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💸 How expensive are private vocal lessons in Port harcourt?

Private lessons with a vocal trainer on Superprof is on average is ₦2200.


The price of your Voice training will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your vocal coach
  • where your lessons will be. Are you taking your lessons (via webcam or at your place)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the objective of your classes

98% of our private tutors give the first class for free.

👨🏾 How many vocal trainers are available to give vocal lessons in Port harcourt?

In Port harcourt and its outskirt areas, 16 vocal trainers are available to give private vocal lessons


You can refer to their coaching cv and contact the voice trainer that corresponds to your needs.


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✒️ What is the average score given by students to vocal coachs in Port harcourt?

Students scored their voice trainers on average 5.0 out of five from a sample of 7 ratings.


A customer service manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (by phone or mail from Monday - Friday) if you have any queries about your training.


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With the help of a voice coach many students are able to learn how to sing.


All vocal lessons with a competent coach offer you the possibility to learn to sing  more efficiently.


A messaging service allows you to exchange with your coach to organise your vocal lessons, whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or at an outside location


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The importance of getting a vocal coach for voice training

Singing is part of our lives and there is rarely anyone who doesn't engage in singing from time to time. While some people have sweet voices, others don't care about how they sound during singing. If you want to become a professional singer or want to enjoy the act of singing, there is a need for you to train your vocals to become melodious.


If you live in Port Harcourt, Lagos or any other city in Nigeria, there are different places to take voice training classes. You can decide to either attend a music school or get private vocal trainers to help enhance your vocals. There is always a special feeling each time you listen to yourself sing and you know you have an angelic voice. 


If you wish to attend a voice training class for beginners, tenor voice training, soprano voice training, alto voice training or any type of voice training for singing, it is important that you get a vocal coach for vocal lessons. Although the lesson is not free, you are sure of becoming a good singer within a short period of time.


After learning how to sing, you can take it a step further by learning how to play musical instruments such as the piano, guitar or a drum set. As a professional singer, you can create a job and work for yourself by forming your own musical group and performing in different functions. 


Even if you don't want to become a professional singer to create jobs for yourself, getting a voice coach for voice training for singing is not out of place. You can sing for fun by entertaining your friends and family. You can also decide to participate in any of the singing competitions that take place in Port Harcourt, Lagos or any other city.

Where to start voice training for beginners in Port Harcourt, Rivers State?

If you are looking for a voice coach for vocal lessons for beginners, soprano voice training, alto voice training, tenor voice training or any form of voice training lessons, there are different classes to attend for vocals lessons. You can decide to go to an approved music academy that has professional tutors with years of experience or get an approved private teacher with good reviews to teach you from home.

If you are attending a music academy for a voice training class, you must understand that teaching will be done in groups. While some students enjoy group teaching, other students find it difficult to learn in a group. If you don't find it interesting to learn in a group, you can get an approved private vocal tutor with good reviews for your voice training class. Whether you go with a private vocal tutor or attend a music coaching school, you must know that music voice training is not free.


From research, it was proved that vocal training for beginners is best taught when a student attends a private vocal coaching class. With private vocal coaching, a student is able to bond and learn effectively from his teacher.

The internet has made it easier for a student to find an online vocal trainer. With the internet, you can decide to either take vocal coaching online via webcam, phone or get an online vocal trainer to come to your home for face-to-face teaching. A simple search on Google such as music voice training, vocal lessons for beginners, vocal training for beginners or voice training for soprano singers will give you useful resources to work with.

However, if you want to save yourself the stress of finding where to take vocals courses, one sure place to look out for is Superprof. You can take your vocals courses either online via webcam, phone or face-to-face teaching from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for an approved tutor with excellent reviews, Superprof is the best online platform to get one.

Use the services of Superprof to find an approved voice training teacher in Rivers State

If you live in Port Harcourt, Lagos or any other city in Nigeria and are looking for voice lessons for beginners, voice training for soprano singers or any type of vocal lesson class, Superprof has a profile of tutors with years of experience to give you the best coaching. All you have to do to get a teacher on Superprof is to go through his profile, check for positive reviews, and contact him to know if he is available for a lesson. You can decide to either take your classes online via webcam or go for face-to-face teaching.

For a new student, your first hour of lesson is done for free on Superprof. Why is the first hour of the lesson free? It is free because it will help a student to assess whether a tutor is professional enough to teach him. If you are not cool with the free hour, you can check another profile for positive reviews and contact the teacher to know if he is available.


No matter how tight your schedule is, you can always use the services of Superprof to find an approved coach for your musical class. If you ever wish to learn musical instruments such as the piano or guitar, there are tutors to render their services to you. Learning on Superprof can either be through webcam, phone or face-to-face from your home. Start learning today and become a professional singer.

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