Life coaching is a very great and amazing trend in the twenty-first century that we are presently in. It has become so well-known among people that everyone desires a life coach for himself, even in Nigeria.  yes, Nigerians are embracing it. But, what is the exact fact about life coaching? What kinds of issues can it even address?

However inspiring it may appear, the concept of Life coaching is indistinct. Therefore, what are those specific areas that a life coach can help you with? Also, after you might have undergone life coaching, what are the positive changes or attitudes that should be expected from you?

In simple terms, life coaching is a communication therapy that gives clients the optimum access to personal and professional counselling. In the course of life coaching, the life coach serves as an instrument of motivation and confidence to his clients. In this way, clients would be spurred to sit tight and achieve their life goals.

A cogent aspect of life coaching is a fruitful discussion that is aimed at empowering clients. Life coaching is not really concerned about teaching new skills and subjects to clients. Rather, its role is to expose clients to the uniqueness of their goals and how to attain them. Once the life coach notices that the sessions are building positive self-confidence in the clients, he encourages them to go further to achieve their fundamental goals.

Just in case you want a life coach that would help you gain control over personal problems, achieve a given goal, or change your life completely, keep reading to be certain that life coaching could help you.

Fighting depression
Life coach and depression. Source: Shutterstock Image

Can depression be overcome through life coaching?

Life coaching can be productive if you have a good mindset and are determined to achieve your goals. However, in a situation where a mental disorder is involved, can this work? As powerful as depression is, it is not just a feeling, but it has the ability to control and shift your focus.

It could even make a really simple activity appear gigantic and difficult to overcome. The mental disorder can be caused by different factors such as horrible experiences of life or disturbed childhood. In fact, some people have no clue about its cause because depression originates from a chemical disturbance in the brain.

So, can depression be overcome through a life coach? Can you be completely safe and secure? The answer to this question cannot be decided, because it depends on you, the situation or your environment.

There is a type of coaching that is basically for those suffering from depression. It is known as 'depression coaching.' So, in as much as it is not advisable to overcome depression with drugs, contacting a life coach would be just perfect. This does not affect other treatments that would be administered to you.

You need to be very careful when you decide to take personal growth and development sessions that would help overcome depression. More so, medical practitioners are of the opinion that mentally disturbed people should undergo just communication therapy at a time. Since life coaching is not a prescribed cure for depression, it is not bad to attend sessions and discuss with a counsellor.

However, it is advisable to talk with an expert about the probability of getting a life coach before attempting to do so. For people who are suffering from depression, a life coach has the capability to expose the various viewpoints to life. This would motivate them to keep moving towards their personal goal.

self confidence
Building an unshakable self-confidence. Source: Getty Image

Can life coaching improve your confidence?

Life coaching is often concerned with the corporate world as experts strive hard to access their unrealized ability. To those who need to revive their social life as well, coaching sessions are very important. The basic goal behind personal and professional coaching is to fill people with strength and confidence that would motivate them to use what they have (abilities) to get what they want (success, fulfilment, and happiness) and where they want to be in the future.

Before you submit yourself to be coached, you should select a coach that aligns with your needs. The moment you get a coach who favours your budget and timetable, ensure that their strategies are not out of place but exactly what you need for achievement.

When you decide to get a coach that would help build your confidence massively, you should be specific about the exact thing you want. You need to hit the nail on the head. A good example is if you want to boost your confidence, reflect on the particular areas of your confidence you prefer to be helped with.

Do you feel apprehensive among people in public? Or, timidity has denied you the satisfaction and comfortability you so much desire that the only thing on your mind is to be helped. Perfect! All you need do is: tell your life coach. This would help him not to work amiss but to work with the aim of boosting your social interaction confidence.

Probably you're not even timid, but you love to be quiet. There is every tendency that you may not have the urge to vibe and discuss in public. This struggle can cause annoyance in every aspect of your life, especially at work. The best solution is: Hire a qualified and truthful coach that can train you on how to be more confident in your workplace so that you would paint a positive self-image to your colleagues. If your desire is to make headway in that profession, a leadership coach would be in the best position to expose you to the latest skills you need to survive challenges at work.

