Since COVID-19, virtual learning technology has met with a lot of advancements. Nowadays, a lot more students are seeing the importance of online tutoring and have resorted to taking more online classes.

Before the advent of virtual learning technology, most students needed to rely on private tutors to come to their home for physical training. Indeed, private teachers have helped students pass exams, tests and have also made topics a lot easier through the dedication placed in their sessions.

But finding the right private tutor can be quite difficult. Most parents that are interested in getting a tutor for their children may face the following:

  • Good and credible private teachers can be quite scarce or inaccessible because of their location.
  • Private tutors that offer quality training and are accessible can sometimes offer exorbitant tuition fees for their teaching sessions, especially in cases where they have a lot of students patronising their tutoring services.
  • Parents may be unable to afford tuition fees of private classes.

Home tutoring online has made it a lot easier for parents and students to access quality teachers for cheaper.  If you needed a bit of convincing, here are 7 benefits of online tutoring:

online tutoring
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#1. You Have Access To An Endless Stack Of Online Resources

Online tutoring gives you the luxury of accessing several online resources. So, for example, if you happen to not have carried a textbook needed for a class session, you can easily search online for its pdf version.

A while ago, many students could only work with the revisions they got from a class. Technically, if you were bad at writing revisions, you'd be unable to study as much as you wanted. Additionally, there were fewer accessible materials needed to support learning.

Classroom tutors were also mauled with requests, especially from the many students that didn't understand certain topics.

But times have changed! Several online learning sites offer free access to courses, videos and other resources. So, if you didn't understand a topic during your classroom session, you can easily go online to get the support needed for your understanding.

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To access online learning sites that do not offer free teachings, all you have to do is pay a little tuition fee which is usually lesser than paying a person to take physical training.

The internet has made it a lot easier to access educational materials that you need for learning. And it translates to less stress for students who are looking to expand their learning stages.

#2. Online Tutoring Lessons Are A Lot Cheaper

In Nigeria, parents tend to pay a tuition fee of at least ₦40,000 per month to have a home tutor provide physical lessons for their children. That's about the same amount of money you'll pay to access thousands of sources and lessons on an online learning site for about a year!

Parents who do not think that their children can study unsupervised can also get the services of tutors under certified home tutoring websites like Superprof for affordable and cheap rates. Superprof offers face to face classes as well as online live sessions via webcam.

Asides academic tutoring, Superprof also offers extra-curricular/vocational teachings like cooking.

Of course, the fees depend heavily on a lot of factors:

  • The level: A lower level lesson tends to cost a lot less than an advanced lesson.
  • The subject: Pricing for a subject like maths or biology can be different from English.
  • The experience of the tutor taking the lesson.
  • Your location: For instance, taking a lesson in Lagos and Abuja tend to cost a lot more than Kano.

Under the Superprof platform, you can learn in two ways:

  • Face to face tutoring
  • Online live classes through the use of a webcam

Generally, prices for online or physical tutoring ranges from ₦800 - ₦5,000 per hour. An online class can help you save a lot of money and you get to learn the right way.

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Virtual schooling is one of the best ways to practice multiple crafts all at once. Photo Credit: Freepik - Rawpixel

#3. Online Tutoring Allows A Learner To Learn New Skills

Education-related courses aren't the only benefits you can get from online tutoring. There are several new skills you can acquire online and they have nothing to do with academic education.

Just in case you never knew, one person could acquire a wide range of new crafts from taking online courses. Guardians can also benefit from this; they could get online tutors to train their child on an activity completely different from school activities.

What happens is that the student benefits from these courses and can use it to achieve great things in the future. You can take the time during holidays to get to your child to discover something new through the help of an online tutor.

If you're a little concerned about finding the best online tutor for your child, Superprof can help you match the most suitable tutor needed to hone his/her crafts in no time.

A school student who intends to make the most out of his/her free time can also tap into the online tutoring opportunity. The rewards are endless!

#4. Schedule Training For All Ages And Levels

In case you didn't know, online training is for everyone. It can be quite difficult for a school student or a child to get academic assistance after the classroom. Most times, they are already exhausted from all the school work.

Since their intent is mostly in games after leaving school, consider creating a schedule for online training that involves games. For instance, there are certain maths and English games that a child can be involved in, without thinking they are doing a test or vigorous school work.

You can schedule pieces of training that involve maths, a fun test, or any other schooling activity that can create fun for your child.

Nothing beats the feeling of getting tutored at your own pace. An online class can do that flawlessly. Photo Credit: Freepik - Wayhomestudio

#5. Find The Best Tutor Online

One of the many advantages of virtual training is that you're not limited to an instructor in your area.  All it takes is finding that one person that can change your studying culture for the better.

For a compulsory subject like math, a learner can find one instructor that is in sync with them through the internet. So before you get a little freaked out about not finding that one tutor, use the Superprof tutoring website.

Even though there are several instructors under the Superprof tutor website in Nigeria, you're sure to find that one instructor that will change the course of your academic or vocational training.

#6. Discover Effective Tutoring With Online Tutors In Nigeria

Another advantage of virtual training is that you get effective training practices. This is one of the reasons why learners tend to pay higher for physical training.

However, you get to pay cheaper for effective teaching virtually. You can consider it as one of the many blessings that come with virtual training. Guardians can get to watch how their kids process their training and if there are one or more issues, they can easily decipher what it is.

#7. Get To Practice At Your Own Pace

As an adult, it can be quite difficult to make out time. Well, do not beat yourself to it. Virtual training allows everyone to take courses at their own pace.  Besides, it's the most useful alternative for a student that's struggling with a subject.

Maths, for instance, can prove to be very intense. If you're preparing for a maths test, your virtual training can make it all worthwhile. All you need to do is plan out timing that works for you.

Instructors under the Superprof platform can fashion their timing to suit yours. Do you have a lot of questions concerning a topic? Not to worry, Superprof tutors are ever ready to provide answers to those questions and ensure the topics a lot more understandable, and the best part? 95% of the tutors offer their first lesson free.

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