There is no gainsaying to the fact that music is like a food to the soul. Nigeria is a unique country that is filled with happy people despite the bad economic situation that is affecting the majority of the population. One thing that binds us as a people is music. If you are a music lover and are ready to learn the piano, then this article will help you find the best piano lessons for beginners and advanced learners.

Why should we engage in music listening or playing of musical instruments? First, music therapy soothes the soul by easing off depression and filling your mind with joy. According to one of the greatest scientists of all time, Albert Einstein, he said if he wasn't a physicist, he would probably be a musician because music is part of our everyday life. Music is a kind of recreational activity that helps to refresh the mind.

Taking piano lessons or any other musical instruments such as guitar, drums, etc, can be a source of income for anyone. After learning to become an expert, you can decide to set up a music school and set up different classes like piano lessons for kids or piano lessons for beginners. Since Nigeria is a country with lots of celebrations and ceremonies, you stand a chance to be invited to play the piano if you are good at it, and you will get paid for your services.

Learn Piano in Nigeria
A guy learning piano from a private tutor in Nigeria | Photo Credit: Gezer Amorim from Pexels

Taking music education as a course in school

Most of the primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions in Nigeria now offer music as a subject or course. Learning music theory is a good start to gaining mastery in music. Most primary schools now teach kids the basics of music, which prepares them to become an expert as they grow up.

You can also study music at the university and you will be awarded a degree in Music. Studying music at the university level is diversified, so you have to choose the area that interests you - you can either specialize in dancing if you enjoy the act or go for musical playing if that's what intrigues you. Most of the universities in Nigeria offer music courses and the criteria for studying music are being art or commercial student and having credit in subjects such as literature, Mathematics, English Language, Music, etc. If you are planning on studying music in tertiary institutions in Lagos State, it is advisable to take a language course, which is likely going to be the Yoruba language.

If you plan on becoming a music teacher, you may consider pursuing further studies like a master's degree or even a PhD. Only a few people think in this direction (pursuing an education career in music), which in turn creates lots of opportunities to people in the music field.

Learning how to play the piano

Now, attending university is one thing and knowing how to play the piano or any other musical instruments is another. Having a degree in music does not necessarily mean you will automatically be a guru in piano. Majorly, what you learn at the universities in Nigeria is music theory. You might need to get a private piano teacher or attend one of the music schools to become proficient in playing the piano.

Playing musical instruments is a continuous process that needs to be practised always if you want to remain good at it. It is even better you have your own personal keyboard that you will be using at home. Aside from attending a music school, some persons are privileged to learn piano for free through their religious gathering, especially as a Christian.

To learn piano effectively, you need to see it as fun and enjoy every moment you spend with it. Learning the piano is an amazing thing anyone who loves music would want to learn.

Finding piano lessons near me

No matter where you live in Nigeria - be it in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Kano, etc, you can get a piano teacher or a piano class to start your learning. For example, in Lagos, the Lee Ellie Music School is a great place for kids and other beginners to start their class. As long as you are willing and determined to learn, it shouldn't take you too long before you start to play the piano professionally.

Since there are different teaching centres where you can learn to play the piano and other musical instruments, the mode of learning and fees will vary from one school to another. While some schools charge monthly, others might be per hour billing. You will have to find the one that best matches your schedule and the teaching method that is most preferred by you.

These days, it is also very possible to take online piano lessons via webcam. This type of learning can be done from the comfort of your home and most people prefer learning from home. As you keep reading, you find the best place to take online piano lessons from home from a piano teacher with years of experience.

Piano Lessons for Beginners
A piano owned by a music enthusiast | Photo Credit: Dalila Dalprat from Pexels

Some good places to learn piano in Nigeria

Nigeria has some good places where you can hone your skills in piano playing. Although most of the top piano classes are situated in Lagos State, there are other reputable training centres in other cities of the country. As you read on in this article, you will discover where to easily get a piano tutor that will teach you how to play the piano no matter where you live in the country. Below are some of the few centres piano lesson for beginners, a piano lesson for kids, and a piano lesson for intermediate and advanced learning:

Lee Ellie Music School

Lee music school is located in Lagos and it is one of the foremost music teaching places for music education. You can learn piano, guitar, saxophone, and also music theory. No matter your age, Lee Ellie Music School is ready to offer you training on piano and other musical instruments.

They are located at Agard Street, in Sabo Yabo, Lagos State.

Abba Music Academy, Abuja

This is another good place for music education for those who reside in Abuja. Abba music institute has an amazing teaching method that makes it easy for students to learn. Whether you are looking for piano lessons for beginners or advance training, Abba school has competent hands with years of experience to take you through your music lesson.

The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON), Lagos

MUSON is a music society that was established in 1983  by a group of music lovers. Some of the renowned Nigerians that formed the group include Mrs Francesca Emanuel, Mr Akintola Williams, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, Chief Ayo Rosiji, and Mr Louise Mbanefo. The goal of the group is to promote contemporary and classical music in Nigeria.

Today, MUSON offers music education to people of all ages, and it is a government-approved school with professionals teaching the students. The school is situated at 8/9 MARINA Road, Okikan, Lagos, Nigeria.

Eagles Music School, Abuja

In Eagles Music Academy, they take piano lessons for kids and every other age groups. They aim to promote music in every part of the country and teach people the art of music. They are located at 675 Esther John Drive, off 62nd, 6th Avenue. So if you live in Abuja and are looking for a conventional school to learn music, the Eagles Music Academy would be a nice option to consider. However, there are more convenient ways to learn piano or any other musical instruments in Nigeria, and this takes us to the next sub-title.

Piano Lesson Near Me In Nigeria
Taking music education from a professional | Photo Credit: Pixabay

Finding your piano tutor on Superprof

Getting a piano tutor to take you lessons is never a big deal, thanks to the help of Superprof platform. Superprof is a learning platform that connects students and teachers. No matter what you intend to learn, with Superprof, learning becomes easy and convenient.

Why should one use Superprof? The platform has an approved profile of teachers that have years of experience in their various field. Whether you want online teaching via webcam or a face-to-face learning style, our tutors are ever ready to blend with your demands. Teaching is based on per hour billing, and the average price per hour is about NGN 1200. Even if you have a tight schedule, the tutors on Superprof are professionals that can easily work out a plan for your learning.

You can take your time to read through different reviews of different teachers to see which one suits you the more. Whether it is piano lessons for kids or online piano lessons via webcam, Superprof is the best place to get a piano teacher. Another winning factor Superprof has, is that the student pass gives you access to thousands of tutors who offer their first lesson for free, which enables you to assess them and vice versa with no commitment.

So, if you are interested in learning how to play the piano, take the step today by employing the services of a piano tutor on Superprof and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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