Nowadays, the unpalatable condition of Nigeria's economy has made many Nigerian citizens lose confidence, trust, and self-assurance in themselves. It has increased the rate of insecurity and depression among citizens. In fact, many have given up on their dreams, and as it is, they are uncertain about what to expect from life. They are not even sure of what the future holds for them. However, as the entire world seems to be evolving very rapidly and as time waits for no man, all you need is total confidence in yourself and the great ideas that reside in you.

But, how does it feel when you find it difficult to fit into a conversation. What happens when you look so odd and feel embarrassed by people in public? You might have wondered why you often feel depressed and afraid to express yourself among friends and colleagues. You might have considered yourself unfit for their company.

Many people have tried their best to be heard, but they have been cut short halfway on numerous occasions and have had their fundamental human rights infringed upon. They even try to seek help, but none comes forth. Such people result in introverted lifestyles. They prefer to keep silent and mind their businesses. They prefer to seek comfort from their little corners. Such people would not utter a word, not even when the situation is dwindling or getting out of hand.

On the contrary, are you aware that your confidence level speaks volumes about how you perceive your surroundings and life as a whole? Nowadays, for numerous reasons best known to them, people desire to build up their self-confidence because they know that such a bold step could give them innumerable opportunities. However, many do not know how to go about this.

If you desire to be more confident in yourself and your abilities, the greatest help you need is right there with you, a Life Coach. Hire a Life Coach for your amazing dreams to be actualized. Are you still confused about who a life coach is and what life coaching entails? There's really nothing to worry about. I quite know and understand that the last thing on your mind right now is to fall into the wrong hands. So, read on!

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Developing of self-coonfidence with the help of a life coach. Source: Shutterstock Image

Life coaching is a talk therapy used by people who desire close check and monitoring on their lifestyle and activities. A Life coach is that experienced individual that works as a guide and disciple to people. He uses his abilities to counsel people and get them to stand firm and confident.

Life coaching is of various types, depending on the purpose for which it is needed. Such types include leadership coaching, business coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, and corporate coaching. Also, some personal coaches specialize in wellness training. They focus on clients' health and safety.

Personal coaching is very much concerned about personal growth and development rather than the professional success of an individual. It seeks to build an individual's personality first before any other commitment or achievement can follow.

Therefore, people seek to have personal coaches for different purposes. It could be for transformation or motivation. Many people have lost hope; they do not even think positivity can be attained. Others have life-changing goals, but the inspiration and encouragement to press on are nowhere to be found. These people need Life coaches that would tell them why they need to be determined and then get them back on track.

It is important to note that building self-confidence is possible with personal coaching services. You desire to understand more about life coaching and how to get a Life coach that would suit your needs perfectly? The solution is right here!

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How Can Life Coaches Be Of Great Help To You?

As discussed earlier, there are many life coaches everywhere with all sorts of skills. It is left to you to choose the one that will fulfil your need; self-confidence.

You may not know that confidence in yourself has many areas and benefits. Check them out:

- SELF CONFIDENCE: The scope of the word is wide, depending on the context of the application. It can be called self-belief as well. A person with self-confidence will feel sufficient and comfortable communicating and sharing his views with people without fear. He would be at peace in all areas (physically, emotionally, socially, and psychologically).

- SELF ESTEEM: This has to do with self-worth. It is how you feel about yourself and the value you place on your personality. What you pass across to people about yourself is your worth, and that is how they would perceive you. People with low self-esteem tend to suffer from insecurity, helplessness, and depression. They do not see anything good about themselves. Instead, they condemn themselves totally.

- SELF IMAGE: This is closely related to self-confidence and self-esteem. It is the actual image of yourself that you paint to others. It is how people view you, what and who they see you as.

To a large extent, the type of coach you choose says a whole lot about you. Therefore, before you hire your personal coach, it is essential to think well without rushing. Before you decide, make sure to read the testimonials of the coach. This would go a long way in helping your dreams come true.

Check out some of the services rendered by coaches to build your self-confidence:

- Building the right frame of mind: The minds of many people are filled with negative thoughts and plans. Such people struggle to have a say in serious matters. With a Life coach in the picture, it would be very easy to erase negativity. A positive state of mind would also be built for goal actualization.

- Enlightenment on the essence of self-esteem: It is the utmost duty of coaches to know their clients and build up their self-worth. This would help coaches get to the root of clients' problems and proffer the right solutions as fast as possible.

- Building a strong self-image: People who have a poor image of themselves get scared of meeting new people. Daily, such people look at themselves in the mirror and see a 'nobody' with no future. The work of a coach is to bring the best out of those clients by opening their eyes to potentials that live in them.

A life coach doesn't need to have a physical connection with his client always. Right in the comfort of his home, he can pass effective lessons of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement across to his clients.

Building the right frame of mind. Source: Getty Image

Strategies Applied By Life Coaches To Help Develop Self-Confidence

Hiring a personal coach is not as easy as it seems. You need to complement the efforts of your coach by working hard and submitting to his instructions. That way, he would be assured that his efforts are not in vain but that his efforts are yielding fruitful and positive results.

Life coaches make use of different strategies to train their clients and to overcome low self-worth in them. They may need to ask their client to change their environment or have a personal reflection if they perceive that he really needs to. They can also introduce them to new skills and activities that would help boost their self-confidence.

Check out some of those strategies used by coaches:

- Rejection of negative thoughts: It has been discovered that the first cause of low self-confidence is the negative mindset a client has for himself. He might have concluded that failure is the next option for him. However, Coaches help to eliminate these negative thoughts by making positive declarations a daily routine for the client.

-Reflection: This is one of the awesome strategies applied by coaches to overcome low self-confidence in their clients. The client is asked to think deeply about his plans, goals, and aspirations. This would encourage him to work harder and trust in his ability.

- Identification and total removal of negative sources: While a client is expressing himself, a coach should be careful to listen attentively and identify people or situations that are affecting his client's confidence. He would then be in the best position to advise his client to remove all those traces, however difficult it may be.

- Challenging oneself to be the best: The backbone of confidence is self-belief. Coaches need to know their clients' personal goals. The knowledge of these goals would make coaches devise methods to push or challenge their clients towards achieving the goals and improving their confidence level.

- Engaging in skills that can build confidence: Individuals who suffer from low self-esteem believe that people hate their personalities. To curb this, coaches engage their clients in self-care exercises to build their self-image. Also, Coaches encourage clients to learn new skills and subjects. These would help to totally erase shyness or low self-esteem and build self-confidence in clients.


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