Most students typically feel overwhelmed when they are initially introduced to the subject. This is because not everyone can easily understand and internalize abstract economics concepts while studying in a conventional classroom.

This learning process can often be ineffective since the economics tutors are in a rush to complete the topic for the day and go through the assignments or classwork. These economics teachers may not have the time to offer students personalized feedback in relation to their progress (which is important for progress to take place).

As a result of the school and teachers' hectic schedules in class and insufficient help, the students find themselves feeling hopeless and disheartened. And the best way to escape from this visceral space of hopelessness and distress is to seek the help of a private tutor.

If you have decided that you need to hire an economics tutor externally to help you improve your academic performance, then there are things you need to note.

A good tutor is expected to

  • Help you to succeed in both your internal and external exams.
  • Arm you with the right study skills and learning strategies
  • Saves your time and money in the long run
  • A professional tutor should help boost your confidence level and mindset about the subject matter.

It’s necessary therefore to engage the right tutor since you will benefit enormously from this in the long run. In this article, we would show you some of the tips to consider when choosing an economics tutor.

Economics Teachers
Things to consider when choosing an economics tutor. Source: Shutterstock Image

Is the Economics Teacher Experienced Enough?

Experience, like they say, is the best teacher. Also, you can go farther if you walk with an experienced person that knows the road already. In considering a private economics tutor, one needs to gauge the experience level of the teacher. How long has he been active in the tutoring business and in teaching this subject?

Although, the number of years a tutor has been in the business is not always a true reflection of how good the tutor will be. Since a relatively new economics teacher can be quite effective and efficient if not better than a tutor that has been teaching that subject for a longer time.

But that does not negate the fact that the longer a tutor must have been providing tutoring services for students, the chances are there that he may provide some vital knowledge or tips that will help the student excel in their coursework, homework, and exams.

Another thing you should also be considering is the qualification of the prospective economics tutor. Some of the things you may look out for are, "Is the prospective economics tutor a qualified economics teacher?" Does the soon-to-be teacher have a degree in economics as a first degree, or at the postgraduate level ( or Ph.D.)?

An individual that currently works as an economist will also do well as an economics tutor for students at an advanced level such as in A-Level (Lagos Business School). In conclusion, always go through a prospective tutor's profile to help you make the right choice.

At Superprof, you are opportune to view all verified tutors' background, experience, and previous reviews. This will help you to make a rational decision.

How Much Tutoring Classes Do You Need?

The amount of tuition lessons that you require in relation to the examination or knowledge you seek has a way of determining the type of tutor to engage and pay. How much tuition are you looking for is the first question that you need to ask yourself.

This will help you know the length of time you will need to engage the economics tutor's services. It will also help the tutor to know how to plan the class and schedule. It will be ideal for an individual who wants to work on their exam techniques and approach to receive tuition over a long period.

Remember to let your prospective tutor know if you would have extra-curricular commitments that might come up in the future and might affect your classes.

Areas of Specialty of the Economics Tutor

Different economics teachers have different specialisms and preferences.  Some love the technical aspect of economics, such as econometrics, analysis, and forecasting, while others prefer the theoretical aspects of the subject. Be sure that what you want to learn aligns with the tutor’s specialty. In doing this, ensure you consider these factors.

To What Level Does the Tutor Teach?

Different tutors prefer to teach a particular class and specialty. Some economics tutors prefer to teach students preparing for external examinations such as WAEC, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, and JAMB, while others prefer advanced learners such as University students.

Therefore, it's imperative to find a teacher that is confident enough to teach your level; otherwise, you may not be able to maximize the time and money put into the class. At Superprof, most tutors state the type of students and age groups they would love to teach on their profile. It will be important to double-check to confirm if there will be a good fit for you.

Ascertain if the Economics Teacher Has any Special Interest

Just as some students prefer learning certain topics - some tutors also prefer teaching on some particular topics that they specialize in. Examples include

Therefore, it is necessary to engage a tutor that has an interest in the area that you are currently struggling with when searching for an economics teacher.

Development economics
Developmental Economics and Sustainability. Source: iStock Image

Location for the Economics Lessons

This is another thing to put into consideration when searching for an economics tutor. The question should be "How would you prefer the classes to be delivered".

In the field of tutoring, there is a wide range of options available for the delivery of classes. Some students prefer the economics classes remotely through the online route, while others prefer a one-on-one method. You can also opt-in for a small group lesson if the one-on-one method is not for you. This option helps to reduce the cost of tuition for you and others.

Once you have thought about all these variables, you will be rightly positioned to select the best tutor to suit your unique needs. At Superprof, you can search through the hundreds of qualified economics teachers for the one that will match your needs and specification.

The Price For an Economics Tutor

The price per hour of tutors varies from one person to another. The reasons are not far-fetched since different factors affect the affordability of the economics lessons.

Some of the factors that affect the price of private tuition includes

  • Location: Your location and that of the tutor have a part to play in a private tutor's price. Different cities in Nigeria have different costs of living. For example, tutors working in Abuja and Lagos can charge a more exorbitant price than other tutors in less expensive cities like Ekiti and Ibadan. The caliber of students in a given area also has a way of influencing price charge by tutors. A tutee in Banana Island or Lekki will be willing to pay higher to another in Ajegunle, all in Lagos State.
  • Area of Specialization: The area of specialization has a way of influencing the price of tuition. A tutor that specialized in a highly demanded niche such as data modelling and analysis will charge a premium price for his time. All thanks to the Law of Demand and Supply.
  • Experience: The years of experience of a tutor can also influence the affordability of the tutor. An economics tutor with 15 years of experience in tutoring is expected to charge higher than an undergraduate starting out to teach. The experienced tutor often charges for their experience, skills, tips, and techniques one can take in acing an examination.
  • Level: The student's level is another factor that influences the price a tutor might charge you. The price a tutor charges a student in primary or secondary school will be quite different from what he will charge an undergraduate student preparing for a degree exam, or an adult student.

Finding A Budget-Friendly Economics Teachers

Having a one-on-one class can be quite expensive when compared to other methods of engaging a private tutor. To save money on a private tutorial, it's recommended to follow these routes when engaging an economics teacher.

  • Group Lessons: This is a great way to save money for private tuition. Here, the cost of the tutorial is divided between every member of the class. But remember that the tutor might not charge ₦1500 per hour as he would have done for a single student because he will spend more energy and time teaching five students than he/she will spend on just one student.
  • Online Lessons: The online class can be cheaper most times when compared to the face-to-face route. This is because the tutor won't have any reason to travel from one location to another and spend hours on the road. All he/she needs to do is to connect to his computer and commence the class.
  • Number of Meetings: You can reduce your tutorial frequency by choosing to meet with the tutor once a week or over a longer period instead of an intensive schedule. This is not recommended for students that need a tutor to keep track of their improvement and curriculum.
  • Go for a Tutor with Lesser Qualifications: It is not necessary to pay for a qualification you don't need. Engaging a professional tutor with expertise and qualifications in econometrics or statistical analysis is a waste of funds when you only need someone to teach you the basics of economics.
Economics career
Career Prospects for an Economist. Source: Shutterstock Image

Career Prospects for an Economist

There are different career prospects for individuals that studied economics. An economics degree helps develop your analytical and cognitive skills, which helps boost your employability regardless of the industry or sector of the economy you find yourself in.

Some of the career prospects include

  • Economist
  • Accountant
  • Financial consultant
  • Economic researcher
  • Actuary
  • Investment analyst
  • Financial planner
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Data analyst
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