There is hardly anyone who doesn't enjoy listening to music. According to studies, music has the power of reducing stress and elating one's mood. In Nigeria, music and other entertainment sectors have announced us to the world. However, listening to music is quite different from playing a musical instrument. For piano lessons for beginners, it tends to look a bit unsettling for most students because they don't know where to start from.

In this article, we shall be covering some important things you need to know when planning to get a piano tutor for lessons. Which people are in the right position to take you on private piano lessons? Find out as you read on in this article.

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What you need to know about your piano tutor

Learning any musical instrument has a special feeling connected to it. Music is an art, and the creativity that comes with it is second to none. If you look properly, most musicians and instrumentalists are among the happiest people in the world because they connect with music regularly. It is an amazing thing to want to learn a musical instrument like the piano.

However, when it comes to learning how to play the piano, it is advisable that you build a good relationship with your teacher if you want the best experience. Before you take any further step to contact your potential tutor, try as much as possible to go through his profile to see if he has what it takes to give you what you want.

Most tutors in music schools tend to have similar profiles because there is a certain qualification needed for anyone to be able to teach in a music school. However, when it comes to a private tutor, you need to be aware that anyone can become a piano tutor - while some went through the regular music school to learn how to play piano, others are self-taught. So you need to know how your potential teacher learned how to play the piano so that you can be sure he has the necessary teaching skills needed to teach.

Below are some of the questions you should ask a private tutor before starting your piano lessons:

  • What is your teaching method?
  • How long have you been playing the piano?
  • How did you learn how to play the musical instrument?
  • Is there any other instrument you can play aside from the piano?
  • Which are your preferred musical genres?

If you decide to choose a private tutor on Superprof, about 97% of the tutors offer their first one hour of lesson for free. The free lesson will help you know the teaching method of the tutor and see if it fits into what you are looking for.

Also, when you meet your tutor, let him know your experience in piano playing and your objectives of learning how to play the instrument - whether you want to join a music band, become a music teacher or just for the pleasure of knowing how to play a musical instrument.

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Learn how to play piano from students

A lot of students in tertiary institutions take music training as a way of sustaining themselves in school. Most of the learning platforms you see online are full of students who are looking for side hustles to complement their income. There are students that have ample experience on how to play musical instruments and are ready to teach you for a fee.

Since they are students, you don't expect to have a full-time training from them. However, just because they don't offer full-time lessons doesn't make them less of a teacher. If you are lucky enough, it is even possible to get the best of a teacher from a student because they are either studying music in school or are still undergoing advance music training. If you are looking for piano lessons for kids or piano lessons for beginners, you may want to consider a student tutor because they have the right experience needed to teach beginners and their cost of piano lessons may not be as high as attending a music school.

The only challenge you may have if you use a student as your piano teacher is that you will need to arrange your piano classes so that it doesn't clash with his academic timetable. Once you can settle with a timetable for your piano lessons, then you don't have any problem learning how to play the piano.

Learn piano playing from independent Music teachers

If you are looking for a private tutor for your piano lesson, getting an independent music tutor is another good option you can consider. Unlike the student tutor who usually engages in part-time lessons, an independent tutor is available to teach you all the time. With an independent tutor, you can enrol for a full-time music class and choose the duration of training you would need.

So, if you don't want to attend a music school where you have other students to attend classes with you, you can decide to use a private full-time teacher. Most of these independent tutors must have taught in a music school in the past but decided to leave and start their own private music training for music students.

In most cases, an independent piano tutor tends to have enough experience to teach any student and their teaching method tend to be suitable with most students. However, when it comes to the cost of training, you will likely spend more than what you spend for part-time training from a student.

So where can I find an independent piano tutor?

When you visit online learning platforms such as the Superprof, you can go through the profile of any of the piano teachers to see if you can get all the information about the tutor. Also, you may want to use the services of family and friends to find a private independent piano tutor.

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Learning the piano from self-taught tutors

There are some set of people who have actually learned how to play the piano by their effect alone and are ready to help other students by teaching them how to play. However, the major challenge most self-taught tutors face is that they lack the required qualification needed to convince their potential students. Although these set of teachers don't have the necessary credential to back their claim, they may be as good or even better than those that teach in music schools. The only difference would be the teaching method these self-taught piano tutors use in teaching students. Self-taught teachers always use teaching methods that are always different from that of the conventional teachers, and in most cases, they (self-taught teachers) tend to break down every technical or difficult aspect of learning into simpler units.

Therefore, if you are looking for a piano teacher to take you through piano learning process, a self-taught teacher might be the right one to give you what you actually want.

Learn from a retired music teacher

Some music teachers find it difficult to leave music even after retiring as a teacher in a music school. Like it is always said, music is a passion and any true lover of music doesn't retire from it.

Some of these retired teachers tend to continue teaching as private tutors even after retiring from a music school. As a student, if you can get one of these retired music teachers to teach you how to play the piano, you will definitely gain from the teacher because he must have gathered ample experience over the years of teaching.

Unlike the strictness you would get in most music schools, retired teachers tend to employ the best methods of teaching that will make a student want to come for more training.

For you to be able to get a retired music teacher, self-taught teachers or student tutors, platforms such as Superprof is one place to visit.

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Getting a piano teacher on Superprof

Superprof is the number one platform for students who are looking forward to learning the piano or any skills. At Superprof, you have the option to choose from a list of approved profiles that offer what you are looking for. Go through a profile, read reviews, and contact the instructor if you are cool with what you read and saw.

Over 95% of tutors on Superprof offer a free class to students for the first hour. This is something that sets this platform apart from other learning platforms. The tutors on Superprof charge per hour and the price varies from one tutor to another. You can check different profiles and see which is more suitable for your budget. Rest assured that you will get a piano teacher on Superprof because we are meant to help people achieve their goals.

In terms of learning, the teaching style could either be online via webcam or face-to-face learning in your home or any other arranged location.

All tutors on Superprof have years of experience in their various fields and their teaching styles are unique. If you live in Lagos or any part of the country, you can start your training today if you so desire. Go through the platform, look for piano tutors in your area, check their reviews, contact them if you like their profiles and take the advantage of the free first class to determine whether the tutor is the best fit for you. No commitment needed.

No need to wait any longer! Start your class today and enjoy all the benefits attached to knowing how to play a musical instrument.

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