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The average price of Chemistry  lessons is ₦ 2370.

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From a sample of 29  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Why taking chemistry tutorials is important for academic students?

If you are a science student in school, there is definitely no way you can do without chemistry lessons and other subjects like mathematics, physics and biology. While a lot of students in school believe the science class is quite difficult, there is actually no subject one cannot learn if only you study hard and seek help from a tutor for extra lessons in time of need.

As a science student in secondary school, you are introduced to chemistry in your first year in senior secondary school (SS1). Truth be told, if you want to do well in physical or health sciences, you must study hard and make research from other resources without just relying on your class teacher alone.

As a science student, if you desire to further your education to the university level, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and English are the key subjects you need to do well in JAMB, POST UTME and WAEC. The minimum requirement needed in WAEC is at least 5 credit passes from your core subject before you could be considered for university education. Whether you are in the chemical engineering department, mechanical engineering department, medicine, information technology department, you are still going to meet chemistry as a new student at the university level, at least in your first year at the university. With a sound knowledge of the sciences, you can even get scholarships to study for a masters or PhD in places like London in the United Kingdom or even the United States.

With a sound background in chemistry and physics, there are a ton of high-profile jobs you could secure - you can decide to pursue a career as a research scientist and publish a journal, chemical engineering and petroleum engineering are also some nice courses for students with sound knowledge of chemistry.

With the limited jobs in Ilorin and Nigeria at large, science students tend to have an upper handing both management and sciences because they are able to build strong analytical skills which is one of the high-profile skills most organizations are looking for.

However, as an average student, you need to get a private chemistry tutor that will help you out in mastering the subject. Where can one find chemistry teachers for chemistry or organic chemistry tutorial in Ilorin? This takes us to the next heading.

Where to take chemistry lessons in Ilorin, Kwara State?

Most school students in Nigeria are looking for chemistry, physics and mathematics tutoring because they seem to be the subjects that are giving students hard time in academic. No doubt, there are good private and public schools in Ilorin with high-profile tutors with years of experience, but many of the students still struggle to understand in class. For this reason, different private lessons are being run by approved tutors all over Ilorin. It is not difficult to find chemistry classes for chemistry tutorial. You can simply ask your friends or schoolmates if they know of any high-profile lesson centre with approved teachers for tutoring.

If you are not comfortable with learning in a group class, you can also find an approved organic chemistry tutor to teach you extra lessons from the comfort of your home. From recent research, it was discovered that students enjoy being taught by a private tutor. Whether it is professional courses in chemistry or an organic chemistry class you are looking for, you can easily find a personal tutor to teach you chemistry courses.

With the recent development in technology, research shows that it is now very easy to find a chemistry tutor online or even receive international-standard teaching online via webcam. By using Google, you can type search words like online chemistry classes, chemistry classes online via webcam, online chemistry courses, chemistry teacher online or chemistry tutorials online via webcam. These search terms would give you the available resources needed to work with.

To make it even easier for you, the number one platform where most students in Nigeria use for lessons is known as Superprof. On this platform, you can easily find a tutor for either online lessons via webcam or a face-to-face teaching method from the comfort of your home.

Superprof has a profile of approved chemistry tutors with good reviews from other students

Let's face it, since getting a private tutor for tutoring is not free, a student needs to make sure he goes for the best lesson if he doesn't want to waste his money or have a bad experience. Whether you live in Ilorin, Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria, there are high-profile international-standard teachers with good reviews on Superprof that are available to teach students any subject that is of concern to them. No matter the level of your education, you can still find a tutor with years of experience to teach you. You can either decide to take your lessons online via webcam or go for face-to-face teaching from the comfort of your home.

Although taking a private lesson is not free, virtually all available tutors on Superprof offer their first hour of lesson for free. Why is the first hour of the lesson free? This is to help a student assess the teaching method of a tutor. If you are not cool with it, you can check another profile, read reviews from other students and make your choice on who to learn from. The management of Superprof has ensured that only the best tutors are allowed to teach on the platform.

No matter how tight your schedule is, the tutors on this platform are professional enough to work out a time for you. If you have a computer, you can be taught via webcam. You can still decide to invite your tutor to your home for face-to-face tutoring.

Virtually every business management is looking for people with strong analytical skills and having strong knowledge in chemistry can help you build such skills and provide high-profile jobs for you. Improve on your academic pursuit today and stand the chance of studying courses like medicine, business analysis, engineering, and even go on to earn a PhD degree.

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