An Introduction to Econometrics

The topic of econometrics came up while chatting with a friend the other day - yes, we talk like that a lot. She holds a degree in accounting and works in a government tax office; it would seem that she might know at least something about it, right? Colour me astounded! She remarked that she […]

5 May 2021 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Economics Class

Find Economics Teacher in Nigeria

As individuals, families, or nations, we are often faced with tough choices about the ways to follow in utilizing the limited resources that nature bequeaths to us to fulfil our wants and necessities. Economics as a course helps us to know how to make choices in different situations, assess the outcome in relation to equity, […]

29 March 2021 ∙ 8 minutes to read


Taking Economics lessons

"The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics." Thomas Sowell Economic is a social science course that cut across different areas of life; therefore, one needs to know the […]

7 December 2020 ∙ 6 minutes to read

educational textbooks

Applying To Study Economics Degree at University

It could be stressful, challenging, and time-consuming when you get to the stage of applying for admission into the university, especially as you have multiple options for universities to choose from and the kind of degree course that fits your grade. For secondary school graduates who are looking to study economics degree in the university, […]

3 April 2020 ∙ 7 minutes to read

Want to Learn Economics?

Economics can seem like a daunting subject, but thanks to our excellent economic resources and talented economic tutors, you could become a modern-day John Maynard Keynes.

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An image of the coliseum, a prominent part of ancient Rome.

Economic History: From The Romans to 2018

Economics is not a static field. While the laws of physics, chemistry or biology may be concrete, economic models and accompanying theories continue to evolve. This is because economics is a social science, and so there can never be any concrete answer as to which economic model or theory is the best, or the most […]

17 July 2018 ∙ 6 minutes to read

A man holding a pen to his mouth with a question mark above his head. Many people have asked the question: what is economics?

An Introduction To Economic Theories

Economics is a broad area, with a lot of concepts and ideas that can be difficult at first to come to terms with. Below we introduce common theoretical concepts and areas in economics that you may see during your economics studies. Economics is a hugely important subject. It can help us to understand why individuals […]

10 July 2018 ∙ 6 minutes to read

A pile of top economics books.

Economics in Popular Culture

If you’re studying economics at GCSE, A-level, or if you’re an economics undergraduate at university, there are lists upon lists of famous economists, economic works, as well as economic theories that you’re expected to understand. In fact, some would say it's a common assumption that you should at least be aware of, if not very […]

29 May 2018 ∙ 6 minutes to read

Glasses, headphones and a laptop. The tools you need to take up an online economics course.

Learn Economics Online

Thankfully for economics students and undergraduates, there are so many online tools available to help improve your economics knowledge and grades. Often, the key to improving your academic performance and bringing out your inner economist is to deepen your overall understanding of the subject matter. So when it comes to economics, it makes sense that a […]

25 May 2018 ∙ 7 minutes to read