It is difficult to find anyone who doesn't enjoy music. No matter your state of mind, listening to music has a way of uplifting your spirit. On countless occasions, I have seen mentally challenged people dancing to the rhythm of music. This is just to give you a view of the force behind music.

As a Nigerian, you will agree that music has united every region of the country together, regardless of tribe or language. Learning musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, drum set, etc. has its own special feeling attached to it. The African music works with lots of musical instrument, which in turn add more melody to the outcome of the sounds.

If you are interested in learning the piano or how to locate piano lessons for beginners, this article will guide you on how to go about your training.

Piano Classes in Nigeria
Learning piano in Nigeria | Photo Credit: Pixabay

Why do you need to take piano courses?

The piano is one of the commonest musical instrument in African music and other classical music. Just like the guitar and other similar percussion instruments, the piano has a lot of benefits when you know how to play it.

Below are some reasons why you should take a piano course.

Playing the piano can snap up your mood

Playing the piano can take you from a depressed mood to an elated mood. Most people are now seeing the need to have a piano in their homes because it can help in time of need. While you can listen to music to lift your spirit, the connection is more intense when you play a musical instrument. You don't have to spend a whole lot to get a piano for yourself or kids. With as little as 10,000 NGN, you can get one for your kids, and around 30,000 NGN should get you one to use in your home.

Playing the piano for recreations

Playing the piano is fun! You can decide to learn how to play the piano and use it as a form of recreational activity.  The good thing about music is that it connects with your mind, and it has a way of keeping you going even in time of trouble. Music is food to the human soul, which invariably means that engaging in musical instruments can put a long-lasting smile on your face.

Going professional with the piano

You can decide to take the art of music as a profession by building a career around it. After spending money to learn the piano and gaining experience, you can decide to set up a music training school where new students can take music courses.

Getting a piano tutor in Nigeria

Piano Lessons Near Me
Learning piano from the comfort of your home | Photo Credit: Soundtrap on Unsplash

There are different ways to find a piano tutor in Nigeria. Technology has really made some things easier for us, and one of such things is finding information online. To start your quest for a piano teacher that will teach you, below are some ways to get an approved and qualified tutor with experience.

Seek help from family and friends

Your family and friends are the closest people to you. If you want to learn piano, contacting the people around you will be a nice step to take. Who knows, maybe your friend has used a piano coach in the past and he had a wonderful experience with the teacher. Word of mouth spread faster than you think, and before you know it, you might get your tutor.

Using religious gathering

This option is common, especially with Christians. If you like to get music education, there are instrumentalists in your church that can help out. Although a fee may be involved in most cases, you may get a reasonable discount from your teacher. Some churches even organize piano lessons for kids for free. If you have a kid that is interested in music, this will be a place to start at an early age.

Get a piano teacher by making research online

The internet has made it easier for anyone to gather information online. There are online platforms that have teachers that are readily available to teach you whatever you want to learn. For example, if you want tutorials on a piano lesson, typing words like "piano lessons near me" or "online piano lessons" will give you lots of results. While finding a coach online is simple and fast, you have to be careful so that you don't get burned. Use websites such as Superprof that has good reputations.

Going the social media way

Social media is another amazing way to get a person that will offer you music education. With just your phone, you can connect with people that will help in finding piano teachers. Not just any teacher, but one with years of experience.

Find piano lessons for beginners here.

Cost of getting a private piano tutor

Music School in Nigeria
Finding a music class in Nigeria | Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you are interested in learning the piano, knowing how much it will cost you is an important thing you need to know. There are different factors that could determine the amount you pay for your piano lessons.

Your location is one of the factors that could affect how much you pay for your lesson. For example, if you stay in places like Abuja or Lagos, you should expect to get a piano lesson for a higher price when compared to people in other smaller towns. For places like Lagos and Abuja, the average price for getting a private piano tutor should be around ₦30,000 to ₦40,000. While this is just an average price, your negotiating power will also determine what you pay for your lessons.

Your level of experience is another factor that affects the price of using a private piano teacher for your lesson. If you are a beginner, it is expected that what you will pay for lessons should be lower than what a person going for advance classes would pay. As a beginner, what you need to learn is just the basics and anyone with some years of experience should be able to teach you.

Here is a detailed article on the cost of getting a private piano tutor in Nigeria.

What to look out for when getting a piano tutor in Nigeria

Before settling with a piano coach, there are certain things you need to put into consideration in piano lessons. Without these factors, you may end up not getting the best teaching you craved for. Below are some of the things to consider.

Level of experience of the tutor

Nobody wants to be taught by a person who lacks experience in a certain field. If you must be a piano student, make sure you register with an instructor that has ample experience. That way, you will be able to gain from his wealth of experience.

Method of teaching

Since there are different piano tutors all over Nigeria, it is normal that everyone has his own teaching method. Going with a tutor that uses old teaching method may affect your learning speed. Although it is difficult to ascertain the teaching method of a teacher until he has taught you, platforms like Superprof offers you a free one-hour training so that you can judge the kind of teaching method a teacher uses.

Duration of learning

While some music classes charge per month, others charge per hour. The amount of money you spend on learning would be a function of the duration of time you spend in learning. The per-hour billing seems to be the best method of billing because you only pay for the number of hours you spend learning.

How to find a piano tutor on Superprof?

Now, if Superprof is a great place to get a tutor for a piano lesson, how easy it is to access one? The answer is, SUPER EASY. With Superprof, all you have to do is to read through reviews of different teachers and choose the one that meets your specifications.

Typically, a piano tutor on Superprof will give you complete training to become a master in a piano - this includes music theory, as well as a full piano composition. The average price per hour is around ₦1,500, which is way better when compared to other music schools.

Any teacher on Superprof has been verified and has an approved profile. Getting a trainer on piano will not only make you enjoy the art of music but also make you see life from a different angle.

Get started today and you will be surprised how fast it is to learn piano with the right tutor. Remember, you have nothing to lose because your first lesson is free and you can decide to opt-out if you are not cool with the tutor. There are dozens of tutors to choose from.

Check for a piano tutor for your online lessons here.

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