Nowadays, more Nigerian parents and guardians are diversifying language for their kids. Asides French and English, taking other language lessons improves the language repertoire of an individual and provides a wider range of opportunities. Finding the right private Spanish teacher can sometimes prove to be quite a herculean task. However, working with proper information provides you with the best experience whether you choose to work with an online Spanish tutor or take physical home lessons. Some schools in Nigeria, especially private schools have other languages asides French and English. Students in these school can choose a wide range of subjects including Spanish.

In terms of its popularity, Spanish is an official language in 20 countries and is spoken by over 420million native speakers all over the world. For students taking Spanish courses at the university or secondary school, it is a skill that can boost your CV and increase your chances of getting better opportunities. The Spanish language is quite close to the Italian and French languages. Although our official language is English in Nigeria, Spanish learners can easily get jobs as translators, tutors and even ambassadors.

Nevertheless, getting a new language education takes a lot of time, investment and dedication. During Spanish teaching, you will need to get accustomed to the basic knowledge in Spanish syntax, grammar, everyday vocabulary and spelling first. After this, you'll be knowledgeable enough for advanced Spanish phrases, conversational speech and the subjunctive.

You can get Spanish teaching in several ways. One of your options is going to a local school. Others include taking private home classes online with a Spanish tutor or making requests for a Spanish private teacher for face-to-face home lessons. While several tutoring websites offer private tutors skilled in teaching Spanish, working with certified platforms as Superprof will get you the right teachers at reasonable prices. So, how do you begin the journey of finding the perfect teachers suited for the job? Here are some useful tips that can help you find the best teachers.

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A Graduate with multilingual or bilingual skills will likely have access to higher opportunities than a graduate who isn't. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Make Research Before Getting A Spanish Private Tutor

Before choosing tutors willing to teach Spanish, you should have figured out what your expectations and needs are. While learning Spanish through private lessons will help you make fast progress, having a clear idea of what you want will make it easier for the teacher you choose. Before you start your lesson, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Why Do I want To Take Spanish Classes?

You may have several reasons for wanting to take a Spanish lesson. For a student studying this course at the university, it could be difficulty in understanding certain vocabulary, grammar, or semantics at a certain level in school. If you're a graduate who's job hunting, it could be to boost your CV or to gain the experience needed to start a new job in a different career. For others, it's a hobby they are interested in learning. Knowing the reason why you want to take Spanish lessons will help lead you in the right direction.

What Method Of Teaching Interests You?

Every teacher or tutor who teaches Spanish has a teaching method specific to them. Some teachers do conversational lessons, require that you have a laptop ( to send extra class contents) amongst others. Knowing the method that works for you will help your learning experience and hasten your sync with your tutor.

Where You Want To Learn Spanish 

Where you'd like to take your Spanish lesson is important. Quite a lot of students in secondary school have Spanish as a course in their curriculum. Other students intend to study this course for a bachelor's degree in the university. Balancing understanding and improving your skills in this course requires home lessons. For students who need help and beginners looking to learning courses in Spanish, having a good private teacher will suffice.

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Making the proper research will help you get the right tutor specifically for your needs. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Discover The Right Spanish Tutors Near Me

If you want to learn Spanish, the type of teacher to teach courses under this subject is important. Several teachers or tutors who teach Spanish not only have a different tutoring approach, but they also have varying years of experience and educational background.

Knowing the profile of your teacher will help with getting a view of how your tutor will teach and gauging your expectations. Whether you choose online lessons or the face-to-face home lesson, you'll have access to all kinds of tutors under the Superprof tutoring website. Prospective students can get all the teacher's information on the Superprof platform. Not only would you have access to their profiles, but you will get to observe reviews from past students. Additionally, 95% of tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of your first lesson for free. If you're interested in taking classes under the Superprof platform, here are the different types of tutors you will see:

The Professional Bilingual or Multilingual Tutor

This type of teacher not only has a university degree but has also bagged years of experience teaching Spanish and other languages. Usually, their expertise level is advanced and they have perfected their training method. A tutor in this level can help a student polish their Spanish reading and writing skills, pass exams, help graduates have better chances at getting a job and ease up their overall education level on the course. Because of their years of experience, they will have an abundance of past student reviews. Furthermore, their per hour tuition fee may be pricy, but in the long run, it's worth the investment.

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The Student Tutor

If you're looking for a dynamic pattern to your learning approach then consider getting a student-teacher under the platform. With a student tutor, you have higher chances of getting quality time and a different perspective to understanding the various grammatical reading, writing and speech rules of Spanish. While they may not have so many reviews, you'll likely be impressed when they get to work on improving your skills.

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Spanish student instructors also have the potential to improve the learning skills of learners through their dynamic method of tutoring. Photo Credit: Unsplash

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Spanish Tutor

Now that we have listed the types of teachers you will find on the Superprof platform, there are some criteria that you should focus on when choosing a tutor:

Work Experience

Work experience differs. While some teachers are great at tutoring in a school class, they may not have substantial skills in taking home lessons. Additionally, the level teachers are qualified to teach vary. An instructor qualified to teach primary school is not the best fit when you're interested in secondary or university tutoring expertise.

Time Schedule

Timing is subjective to how the instructor and the student view it. While you may have found the right trainer, your schedules must match. Do you want to learn Spanish through online class? Whether online or home lessons, it's important to agree on the number of days in a week or a month that will work. You should also agree on class duration (per hour or a stretch) and the courses you would like to learn.

Training Qualities

Getting an instructor is one thing. The next step is to make sure you're both in sync for your classes. To be sure you're getting the right amount of training, your instructor must possess the following:

  • Access to resources: Away from reviews and profiling, she/he must have access to recent materials needed for the lesson. Your trainer should also possess good training qualities that can help you learn easily.
  • Creativity: Individualised methods of practice require creativity. Being able to use apps, improvise and recreate ways to making a student understand the language course is a strong skill to look out for.
  • Compassion, Patience and Attentiveness: A great attribute of a good teacher is being able to create a friendly environment that will enable the trainee to learn easily. Having patience and being attentive to the student's cognitive process is another thing to look out for.


Having a budget will allow you to determine the kind of lesson you can take. So, researching the cost of Spanish lessons will give you a general overview of pricing for your instructor. If you're concerned about being able to afford it, small group classes can reduce your costs.


Where you live will determine the number of trainers you have access to. If you're planning on getting an instructor outside of your location, your budget will change. Unless you're interested in online classes only.

Spanish is one of the most common languages in the world and an important one at that! Explore all the benefits with a home teacher in your area.

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