It is quite clear that a high percentage of students interested in learning Spanish in Nigeria intends to use the skills for a couple of the reasons below:

  • While some adult beginners are interested in getting a degree in the university, others have the intention of getting better-paying jobs in Nigeria while the majority are excited about the possibility of learning Spanish to migrate and make a living abroad.
  • Parents involve their children in Spanish lessons to help improve their skills in learning new languages.

If you're concerned about Spanish as a language choice you have made, it's great to know that Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. Whatever your intent for learning Spanish language is, having bilingual or multilingual skills places you on a higher pedestal, not to mention that it boosts your profile for opportunities in the education and business sector.

One of the sure ways to bettering your learning experience and hastening your understanding of Spanish courses is through private lessons. For secondary school students, home lessons complement school classes and aids better understanding.

Besides, taking private tutoring helps primary and secondary school students prepare for entrance and national exams. University undergraduates can benefit from private classes which will help improve their CGPA and prop them up for university exams. Career-driven adults and graduates can utilize the learning experience of home lessons to their advantage.

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Since we have emphasized that taking private Spanish classes can do so much for you, your next step is finding out how much it costs. In this article, Superprof would be giving you budgeting tips for Spanish tuition in Nigeria.

Investing in Spanish lessons brings you closer to better opportunities. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Cost Of Private Spanish Lessons: It's Not Expensive To Learn Spanish In Nigeria

Contrary to the information spreading about learning other languages like Spanish in Nigeria, taking home or online spanish lessons on this course is inexpensive. Thankfully, several tutors are willing to teach interested students grammatical rules of the Spanish course at affordable prices. Indeed, budgeting for this course varies with each teacher, but you're unlikely to fall short of getting teachers.

When hiring a home tutor for your Spanish classes, consider asking yourself these questions:
  • What is the experience level of my tutor?: While several tutors have a university degree in Spanish,  their teaching experience may only qualify them to teach a primary or secondary base level of Spanish. Knowing your new or prospective tutor's teaching expertise will allow you to determine whether they are suited for the Spanish course level you're hoping to learn.
  • What are my expectations for my Spanish lesson?: Identifying your expectations will give you a clear view of the kind of lesson tutor you want to hire.
  • What level of education does my tutor have?: Your tutor's school level is a necessary step to knowing what they understand and what they can teach.

If you decide to choose tutors with a substantial amount of teaching experience years, it's a great advantage. However, do not underestimate new home tutors looking to grow their practice. It's safe to say that you can still get the best offer in terms of professional tutoring. New tutors tend to put in their best efforts and time to make sure that their classes are dynamic and easy for you to understand. Also, you can bet that they will be available for the time you have both scheduled, unlike the professional tutors with years of knowledge who might be high in demand.

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Parents in Nigeria tend to involve their children in Spanish classes to improve their cognitive abilities and expand their minds. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How Much Does A Private Spanish Tutor Cost For Online And Offline Classes?

Now that it's settled that tuition for Spanish lessons is not expensive, it's time to figure out your specific need. Naturally, this subject will require your time and effort. You also want to make sure that you're putting in all the energy since you have invested money into it. In that case, it's up to you to decide whether you'll be opting for an online or home lesson. With the use of a webcam, you can take your language courses from the comfort of your home. Also, online Spanish lessons allow you to access tutors from different locations. This way, you get to choose the language teacher you like from different location around the world.

However, quite a lot of intending students have past reviews of how they are unable to study or focus using the online option. If this is you, then hiring a teacher to come to your location will help you a lot.

How do I find a Spanish tutor near me?

You may have witnessed teachers advertising their services in your locality. Schools in several parts of Nigeria also offer Spanish classes with prices ranging from as low as ₦60,000 - ₦200,000 per month. If you're interested in a group lesson, you can make inquiries about schools offering the subject in your area.

Another great way of finding the best teachers in your area is through certified tutoring websites. A certified platform like Superprof has access to language teachers of any subject in various cities in Nigeria.

For example, instructors under the Superprof platform offers a Spanish lesson (online and home) for as low as ₦1,500. You also have access to reviews made by past students. Checking reviews shows the amount of work they have done in the past year or more. Using the Superprof platform also grants you access to teachers who offer the first hour of their class free. A student looking to having long and intensive lessons can also negotiate fees based on duration.

The higher your education level, the higher your tuition fees. Advanced learners pay a lot more than beginners. Photo Credit: Unsplash

How Does A Teacher's Experience Affect Spanish Lesson Fees?

For new learners or beginners, taking language classes is worthwhile. Naturally, you'll need to work with the best option your money can afford. International schools in Nigeria have a wide range of instructors willing to teach this course. However, not everyone can afford the fees of an international school in Nigeria. If you're interested in learning the Spanish language to international standards, a professional home instructor can do this effortlessly.

Indeed, you can find free courses available online to assist you to study, sometimes without the help of a personal instructor. Unfortunately, there's a limit to what free online education can do. In a world where you're looking to standing out, getting assistance in the guise of a home instructor or one on one online tutor will benefit you all year round.

With this information, it is not a surprise that language trainers with a high expertise-year will charge more than the ones with average teaching expertise. The trick is in the amount of information they have gathered from teaching each student every year. This information has over the years, been the reason why they have become professionals. You can rest assured that you'll benefit from their tutoring method. Not a lot of learners are interested in trying out new instructors, especially in specific cases, which shouldn't be so, as new instructors are still trying to make a name for themselves and will likely put in more effort to stand out.

The average tuition fees of Nigerian Spanish instructors under the Superprof platform is ₦2,500 per hour. You can find professional Spanish tutors as well as new instructor. Depending on the number of weeks or months you need, you may be able to make reasonable negotiations.

Hiring experienced tutors is an investment. If you're preparing for advanced exams like a diploma and you have passed the beginner level of the subject, consider investing a couple of weeks or more to studying this course. For base-level learners, taking classes from a language tutor will hasten your training process and set a better foundation for you.

Whether you intend to travel to Spain, take a diploma or improve your cv, investing in your Spanish lessons will get you the best results you can ever imagine. Now is the time to explore the world!

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