Much more than we expected, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of learning in Nigeria and worldwide. More learners, teachers and parents realised the need for continuous learning during the various lockdown protocols affected in different states across the globe.

The need for continuous teaching and learning spiked the increased interest in online learning. Teachers fashioned their sessions to suit the virtual space and several academic support tools made it easier for learners to track each lesson, access their crafts and progress in every course.

Some question comes to mind:

  • Is Online tutoring and learning worth all the hype?
  • Are there perks to tutoring online?
  • Can it equate face to face private lessons and school-classroom teaching?

This article delves into these questions and so much more.

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Online tutoring is beneficial for learners in all walks of life. Photo Credit: Freepik - Standret

The Advantages Of Online Tutoring

There are several perks to taking online lessons. Here are some of the best reasons why home tutoring online is revered.

You Get To Learn At Your Own Pace

Unlike school classes, online lessons give students enough time to take sessions with little hassles. For instance, an online tutor can have recorded versions of his/her online lesson; students who are interested in subjects being taught by the tutor can benefit from the sessions without having to be available for the live sessions.

Tutoring websites like Superprof has an array of tutors looking to offer their services to any learner who wants to improve their crafts, study habits, and work towards achieving success in their exams.

For adult beginners who hardly have personal time, online tutoring home lessons give them the luxury of accruing the teaching any time they want. Besides, parents can schedule a time to help their children study whether through an online tutor or via online academic fun games.

Access To Endless Online Resources 

Regardless of the courses, students have access to a wealth of resources online. Students who have difficulties understanding certain parts of a subject can easily go online and search for textbooks, articles and papers written concerning that subject.

For example, if a student is struggling with the English language course or a science subject like maths, they can source for information online. Even better is the ease the student gets when searching for the said subjects. Unlike the traditional manner of searching for sources in the library, virtual services are faster, and depending on your network connectivity, results are out in seconds.

Teachers also have the opportunity to hone their crafts through several online information. Private tutors and online tutors in Nigeria can use new information to create fresh class plans and diversify their teaching methods.

The rewards for online learning is endless. With so many data about your subjects, all you need is time to read up for as long as you want.

Taking A Lesson Online Does Not Dry Out Your Pocket

Parents who want to complement their child's classes tend to get the help of a private tutor who comes to take face to face sessions at home. But what happens when school tuition or a face to face private tuition becomes expensive?

It is quite a common knowledge that an online lesson can serve as a complement for school teaching, for example, a student can take a science lesson like maths or an English language lesson if they are lagging, but this isn't where it draws the line. Online tutoring classes vary in so many ways and a beginner can learn fresh crafts without having to go to an academy or pay high tuition in the school.

For example, a student looking to learn music can do that with the help of online tutors. Rather than pay high tuition fees to learn in a music school.

Online education has made tuition cheaper for several students and provided a lot more online jobs for tutors. Several courses are free. Now more than ever, learners can take a course at any education level. It is just that seamless.

Learners Can Take Up New Skills

Getting a tutor or tutors virtually does not just mean that you're interested only in academics. Since education is all-encompassing, there are several crafts you can learn on the internet accompanied by courses to read up on. You can access a free course on cooking or read up on how to make furniture.

For learners who intend to use the courses to better their business, you should be dedicated to spending at least an hour a day on a topic within a course. The more hours you spend on training for a course, the better you become at your craft.

Using virtual training to improve your business, get jobs and improve your overall work profile is not underrated. Several tutors are also available to offer vocational classes for learners who want to work toward improving everything they own all from the comfort of their house.

Guardians can also harness the wonders of home tutoring for their child. Aside from taking academic courses such as maths and English, your child can also work on fresh crafts that can be useful to him/her in the future. Online, there are skills for every level and everyone. 

MOOCs aren't only free, they offer quality tutoring and that's why they are getting so much attention nowadays. Photo Credit: Freepik - Wayhomestudio

The Downside Of Online Tutoring

Truly, for every advantageous thing, there are most times drawbacks. While online tutoring has brought about jobs for several tutors through tutor websites in Nigeria and abroad, does it mean that it can equate physical training?

The chances of getting better training with a dedicated physical teacher is a lot higher than virtually. Children, for instance,  have a short attention span. While it seems like a wise decision to get them to train virtually, it's not the best option.

You'll find that on their own, children are unable to understand a course without the help of a parent or teacher. So, even if they spend hours staring at their computer, chances are that it wouldn't improve their level of understanding.

It's also possible for your children to find contents that are unsuitable for them. Unlike the option of a private teacher willing to teach them at home, young learners who have been given autonomy may stumble on dangerous contents or get distracted with entertainment videos.

Since virtual training can happen anytime you're comfortable, it gives room for procrastination. So, for example, if you were meant to spend an hour on a lesson, you may spend less or completely ignore it.

Having access to too many resources can also be a bad thing. Learners can end up using hours reading up something that may not be useful to them. Since there's not study structure, it's easy for anyone to get drowned in the ocean of virtual resources.

Tools That Support Online Tutoring

Tutors who have started getting virtual jobs will be tasked with the duty of providing tools that can assist the education of their learners. As a tutor, you'll become a lot more dynamic in your training methods when you're using the right tools.

A tutor that would love to teach using virtual tools should consider dedicating at least an hour to researching the several tools available for virtual training assistance. If you stumbled on this article as a tutor, here are some tools that can make tutoring jobs easier for you in the future:

  • Filesharing tools such as Dropbox, WeTransfer and Google Docs makes it easier to accrue information for learners all in one place. Pupils can use these tools to edit essays, solve mathematical issues and attempt fill-in-the-line tests, assignments and/or exercises.
  • Videoconferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet allows a teacher to reach out to pupils virtually. So, regardless of what part of the world you're in, you can still take classes.
  • Podcasts or Voicenotes are other great tools that can aid in educational training. Learners can record an instructor's lectures and even the teacher can record so that students can study with it.
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An internet-enabled mobile phone can bring so many great courses for you. All you have to do is search! Photo Credit: Freepik - Master1305

Online Tutoring: MOOCs For Nigerian Students

Even though MOOCs came about around 2002, it didn't receive as much attention or take the form that we know them as today until 2008.

Massive Open Online Course short-formed to MOOCs are teaching programmes published digitally or virtually. Mostly dedicated to university learners, the courses are mostly free and accessible to learners who have signed up.

With the help of videoconfering tools, a tutor can broadcast their classes to every learner in the world.

Although MOOCs are mostly designed for university learners, newer MOOCs are focusing on primary and secondary pupils. For example, Udemy offers coding courses for young learners. Besides, for secondary school learners looking to enter the university, there are several MOOC introductory courses they can access.

In any case, if you would love a more individualised training, you should get a private tutor and Superprof happens to have a lot of them under their platform. Asides the benefits you'll enjoy from quality tutoring, 95% of tutors offer their first class for free.


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