The concept of weight loss has become a popular term and a great desire by many people, especially females in Nigeria. Many people desire to lose weight in either a particular place in their body or their full body as a whole. However, weight loss is never as easy as it seems.

Weight loss is a decrease in body weight resulting from either voluntary (diet, exercise) or involuntary (illness) circumstances. Weight loss, in the line of medicine, health, or physical fitness, refers to a decrease of the total body mass by a loss of fluid or body fat.

Embarking on a weight-loss mission alone may sound all great at first. You have everything all planned out, filled with so much determination and motivation, then all of a sudden, everything starts to crumble, and you begin to feel all hope has become lost. This is what always happens when people decide to embark on a weight loss journey alone.

Weight loss in Nigeria can be very difficult if you are embarking on it all alone. So many reasons cause this. Many people choose over-simplified and unproven weight loss methods, and many don't know what the concept is and what it takes to lose weight.

Lack of focus and loss of determination is another major difficulty of weight loss when going in alone. School stress for students, work stress for single people, marriage life, and work stress for married people look like enough distraction for people embarking on a weight loss journey alone. These people tend to lose focus and give up on the weight loss programme.

However, while it may seem like all hope is lost, weight loss groups are an alternative and better method to achieve weight loss. Two heads are better than one, they say. It's not a new concept that involving someone else in your health journey increases the chance of achieving your health goals.

There are many ways to lose weight. You will surely find a weight loss group session you can attend on a regular basis, whether you prefer to follow a certain diet or you're counting calories. People prefer to approach weight loss groups in different ways.

Some prefer group coaching, which can be amazingly successful, while some prefer to approach it more personally. A one on one wellness coach can also be an effective way of increasing your success in your weight loss journey. A wellness coach guides and supports you in achieving your goals by designing a suitable weight loss programme. To learn more about how life coaching can aid weight loss, continue reading!

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The Concept Of Life Coaching

A life coach can be seen as a qualified and experienced wellness professional that is experienced enough to help people battling with different types of life challenges to achieve greater fulfilment in their life pursuit. Life coaches help their clients in developing their relationships, careers, wellness, and social lives. A life coach has a firm understanding of the principles of success and its application.

People seek out life coaches for various reasons. It may be their personal lives, business lives, career lives, relationship lives, social lives, wellness lives, spiritual lives, among others. A life coach helps you find out the challenges holding you back and the right steps to follow in overcoming those obstacles in your search for a good life.

Life coaching can help with almost every aspect of your life. Life coaches can help you specify your goals, identify the difficulties pulling you down, and then develop strategies for overcoming each difficulty. To help you to achieve this, the life coaches target your unique skills and gifts. Life coaches help you make the most of your strengths and provide the support you need to achieve your goal.

Who then is a weight loss coach?

A weight loss coach is a type of wellness coach. They help their clients find the motivation and tools to get to their physical weight loss goals. There are various forms of weight loss coaching. The most common forms are group coaching session and one on one coaching services.

Group coaching sessions are a type of weight loss coaching in which people attend to learn about making healthy choices and finding a programme that suits their needs, and meeting others, they can relate to.

One-on-one coaching, on the other hand, is a type of weight loss coaching in which people who prefer personal coaching opt-in for. One on one is also an effective and amazing weight loss coaching programs.

However, finding a life coach in Nigeria is not as easy as it seems. The country's state has birthed so many quack people who are not experts in the weight loss coaching profession. As a client, you need to watch out for some things when seeking to engage a weight loss coach.

According to Women’s Health, these are some red flags to watch out for when looking for a weight loss coach:

  • Someone who is not certified: If they do not have a relevant qualification in weight loss or wellness training, there is a high chance that they are not professionals, and their advice and training might end up ineffective.
  • Someone who does not understand your needs: Finding a coach who understands and tailors your needs according to your medical condition is important.
  • Someone who takes your training to the extreme: Coaches who place clients on extreme diets can do more harm than good and should be avoided.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a life coach. Been careful in choosing a life coach is an important key in weight loss.

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Weight Loss Is More Than A Strict Diet 

Many people think weight loss is all about watching what you are eating. People often research the best dieting method and the best exercise that works and last long for weight loss. However, weight loss coaches know that weight loss is more than just sticking to one's diet and exercise. Weight loss requires focus and dedication. Many people struggle with weight loss without seeing results due to a lack of focus.

When opting for weight loss programs, you need to stick to it until you achieve your goal. Your weight loss process becomes a part of you. You need to include it as a part of your daily life. Continuity and determination is the key.

A change from our comfort zone to a less comfortable one can be challenging. This where weight loss coaching and support groups come in. They design a plan of action that suits your need and goals. Weight loss coaches also introduce healthy decision-making into your current lifestyle, which will make your weight loss goals far more achievable.

Achieving weight loss is also not just about a healthy lifestyle and dieting, but also a healthy mindset that promotes and motivates you to be on track. Life coaches provide motivation and support to achieving your weight loss goals.

In addition to healthy dieting, wellness coaching can also provide:

  • Designed fitness plans
  • Mentoring
  • Progress tracking
  • Healthy recipes
  • Tips on staying motivated
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Life Coaches Method For Weight Loss

Weight loss coaching is the use of specialized coaching methods to bring about long term weight loss goals. There are several methods weight loss coaching sessions may help you achieve your goals. Below are some of the general methods and things to expect when opting for weight loss coaching sessions:

  • Setting goals: The weight loss coach inquires about your plans and goals and helps you design a plan of action that will make your goal achievable. A weight loss coach is there to get you back on track whenever you skip a workout or miss your diet. A weight loss coach helps you stay on track with your goals and sees that you achieve them.
  • Design the best weight loss and exercise plans for you: A coach will design a weight loss program to suit your specific needs. Coaches find the right balance of proper diet and exercise to fit your metabolism—and your lifestyle. A weight loss coach will make sure your diet is good and manageable and that you enjoy your fitness. It is crucial that you enjoy your lifestyle transformation as best as you can.
  • Motivate You When You're Feeling Down: Embarking on a weight loss journey is not as easy as it looks. It affects both our mental and physical health, which is why motivation along the way is important. Most diets and weight loss plans start to falter after just a few weeks before they fall by the wayside altogether because of lack of motivation. A weight loss coach will help you get back on track even when you don't want to. Weight loss coaches will get you up and moving by being objective and focused.

In conclusion, life coaching for weight loss is very important in achieving a successful weight loss goal. Having a coach who can help you design your goal, advice, motivate, and keep you accountable will go a long way in achieving your weight loss desire.

You can find life coaches near you.

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