To seek help with your confidence, you need to probe the aspects in which an improvement in your confidence level can improve your life. Having a definite understanding of the problem and aspiration, you would step up with your life coach.

weight loss
Easy ways to lose weight. Source: Pinterest Image

Can a life coach assist you to lose weight?

Life coaches try their best to help people achieve their goals and objectives by motivating, mentoring, and counselling them, which are tools that can yield positive and long-lasting outcomes. Life coaching is a vast and unique industry that has numerous certified coaches who perform: executive coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, corporate coaching, and leadership coaching. There are persons who perform wellness coaching too.

Wellness coaching is a life-changing training whereby a health coach helps people reshape their lifestyles to push them towards achieving purpose and attaining vital health. The goals encompass agility and nutritional diets. The good news for people who are still confused about losing weight is: embark on your weight loss journey by getting a wellness coach that would counsel and instil endurance in you until the goal is achieved.

In a way, health coaching is very similar to sports coaching in that; clients have to reach out to their coaches so that necessary adjustments and counsels would be inculcated in them. This would become a habit in clients and aid commitment. Now, shall we conclude that wellness coaching really helps weight loss?

The main problem of those working towards weight loss is the inability to stay fit after losing weight. Gradually, such people begin to eat their normal diets and add weight again. Despite the fact that people spend serious time at the gym in an attempt to be fit and calculating calorie deficits, the moment their goal is achieved, they break the rules and stop the routine. That is the point they need wellness coaching.

The benefit of losing weight right under the close check and monitoring of a wellness coach is that, when a third party from the public is involved in it, just like the coach, adherence would be more effective and quickened, and great results would be recorded. Coaches study their clients' psychological condition to know the actual issue preventing their clients from achieving their objectives and goals.

Instead of body shaming clients, health and wellness coaches overlook the sole aim of weight loss and focus on building up clients in other areas that would automatically extend to the goal; weight loss. The essence of this is that clients don't only lose weight during such coachings, they also keep at it after the training, and they work towards remaining fit.

Cost oof a life teacher
Price for a life coach. Source: iStock Image

At what rate can you hire a life coach in Nigeria?

Just hearing the words 'Life coaching', people paint pictures of rich, popular, and certified men and women who have a great interest in growth, development, and professionalism. Notwithstanding, at what exact rate can you hire a life coach? And who is it aimed at?

In life coaching, you pay for what you get. The amount you pay determines the kind of life coaching you get and the manner you are trained. Some clients prefer to train clients in a physical setting. Others interact with clients via email or over the telephone.

In Nigeria, charges vary; it depends on the coach. You can be charged around ₦1000-₦4000/hr as the case may be. In a month, you can be charged around ₦30,000 - ₦120,000.

These are some of the prices for life coaching across Nigeria:

Martins, Lagos

Type of coaching: Personal Coaching

Contact type: Online (webcam)

Rate:  ₦1500/hr

Martins is wise and vast in the experiences of life. He educates people on how to live daily without stress or low self-esteem. He is concerned about achieving life goals and being successful.

Ekeh Alex, Lagos

Type of coaching: Personal Coaching

Contact type: Online (webcam)

Rate:  ₦4000/hr

Ekeh Alex is an advocate of realism. He thinks positively and trains clients on positive reflection too. He prefers to train clients via visuals and audiovisuals.

Orlu, Port Harcourt

Type of coaching: Personal Coaching

Contact type: Physical (face to face)

Rate:  ₦1500/hr

Orlu is a personal development coach. She makes use of the one-on-one strategy to train her client and also offers his first one-hour session or lesson free.

Nneze, Enugu

Type of coaching: Health / Wellness coaching

Contact type: Online (webcam)/Physical (face to face)

Rate:  ₦3000/hr

Nneze is a professional health coach. She trains clients on their health and wellness. She has trained many individuals on how to be physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally healthy. Nneze uses online and physical coaching (face to face) methods: He is of the opinion that physical coaching is for residents of the same state.

James, Lagos

Type of coaching: Spiritual Coaching

Contact type: Physical

Rate:  ₦1000/hr

James is a spiritual trainer with over five years of experience as a writer. He has a great interest in young people and counselling them to be the best version of themselves. His strategy of teaching is usually through personal communication. Coaching is based on divine inspiration and through communication with people. He offers his first be hour session free.

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