academic qualification as it will be counter-productive to have a secondary school student teaching you while you are an undergraduate student. It’s important therefore to check out how qualified the economics teacher is before you book your first appointment with him/her.

Best Price for an Economics Tutor

Getting the best price for an economics tutor is dependent on different factors. It doesn't matter how experienced and good a tutor is if you cannot afford their services. That’s why it’s good to set a budget and streamline your search to that budget.

Here are some of the things to bear in mind while budgeting for an economics tutor in Nigeria

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for a tutor is the first and best step to take while searching for a good tutor for your learning needs. At this point, you should know how much you are willing to part ways with or spend on your wards for private tuition classes.

Knowing how much you can spend is the first step in finding the best economics lesson tutor. With a realistic price range and a price within your budget, you can continue working with the tutor for a long time without any fear of payment after every session.

Most Economics tutors in Nigeria charges ₦1000 to ₦2500 per hour based on their experience and qualifications.

How Much Tutoring Services do you need?

This is another important factor to consider when you intend to engage a new tutor. How much tuition services or hours of classes will be needed to achieve your goals.

For individuals starting out into the field of economics, there may be a need for more hours of economics classes and tutorials. Unlike a student that just wish to brush up on some topics or areas in economics such as Isotope, market equilibrium, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Division of Labor and Specialization, Money, Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, Fiscal Policy, GDP, Inflation or the Real vs. Nominal, then you might just need a tutor for a month or two.

For those individuals preparing for external examinations and looking for a JAMB/ UTME economics tutor, there'll be a need for an intensive session for a few months in the run-up to the examination.

But for a consistent improvement in one's grades and scores, then you will be requiring a tutor that will teach you all through the term or academic year.

Way of Delivery

The way you want the economics classes to be delivered as a way of influencing the economics tuition price. Prices vary between economics teachers but the online route is cheaper when compared to one-on-one physical meetings.

You can also opt-in for group tuition classes. This can be cheaper as the cost is borne by everybody in the class.

The Superprof platform offers any of these services to its customers (online tuition or in-person). Therefore, there is always a tutor at Superprof to take you through your preferred route.

Look for the Best Economics Teacher in Your Area

Shop around for the best economics tutor before settling for one. The good thing about finding an economics teacher in Nigeria is that there are greater opportunities and chances of meeting a tutor in your locality.

You can do this through word-of-mouth, recommendation, or online. Just know that there are plenty of tutors out there willing to impact on their students positively.

Some of these tutors are willing to teach you personally or in a group. It all depends on your choice and budget.

Superprof offers you these opportunities at your fingertips – therefore giving you the chance to select from the varieties of tutors registered and verified on their platform, by taking advantage of the first lesson free offered by the tutors on the platform without the need to make a long term commitment.

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Steps to Finding a Budget-Friendly Economics Tutors

As we have stated earlier, the best way to find a tutor is to go through the online route. But the challenge is finding the right tutor and site out of the numerous tutoring websites now available in Nigeria.

Here are some factors to look out for when selecting a site or platform where you can get the best private tutoring services

  • How long has the website or platform been registered or established?
  • How wide is the platform range of teachers that one can pick from?
  • What are previous customers saying about their services in relation to customer satisfaction?

However, if you are more comfortable with finding a tutor via the offline approach, then it is necessary that you consult a few persons around your locality.

The first person to meet when looking for a private economics tutor is your economics teacher in school. He/she will be in a better position to either take up the task to teach you after the class or to recommend a better person to you or for your child.

You can also lookup adverts on job boards in the post office, your streets, or ask people in your church or any other social gathering.

It’s always important to regularly check up on these places when searching for an economics teacher offline.

After you have seen a private tutor that suits your learning needs, you can now discuss price as well as other modalities before commencing the first tuition class.

Making the Best Out of Your Economics Lessons. Source: iStock Image

Making the Best Out of Your Economics Lessons

To make the best out of your economics classes, there is a need to engage the best tutor at the right price.

To maximize your time, there is a need to consider

  • Boosting your academic success, examination scores, and grades
  • Securing admission to any school of your choice to study economics or any other related course such as accounting, marketing, etc.
  • Help you understand some of the basics fundamentals of economics
  • Prepare you for any internal or external examination

Not minding the reasons why you need a private economics tutor, just be sure that the tutor meets your expectation and have your interest at heart. Also, be sure that there offer the services they advertise and for a price within your budget.

Other factors that you need to consider when selecting the final tutor at any given price should include the expected duration for each tuition, lesson format, experience, and last but not least qualifications.

Remember that you can either locate an economic tutor offline or online. Whichever method works for you when searching for a tutor, ensure that your satisfaction comes first.

Superprof will always be there to help you at any time that you may be requiring their services.

The site boasts of numerous tutors that are experienced, enthusiastic, flexible enough, and willing to help you succeed in getting the best economics grade in all your examinations.

You can start your search for a tutor today by clicking on finding an economics tutor in Nigeria

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