There is hardly anyone who doesn't enjoy listening to music. According to studies, music has the power of reducing stress and elating one's mood. In Nigeria, music and other entertainment sectors have announced us to the world. However, listening to music is quite different from playing a musical instrument. For piano lessons for beginners, it tends to look a bit unsettling for most students because they don't know where to start from.

In this article, we shall be covering some important things you need to know when planning to get a piano tutor for lessons.

Getting a private piano tutor or attending a general music class

As a student of music, you can either decide to look for a private piano teacher to teach you or attend a general class that has more than one person in attendance. In Lagos for example, it is quite easy to get music education because there are different music schools scattered all over the city - The Lee Ellie Music School and MUSON are a few of reputable music centres in Lagos.

On the other hand, you can decide to get a private teacher to take you through the learning process. To learn piano, you either decide to go for online piano lessons via webcam or a physical face-to-face teaching. Whichever one you choose, they can be very effective depending on your tutor and the method of teaching he employs.

If you are to compare between the general class teaching and getting a private tutor, the later seems to be most people's choice because you get to bond well with your trainer. While attending a music class that has more than one student is not an issue (in short, some people prefer to learn in groups), the majority of the people prefer a one-on-one learning style because they tend to be freer and can ask anything that is a concern to them.

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What to assess in your piano teacher?

Learning any musical instrument has a special feeling connected to it. Music is an art, and the creativity that comes with it is second to none. If you look properly, most musicians and instrumentalists are among the happiest people in the world because they connect with music regularly. It is an amazing thing to want to learn a musical instrument like the piano.

However, learning piano, guitar, violin, drum set or any other musical instrument does not come for free. There is a fee attached to it, and what you pay depending on certain factors listed below:

The tutor

Every state in Nigeria has piano teachers that are dedicated to impacting music education on students. Now, because there is no regulation that demands every music teacher charge a uniform fee, you should expect to get different quotations from different tutors. While some charges per hour, others prefer a bi-weekly or monthly billing. This is your choice to make as a student, and the fact that a teacher charges higher doesn't automatically mean it is the best. You will have to read reviews about the instructor to see if he has the necessary years of experience. Some tutors even give free one-hour training to students so that they can decide what they are signing into. Superprof gives free trial to students and every tutor on the platform has an approved profile. As you read further, you will learn how to get a piano teacher close to you.

Teaching method

The teaching method is another key area to pay attention to. That is why it is advisable to use a platform such as Superprof where you can get a free one hour class that will help you determine the style of teaching. Some teachers use the archaic teaching method which makes it difficult for a student to learn fast. Also, you will have to decide if you want online piano lessons or on-site learning.

Duration of learning

This doesn't require any rocket science. The longer time you spend learning, the more money you have to dole out. Piano lessons for kids might have a different fee from an adult - this has to do with your trainer. Some trainers may decide to give a discount for kids. Typically, it should take you only some few weeks to master the basics of the piano. The good thing about learning a musical instrument is that a number of them have similar principles. Most pianists can play the guitar to a reasonable extent. Also, if your teacher is versed, you might be lucky to learn a similar musical instrument such as the guitar.

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Mastering piano techniques within a short time

If you must be a good piano player, you must be determined and focused on your learning process. You can't be a good player if all you do is to wait for your teacher to come before you practice. The essence of having a piano tutor is to teach you the basics, then give you some assignment to work on before the next class. You have to go through your previous class and make sure you can put every music theory into practice.

Talking about constant practice, there is no way you can practice without having your own musical keyboard. You don't have to break the bank to get a piano. For example, you can get a piano for your kid for as low as 3,000 NGN on online platforms like Jumia. If you are an adult, you can get one for yourself at an average price of 20,000 NGN. After learning, if you decide to go professional, then you can go for a more sophisticated one.

The good thing about the piano is that once you master the fundamentals, you can literally do more than you'd think. Creativity is another factor that sets people apart. Being creative is an ability that helps you to invent unique beats that will give melody to the soul.

Music theory vs. practical

While music theory gives you details on music education, it is a different ball game when it comes to playing a musical instrument. If you intend to have a degree in music education, most of the things you would learn are music theory. While this is a solid pedestal for building a nice career as an instrumentalist, you need to get a music teacher to take you the practical aspect.

If you want to start your piano class, a professional teacher will give you some musical notes and other theoretical values to start with. This will prepare you for fast learning and becoming a master in no distant time. You can decide to take your classes online via webcam or go to a class that has more than one student. If you want to have a blissful experience while learning the piano, getting a private tutor will be the surest way.

Now you may ask, how do I get piano lessons near me? No matter where you live in Nigeria - Lagos, Abuja or any other city, you can simply get a piano tutor from the comfort of your home by using platforms such as Superprof.

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Getting a piano teacher on Superprof

Superprof is the number one platform for students who are looking forward to learning any skills - be it school work or any other creative art. At Superprof, you have the option to choose from a list of approved profiles that offer what you are looking for. Go through a profile, read reviews, and contact the instructor if you are cool with what you read and saw.

Over 95% of tutors on Superprof offer a free class to students for the first hour. This is something that sets this platform apart from other learning platforms. The tutors on Superprof charge per hour and the price varies from one tutor to another. You can check different profiles and see which is more suitable for your budget. Rest assured that you will get a piano teacher on Superprof because we are meant to help people achieve their goals.

In terms of learning, the teaching style could either be online via webcam or face-to-face learning in your home or any other arranged location.

All tutors on Superprof have years of experience in their various fields and their teaching styles are unique. If you live in Lagos or any part of the country, you can start your training today if you so desire. Go through the platform, look for piano tutors in your area, check their reviews, contact them if you like their profiles and take the advantage of the free first class to determine whether the tutor is the best fit for you. No commitment needed.

No need to wait any longer! Start your class today and enjoy all the benefits attached to knowing how to play a musical instrument.

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