The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they know about what they imagine they can design.

—Friedrich August von Hayek

Economics as a subject has continued to become popular in Nigerian schools starting from students in SS 1 to SS 3. It's a subject that students in arts, commercial, and sciences offer due to its importance to the building of a complete student. Studying economics offers one the opportunity of not just understanding human behaviour but also helps the student to cultivate the problem-solving skill.

Another great benefit of the study of economics as it relates to students both at the secondary and university level includes analytical skills, persuasion skills, and communication skills - these are important in today's labour market.

Economics provides the needed insight into business and helps individuals to understand the volatile nature of the economy. It also equips the student in helping companies to make great decisions that will help to promote their business growth and success. Economics also provides students with the needed outlook of how the world can be shaped by good and proper economic policy.

The popularity and importance of this course have made it more competitive for students seeking to study the course at the university level. This makes it crucial to scoring high grades during the JAMB/ UTME examination if one intends to secure admission to study Economics as a course in any Nigerian university. It also makes it expedient for one to engage the services of an economics teacher or get registered with an economics class in other to perform well in any examination.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important in finding SSCE and JAMB/ UTME Economics Tutors

  • Allows you to learn at your own pace and time
  • Economics lessons by private teachers provide a personalize economics tuitions that will suit your learning style
  • It offers you the opportunity to learn in an environment that is convenient for you (In-house or online)
  • Offers up-to-date revision techniques and area of concentration that will help you succeed in the examination

It is, therefore, necessary to put your best foot forward by engaging a good economics tutor if you are considering a future career in economics or other related courses such as accounting, marketing, or other business courses.

We would be looking at some other benefits of finding an economics tutor in detail below

Benefits of Economics
The Benefits of Studying Economics in School. Source: Pixabay Image

Get Improved in Your Performance in Economics Classes

Getting a good grade is the goal of every student preparing to write any examination. Therefore it won’t be out of place to spend a little more money on a private economics teacher each week in other to score an A or B in your SSCE/GCE Examination or 80 to 90 in your JAMB/UTME Examination.

These high grades are important due to the following reasons

  • Ease in gaining admission to study economics in any university of your choice in Nigeria
  • Admission in Nigeria is very competitive in recent years and your university placement is dependent on how well you perform in all the subjects you sat for

In a nutshell, engaging a private tutor is important in helping you actualize your dream of studying economics at the university or any other course.

With the Superprof professional economic tutors, you are in the right hand since these tutors understand the benefits of getting a good grade in both internal and external examinations.

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Learning All That You Need in an Economics Lessons

One of the major problems that students and teachers alike face in the contemporary learning environment is the issue of learning at the same pace. In most traditional classrooms, few of the students might understand the concept and topic being taught at a point in time while almost half of the class might still be confused or still struggling to understand the basics of the concepts.

This situation is also dicey as it might drag back the other students that have understood the concept if the teacher decides to revisit some parts of the lesson.

Some intelligent students or those that have had a grip on the topic might get bored if the teacher goes back to the previous topic and the teacher runs the risk of losing those that are still struggling with the topic if he/she just moves on to the next topic. This dilemma can be avoided when one has a personal economics teacher since these challenges can be eliminated due to the freedom and personalized teaching that they offer.

A good private tutor gives you the needed lesson base on your ability and the evaluation of the topics that you need the most or struggling with. A good example is a student that is knowledgeable in the different concepts and topics in microeconomics but still struggling with some aspects of macroeconomics such as National output, unemployment, and inflation.

A private tutor is expected to concentrate on these topics that the student is having challenges to help him/her catch up on those topics that they are less confident with. These help the student to catch up with their peers in the classroom and not to be among the ones still struggling in the class. Tutors can help you concentrate on the examination bodies’ syllabus such as WAEC or JAMB syllabus.

Here you can easily focus on what you are expected to encounter in the examination instead of learning every topic in the course curriculum. You can find out more about these tutors on the Superprof platform and also learn about the cost of hiring an economics tutor in Nigeria.

Tailored Classes with an Economics Tutor

Getting a personalized economic teacher comes with different benefits but one of the reasons that stands-out among the others is the opportunity to ask your tutor to offer personalized exercises that will suit you as a novice.

If you are struggling to understand the law of demand and supply, the tutor can provide exercises that can help to simplify the topic. Also, your tutor can adapt your lesson session in a way that suits your information retaining processes. You might be someone that loves learning by solving and answering questions or paying attention and reading more on the topic later!

Superprof tutors understand all that and that is why there offer tailored lessons that will help you excel.

Other reasons why working with a tutor and personalized classes are important includes

  • Chance to study in a way that suits your learning ability
  • Opportunity to take on more practical lessons and exercises
  • Opportunity for timely feedback from the teacher and you too
  • Ease to determine the areas for further improvement
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Top Grades in Advance Level Economics

There are still other opportunities for people seeking to further their education or knowledge in the field of economics here in Nigeria. Most people choose a course because they enjoy them or are good at the subject while others go for a subject because they want a career in that area. Economics is seen as a great course to study for people from different areas of study who wish to pursue a career in business at some point in their career.

This could be enrolling into the Lagos Business School in pursuant to a career as

  • A Chartered Accountant
  • An economist
  • CFA
  • Stock Broker
  • An Investment Analyst

Therefore, if you intend to further your career and need to study economics, then there is no better time to engage a verified and expert tutor from the Superprof Website.

These economics tutors will help to give you a head start that will position you aright in the business school or university.

Online class
There Are Benefits to Online Tuition. Source: iStock Image

Economics Tutors Online

A professional tutor helps students to develop themselves both in-house, in the classroom, or via the online route. With the help of an economics teacher, a student's grades can improve. This improvement is as a result of the one-on-one lesson and learning tips that these tutors' implements.

In engaging a private tutor, the question in most people's minds is "where can one find a good tutor in Nigeria"?

Here we would be showing you some fast and easy ways to find a professional private economics tutor to help you aced your exams.

The easiest way is to ask your class teacher if they will be willing to take you up on some extra classes after the school hour. This is a great option since you are already familiar with the teacher and the teacher is also familiar with your capability and challenges as a student.

But the problem with this option is that most teachers are always busy with other school activities making them unavailable to take up an extra engagement. If your teacher rejects the offer for the extra classes, you can ask him/her to recommend a good tutor for you if they don't mind.

However, there is a fast and easier way to follow when searching for a private tutor in Nigeria. This involves the exploration of private tutor websites such as the Superprof platform. The website offers a range of tutors that provides you with different types of services which includes economics.

At the Superprof platform, you will be opportune to

  • Select any tutor that you feel suit your need
  • Pick a tutor based on your budget
  • Select a tutor that will offer you a one-on-one tuition
  • Tutoring services either (online, in-person, or both)
  • Verified and experienced economics teachers

With so many professional economics teachers on the Superprof website, it's not surprising that most students now prefer to find their tutors online. You can try it and see your score skyrocket!

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