The Spanish language is currently the fourth most spoken language in the world; English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindu preceding it. For people interested in learning a new language, you want to make sure that it's a widely spread language spoken in many countries.

Learning a language spoken by a majority of the world's population grants you endless opportunities, and it also allows you to explore a culture that's different from yours.

In Nigeria, the sole aim of learning a language is for migration, more connectivity and access to better opportunities. So if you were a little unsure of Spanish, be assured that it's one of the top official languages in the world and it offers everything you need and more.

More than all of this, learning languages helps increase your vocabulary and cognitive levels. If not for anything listed above, having the opportunity to enlighten your mind can be the driving force you need to learn Spanish.

For prospective students interested in learning how to speak Spanish, there are several options available for you. Depending on your availability and timing, online Spanish lessons or home lessons are a great way of starting your Spanish learning journey.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about taking the DELE Spanish test and how to pass it seamlessly.

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What Is The DELE Nigeria Test?

The Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) Instituto is the official Spanish language proficiency diplomas. The program (inclusive of the exam or test) is organised by the Instituto Cervantes and granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.  Its acronym 'DELE' stands for 'Diplomas de Español Como Lengua Extranjera' which in English is translated as the Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language. It is the recognized title for Spanish proficiency worldwide.

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Since 2015, a line of Spanish natives and foreigners have been added to the list of participants of the program. Technically, every interested Nigerian can take the DELE courses.

In total, the proficiency program consists of four parts - reading, writing, listening and speaking. What makes this certification distinctive from others is that you can take it in six different Spanish proficiency levels. Unlike other Spanish exams e,g, the SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española - International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language) which is another Spanish diploma that can be obtained at an international academy.  SIELE is assessed online through questions that increase in difficulty gradually. The test helps determine your proficiency level. Rather than choosing your overall level before, your results in each test area will determine it. Furthermore, you don't need to complete all sections of the test. You can decide to take just parts of it.

The certification, however, is valid for 2 years only, unlike the DELE certificate that is valid for a lifetime. When taking the DELE examination, you need to make decisions on a specific level and take all four test areas together. After passing your examination, you get your lifetime certification.

As stated earlier, the Spanish diploma is organised by the Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes Institute). It is a worldwide non-profit organisation named after famous Spain writer Miguel de Cervantes whose writings, the most popular being 'The Ingenious Nobleman Mister Don Quixote of La Mancha'; attained worldwide fame. Since the Cervantes Institute's main aim is to promote the Spanish language and culture beyond the country's border, its only natural to name the institute after a Spanish writer who brought fame to Spain through his works.

Set up by the Spanish government in 1991, the institute promotes the teaching and study of the Spanish language and culture. The institute offers education to the teacher on their newest methods and curriculum. They also offer various courses and cultural activities for interested students. After passing your DELE exam, the Instututo Cervantes grants your certification on behalf of the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science. Exams held in any country is in line with the University of Salamanca.


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Taking the DELE test goes beyond learning how to read in a new language. You're learning cultures and exposing yourself to bigger opportunities. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why Should I Take The DELE Exam?

After you have spent your year studying the Spanish courses, you're required to take the examination. Since an array of opportunities are more plausible when you learn a new language in Nigeria, passing the test will show your proficiency. Hence, as Spanish for beginners and students interested in learning this course, below are some reasons why you should take the DELE examination:

  • It is recognized everywhere. During your Spanish classes, you will learn that having this certificate takes you a step closer to international standards. Since it is an internationally recognized test, you're likely to gain more prestige and opportunities.
  • It is highly revered by universities and employers and can be a prerequisite for some university course studies if you wish to study in Spain or Spanish speaking countries.
  • It is valid for a lifetime. In this case, you can be assured that taking this course is a worthwhile investment.  With your diploma, you have the right qualification to prove your Spanish skills for the rest of your life.
  • With its highly regarded title, DELE will aid your connection to the academic and professional world. For a Nigerian interested in working in Spain or a Spanish speaking country, it advances your CV outlook and can boost your income.
  • The examination is a great way of proving your skills in the Spanish course and you'll have an official document to show for it.

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How To Register For The Spanish Test

The preparation for the exam can be quite challenging. In Nigeria, there are quite an array of ways you can prepare for the test. However, for in-depth study and understanding, hiring a private tutor or even a Spanish translator can make all the difference. Whether online or home lessons, it's important to work with tutoring websites or centres that can help make your preparation seamless. The Superprof platform, for instance; allows you to choose the best private Spanish tutors. 

If you're new to registering, you're expected to go to the registration page of the Instituto Cervantes to begin. Here's a step-by-step guide to register for the exam: 

  • Create a new account. You're expected to fill in your email address, full name, type of ID and its number, gender, birth country, birthplace, title, nationality and native language.
  • Once you have completed this feat, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Open your email and click on the first link.
  • Then start your sessions by clicking on Iniciar sesión. Please note that it works for only one time.
  • Create your password and keep it safe.
  • Proceed by signing up for a new test. Go to Mis inscripciones and click on Nueva inscripción.
  • Select your exam location, date and level.
  • Check the availability of the exams and choose the correct one by clicking on Inscribirse.

With these steps, you have successfully registered for your exam.

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Where To Take The DELE Exam

Asides Spain, there are over 100 countries you can take the test. Nigerian centres are available across states and different cities. Aside from a Nigerian language school, you can get all the information you need to take the Spanish test online on their official website.

How Much Does It Cost To Take The DELE Exam?

Prices for the DELE exams can vary depending on the examination centre. However, here's an average price range you can work with:

  •  A1 -  € 108
  • A2 - € 130
  • B1 -  € 160
  • B2 -  € 190
  • C1 -  € 205
  • C2 -  € 220

For DELE Exam Level Juniors, here is the National Price for 2020:

  • A1 € 108
  • A2 € 160
  • B1 € 160

How To Prepare For Your Spanish Test

Preparation for the Spanish test doesn't have to be difficult. Learning the courses with the right private tutor or even a Spanish translator is the secret to planning for your exams on time. While any Nigerian language school may have an array of teachers for students, taking after school lessons can keep you in the know and boost your confidence. If you're concerned about school fees, getting a home tutor from a certified tutoring website can help.

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Superprof is equipped with a line of tutors ready to teach you Spanish. 95% of teachers also offer the first hour of your first lesson for free. In addition, you get to see past reviews and inspect the profile of your intending tutor.

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