Over the past few years, technology has changed the course of teaching and learning throughout the world. Education, as we know it today, has completely evolved from what it used to be centuries ago. One can only imagine the bigger possibilities that technology will bring in advancing years.

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In the area of education (academics in particular), teachers have incorporated digital tools as part of their daily teaching:

  • An evolving teacher in Nigeria is conversant with online tools and uses it to prepare lessons.
  • Teachers who use digital technologies are also aware of the educational benefits it brings.
  • Quite a lot of teachers (including private home tutors) use it to achieve personalised learning for their students.

Students have also followed suit, adopting tools that can help them achieve learning even more than they bargained.

Online tutors in Nigeria under tutoring websites like Superprof usually offer their lessons via webcam. So, if you're a tech-savvy tutor in Nigeria, consider being a part of the Superprof family to get a feel of how to incorporate technology into your private face to face lessons and online tutoring jobs.

For students who need help in science courses such as maths or physics and language courses like English or Spanish, check out our advice on the tools to use, how to organise online academic support and so much more.

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How To Organise Online Academic Support

One of the best perks of technology for your private lesson and online tutoring is filesharing. Filesharing is beneficial for the private tutor taking face to face lessons, the online tutor and the students.

What's more is that it is easy to use and of course, free. Some of the most common file-sharing include:

These file-sharing platforms make it easier for tutors and students to communicate effectively. For example, Google Drive allows for many editors. So, if you were working on an English (or any other language) essay with other students, you can easily make the edit option accessible for everyone in your group.

These file-sharing platforms can also help science tutors. For example, if you're a maths tutor, you can:

  • Share worksheets with each student so they can practice them at home.
  • Create fill-in-the-gap exercises every student can type directly on by using their computer.

Virtual Learning Environments For Tutors and Learners

If you're a tutor that's looking for a way to teach your student, technological advancements have made the work of teaching a lot easier.

A virtual learning environment is an online portal that's usually set up by a primary school, secondary school, a university, or any other institution that provides education services. The motive of this online portal is to offer several services to every student studying under the school.

It's an interesting type of technology that can help good communication between the tutor, the student and the educational establishment.

  • New information on campus
  • News
  • Messaging apps or services
  • Digital Notebooks

Online tutoring environments are mostly designed for tutors, learners and sometimes parents (in cases where the learner is a child). In any case, they can be accessed by pupils at any time.

Tutors who take face to face classes on different subjects can also utilize virtual learning environments, especially because they aren't only for tutoring online. It's also a great tool for parents who want to be aware of how their learners assimilate subjects or what materials they study with. It can serve as a lesson space where your pupil or child can submit academic work such as an assignment, an essay and sometimes even tests and exams.

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Video Conferencing

In several institutions in Nigeria, video conferencing has become a lot more popular. Quite a lot of secondary level and tertiary level establishments adopted video conferencing a lot more this year. Although it is quite common with private online tutors, it has also become academic support for schools nationwide.

Since the COVID pandemic outbreak in Nigeria, a lot of educational heads and parents sought for alternatives to make sure every student can learn during the lockdown.

This online tutoring tool allows a teacher to teach a student or a class on any subject online. While the lockdown has eased up, quite a lot of tutors still utilize videoconferencing tools to teach a complex subject and pass information around.

Some of the video conferencing tools popular in Nigeria include Zoom, Google Hangouts and Google Meet. These platforms offer a time frame of more than an hour for each session, given that the user has met all the requirements.

Podcasts or Voice Notes

Apart from videos, a teacher can take a student subject by sending a podcast or voice note. Assuming a child is having a home lesson, his/her parent can record the lesson so that the child can study it for later. It's also a great way for a learner to keep track of what they learn.

For example, tutors can record an English comprehension so that learners can do exercises with it. Interestingly, a lot of people think this is impossible with Maths, however, with both subjects, accompanying them with visuals to read and study on will provide the balance needed.

Digital WhiteBoards

This is also one of the best academic tools for webcam classes. So if you're an online tutor, consider employing digital whiteboards since they can be used to explain documents.

For example, an English tutor can correct grammatical errors on the spot with a digital text while the student is looking. It's also a good tool for learners to read along with the tutor in cases of essay or comprehension passages.

There are several resources available to help online tutoring. If you want to be a lot more dynamic as a tutor,  you should certainly get yourself familiar with these tools. It's one of the skills you should learn as a tutor and it can help you excel a lot more in the online business world,

Learners who are having difficulties getting used to these tools can spend at least an hour to practice and discover a lot more.

If you're a learner in a secondary level or university level and you're currently taking a course through MOOCs, it can assist you to get a better understanding of the tools. A lot of your classes may also need you to spend more time using online academic assisting tools.

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There are many virtual learning environments that perform different functions. Consider choosing the one that works best for you. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How Virtual Learning Environments Have Aided Online Tutoring

Imagine spending hours having home tutoring online and you cannot keep records of what you have learned. These free tools are a great way of keeping track of your training process. Away from academics, it can serve as a motivation to hone your skills and even improve your business.

Tutors who have mastered online tutoring skills can also utilize these tools to get more online jobs which can pay by the hour. 

Away from jobs, guardians can now, more than ever, have better access to what their children are studying. Coupled with the endless online resources, a learner does not have to spend hours at a physical library, for instance, searching for the right textbook.

When it comes to online tutoring, tutoring websites like Superprof offer jobs to qualified tutors. Via the use of a webcam, a tutor can spend hours training a learner with ease.

If you're concerned about tuition as a learner, you should realise that online sessions can cost a lot less than the tuition paid at a specialised institution. For instance, MUSON offers classes to pupils interested in learning music, however, the tuition can be quite high.

You can spend the less with an online tutor and access at least an hour of training, individualised teaching methods and a lesson worth your time and money.

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