A while back, students who were failing a lot in school courses only had the following options:

  • Look out for a student or students who are well-versed in the subjects and spend hours learning together.
  • Partake in group learning (sometimes with the help of a class teacher) to help boost personal knowledge of the courses.
  • Hire a private tutor to take physical home lessons.

Now, with the support of technological advancements, students who are having challenges with certain courses can hire an online tutor to help them.  In fact, online tutoring has made it easier for students to access several resources or materials.

Here are some more benefits of online tutoring

But does it mean that online tutors are trustworthy? And what exactly are the benefits and downsides to tutoring online? In this article, we will help with the right answers for you . . .

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Getting a teacher to take courses at your house allows you to be more dedicated to your classes. Photo Credit: Freepik - Drobotdean

Online Tutoring Is Not A Replacement For A Physical Tutor

Truly, online tutoring can help a student understand particular subjects a lot better. But does it mean it can be a complete replacement? More often than not students need an interactive level of learning which a school brings.

Home tutoring via online means, on the other hand, keeps a child alienated. Remember that learning in school is all-encompassing, it doesn't just involve a tutor teaching students. It also means students can interact with each other and create healthy relationships.

Also, parents need to be directly involved in the learning process of their child before seeing results. If you leave your child unsupervised to use online resources, they're more than likely to get distracted.

In truth, only a student that has autonomy over their learning can benefit fully from an online lesson. Children are more likely to get distracted. Rather than use tutoring online to sort out their educational issues, work with their teachers.

Using online tutoring as the sole alternative to helping them sort out their study challenges is a bad idea. The truth is, if a child does not understand a topic, he/she may spend hours online but would still be unable to grasp.

You should discuss with their school tutors the best teaching philosophy that can be applied to aid your child's learning. It will be much easier to sort out difficult topics such as maths by using a private tutor.

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A physical tutor can easily track your achievements and lookout for loopholes. Photo Credit: Freepik - Pch.Vector

Too Many Online Tutoring Cooks Spoil The Broth

Several tutoring websites offer materials or learning resources for science courses like maths or biology and a language subject such as English.

A lot of these tutor websites and apps brag about the countless amount of academic resources they have on their platform. However, just as the English saying goes, having access to too many resources can be hazardous.

A student can eventually spend hours looking for the right resources needed for his/her level. Unlike private tutoring that most times require teachers to follow a curriculum, online tutoring can have a wealth of resources that may end up not being useful to the student.

Technically, a student may have spent hours needed to read up on a particular subject looking for the right materials.

Also, there is a reason why teaching a curriculum in class is the way it is. Learners who have access to the school curriculum online may rush into it. And it most times isn't effective enough for study.

If a learner is struggling with a science course like maths or a language subject such as English, online classes tend to have too many resources on the subject. It's the same way you won't pay for several private tutors if you're only struggling with one lesson.

Online tutoring Can Make Learners Procrastinate

Unlike face to face lessons or classroom lessons, online classes give you the luxury of learning any time you want. Parents can schedule a time (maybe an hour or two) that works for them so that they can join in their children's tutorials.

But what happens when you're too busy with work or uninterested? You procrastinate.

It's a lot more difficult to tell your private tutor not to show up at your house two times in a row, or for a learner to be absent from class for really strong reasons, it is much easier to do this with online tutors. While online tutorials do give you more flexibility, it can make you lazy.

Technically, you'll find yourself lagging when it's time to study. You'll also become less enthusiastic about learning something new since you can just learn it later. If you're a person that needs a lot of teaching support, online classes can be quite detrimental.

At least, a physical teacher can assist you to read and study for exams and test, but it may be a lot more difficult when working with an online tutor.

Another issue you may likely face is internet connectivity issues. If you live in a place where the network connectivity is bad, which is the case in some states in Nigeria, you'll have a lot of issues taking your course lessons seamlessly.

A physical teacher can easily be all the motivation you need to learn something new or push forward into a new level when studying a course. These tutors are also the most suitable at helping you learn certain vocational or extra-curricular skills.

Unless you're personally motivated, your home tutors are the most suitable option for helping you read for a course and dedicating at least an hour a day to practising your new skills.

Indeed, tuition fees for face to face tutors can be a lot more expensive when compared to online tutors in Nigeria, however, you'll want to consider the stress that may be involved, if, for instance, you're constantly having network issues.

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Working with physical tutors along with online materials is a great balance for learners. Photo Credit: Freepik - Wayhomestudio

Can Free Online Tutoring Resources Be Trusted?

Indeed, online classes have brought a lot of tutoring jobs in the past few years. It has become a booming business for people who have great skills and are willing to teach others. Because of the jobs and several opportunities that virtual tutoring has brought, a lot more people would like to teach and make a business out of their services.

There are several free education tools on the web that learners can have access to. These education tools don't necessarily have to be academic; they can train you on the best ways to get good jobs, how to cook jollof rice properly and so much more. But can these education resources be trusted?

Indeed, free services can be put to good use only if the learner effectively incorporates them into their training schedule. When properly utilized Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs can:

  • Serve as a complement to what the learner has learned.
  • Open other insights or alternatives to understanding the subject.

However, a major downside to MOOCs is that they are not organised. For instance, a beginner who wants to know how to play the guitar may have issues finding the right way to start.

Technically, even though the jobs of MOOCs is to pass enough knowledge and information, it doesn't mean that this information is tailored to the needs of each pupil. You may eventually end up paying tuition for a physical instructor, so why not just start now?

You may not be able to afford tuition for an instructor, so how do you make MOOCs work well for you?

As earlier stated, you must utilize MOOCs only as complements to what you've already learned. Or else, you'll find that your training process is a little skewed. If you intend to use your tutorials to get jobs, working with a physical tutor or private online tutor is a better alternative. Your classes are more streamlined to what you're in sync with and you get to master topics a lot faster.

University learners and secondary level pupils are one of the major benefactors of MOOCs. Why? Because they already have a proper system they are working with. Unlike children or beginners, learners in this category can easily utilize these free resources to better their understanding of certain topics.

Truly, online training has a lot of perks, however, for learners looking for more streamlined training, paying tuition to an institution or private tutors is a great way to go.

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