Of all the musical instruments, the piano is one of the commonest in Nigeria. In all the States of Nigeria, there are probably thousands of people that can play the piano. Learning music is great and it can help improve the quality of your life. However, when it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument such as the piano, it can be very tricky especially if you are a beginner.

Before you start your piano lessons with a tutor, you need to know what kind of teaching method to expect and the experience level of the tutor. If you want to learn, what are the things to expect from your piano lessons? This will be the focus of this article.

Read on beginners guide to piano lessons.

Why learn piano?

Music is loved by virtually everybody. There is hardly anyone that won't respond to a musical rhythm. In Nigeria, music is one of the binding factors that keep us as one. Learning a musical instrument such as piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, drum set, etc. has a lot of benefits attached to it.

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Learning piano from a piano teacher | Photo Credit: Lorenzo Spoleti on Unsplash
  • Keeps your mood elated

Most people perceive music as a spiritual weapon that can snap up anyone from depression. Learning to play the piano and playing it whenever you are down can help you free your mind from worries. There is a force attached to music and many people have known this a long time ago. Having a keyboard in your home can help a lot and can even make your family bond the more by engaging in music sessions from time to time.

  • Learn piano for recreational purpose

You don't have to be depressed to learn piano. You can decide to start training today and become good at playing the piano. Music is fun and everyone that engage in playing a musical instrument always put up a smiling face in the process. You can decide to spend your leisure time playing music. Just like some people enjoy reading, watching movies during their free time, so also do some people enjoy playing the piano or any other musical instrument during their leisure time.

  • Taking piano course as a career

You can decide to build a career in music education by sharing your knowledge with those that are interested in learning. A lot of piano players are making a living from teaching people how to play the instrument. Also, if you are good at it, you get called upon for different events and occasions that require your services and you get paid for it. You can decide to set up a school and start piano lessons for kids, online piano lessons, a piano lesson for intermediate learners, etc. Lagos State has a number of good music school already.

Having talked about the importance of learning a musical instrument such as the piano, below are some of the things to expect from your piano lesson:

Get an estimate of what you would need from your private teacher

Just as stated above, there are tons of benefits associated with learning a musical instrument such as the piano. However, if you must master that act of playing the piano, you should know by now that it doesn't come for free. Although there are online platforms such as YouTube where you can get some free resources to guide you in learning, the best way to go about learning a musical instrument is by getting a private tutor.

Before you start with your training, there is a need for you to have your personal piano so that you can use for practice at home. The price of a piano ranges from as low as around thirty thousand to as high as hundreds of thousands of naira. If you are beginner, you don't need to stress yourself too much because you can get some pretty cheap ones on online market sites like Jumia or Konga.

Once you have your piano ready, it is expected that you build a good rapport with your trainer if you want to have the best piano lessons ever. By building a good relationship with your piano tutor, you will be able to talk to him about anything you are struggling with in terms of learning. Also, let your tutor know what you will be interested in learning - music theory, how to play songs, how to read sheet music, etc.

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Taking music education from a piano teacher | Photo Credit: Darius Soodmand on Unsplash

Rehearse and study what you learned in your previous piano lessons

For you to become good at playing the piano, there would be a need for constant practice. After you have been taught by your tutor, go back home and practice all that you have learned in your previous class. Anyways, if you are learning from a professional piano teacher, he will definitely ask you to repeat most of the things you learned in your previous class. The good thing about rehearsing is that it gives you the inspiration to learn new things on your own.

Whether it is piano lessons for beginners or piano lessons for kids, some of the piano techniques you should expect to learn include:

  • How to recognize piano notes
  • Playing scales
  • How to use both hands to play the piano
  • Learning chords
  • etc.

Once you are able to master most of the basics, you should start playing songs on the piano pretty soon. Make sure you ask any questions if you are not clear with anything and endeavour to explore new things on your own. Creativity is a virtue when it comes to music and it could be the difference between a pro and a learner.

Every piano tutor has his own teaching method

Before you start your piano lessons, you should have a glimpse of what your tutor's teaching method looks like. On platforms such as Superprof, most of the piano teachers offer their first one hour of lesson for free. With the free lesson, you will be able to assess the teaching method of a teacher and know if he is capable of giving you what you want.

Another way to learn about the teaching style of a tutor is to have a discussion with your teacher on what to expect from his class. If his teaching method suits you, you can go ahead and register with him for your lessons.

To get a reputable piano tutor, you will need to check his profile and read reviews from other students he has taught. This way, you will be able to ascertain if he is the right tutor for your piano lessons. Unfortunately, not all tutors have an online profile that will help you determine their level of experience and what they have to offer. Superprof has everything a student needs to know about his potential teacher before starting any class. The next subtopic will talk about Superprof, its features, and what you stand to benefit using Superprof to start your online piano learning or face-to-face learning.

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Getting a professional piano tutor from Superprof

Superprof is an online platform that has helped thousands of students in achieving their goals. With Superprof, you can simply connect with a teacher that will teach you what you wish to learn - it could be any subject you are having issues with in school or acquiring skills on a particular art.

Why should you use Superprof? You get to read reviews on the teachers to determine which one has the experience and teaching style that fits your goals. Also, virtually all the tutors offer an hour free training that helps you judge the quality of training you will be getting. You rarely see this elsewhere, that is why most people enjoy using the platform for their learning.

Whether you want an online piano lesson or face-to-face teaching, our tutors are available to give you what you want. Every profile on Superprof is approved, so rest assured of getting the best from our tutors. To learn piano, the average price per hour should be around  ₦2,000, which fair enough because the quality of training you will receive is top-notch.

No need to wait any further! Start your piano lesson today and start enjoying the fulfilment that comes with playing the musical instrument.

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